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02 June 2017

On Thursday the 1st June we launched the next phase of Our MK, focussing on supporting projects crowdfund finance and support through our spaceHive page. We were also promoting a crowfunding workshop for people interested in learning about crowdfunding and how they can make the most of Our MK, the new crowdfunding platform in Milton Keynes.

During the event, around 80 attendees found out about the four projects we are currently helping to support:

The MK Community Fridge is two fridges and one freezer located in the foyer of The Old Bath House and Community Centre, Stratford Road, Wolverton and available to access from Saturday 1 July. The fridges will enable residents and businesses to share surplus food and for anyone to help themselves to quality food that would otherwise be wasted. They are seeking £1,639.

Camphill MK Communities is looking to crowdfund the purchase of two essential, potentially life-saving defibrillators for the community of people with learning disabilities based at Camphill as well as the many visitors to the site. They are seeking £2,982.

The Learning Tree is a holistic and therapeutic outdoor learning project based on the Urb Farm in Wolverton. They would like the children of Milton Keynes to be able to experience a different view of life by building a traditional tipi in the woodland at the farm. Not only will this provide a sheltered outdoor classroom it will offer children the chance to experience how many people across the world live – not separate from nature but in harmony with it. They are seeking £4,456.

The Patch Allotments at Woughton on the Green are a green haven for the residents of Milton Keynes. People can experience peace and quiet on the site with theri own piece of land to grow your own food and socialise with other tenants. They have recently been affected by thefts at the allotments and are trying to raise funds to purchase equipment to replace the stolen items. They are seeking £2,213.

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