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Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to turn unique project ideas into reality and we want your help to transform shared spaces, inspire visitors and enhance Aylesbury Vale. We know many people have fantastic ideas to improve spaces and places around the Vale but they don’t always know where to turn to change their idea into reality. By partnering with Spacehive, AVDC are coordinating support from the crowd to connect and empower local communities and help you shape the Vale for the better. We have funding based on certain criteria available through the Our Vale fund, but through Our Vale we're also bringing together other funders and supporters who can pledge to your exciting projects as well. So, why not get creative, get innovative and get involved?! If you’ve got an idea or just want to support one then Our Vale could give your project the boost it needs to succeed.

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Community BioBlitz
Community BioBlitz joined Our Vale2 weeks ago

Community Bio Blitz; this is an intense period of biological surveying to record all the living species, flora and fauna, at Lindengate. We are inviting groups of scientists, naturalists, conservation groups, volunteers, RAF Cadets, members of the community, schools and businesses to help us conduct an intensive field study over a continuous time period of 24 hours on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2020. We will set overnight traps such as moth traps, small mammal traps and possibly bottle traps for newts, organise a bat survey and set up a moth sheet. Lindengate plans to capture statistics about breeding birds, amphibians and botany and are keen to build links with more conservation and recording groups for the future and hopefully begin regular surveys going forward. On Saturday 6th June we will set up other surveys including bird

Upgrading Wing's Bowling Green
Upgrading Wing's Bowling Green joined Our Vale2 weeks ago

The current bowling green slopes on one corner which means the rink is unavailable for county matches. By leveling the bowling green it would increase the number of rinks available at county level enabling more people to participate. During the hot summer months, the grass needs to be monitored and watered regularly to ensure the green remains in prime condition. With an irrigation system installed this would ensure the green can be kept in good condition throughout the summer months.

Festival of Lights 2020 - Diwali
Festival of Lights 2020 - Diwali joined Our Vale2 weeks ago

Light is the everlasting source of life, and is celebrated by many cultures around the globe. During the short days of winter, many of these cultures partake in festivals to celebrate the beauty and vitality of light, such as Diwali - the Festival of Lights. In an effort to bring together the different communities within Aylesbury - regardless of an individual’s faith - we plan to make this year’s event a vibrant spectacle of dance and activity. With a myriad of performances from dancers, bands and buskers, as well as an array of local stallholders and world cuisine.

Young carers grow Lindengate's Garden!
Young carers grow Lindengate's Garden! joined Our Vale2 weeks ago

Time Together/ Make A Meal Of It by offering the opportunity for young carers and families to participate in an introduction to Kitchen Gardening. Families will have the opportunity to 'learn and grow together.' whilst transforming a community space by growing vegetables and learning gardening techniques in a place of wellbeing and learning within a natural environment. The project is designed to foster shared communication and bonding between young people and parent/guardian through practical activities including; plant identification, growing vegetables and herbs, growing in limited spaces, recyclables, foraging and cooking (on a shoestring!). The intention is for families to transfer learning and skills gained from Lindengate's Kitchen Garden Programme into the home environment so the bonding process can continue as well as transforming and enhancing Lindengate's Kitchen Garden for all to enjoy!

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