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About Our Hounslow


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The deadline for the current funding round is the 10th of December! People who live in the borough of Hounslow have a strong sense of belonging to their local community. If you want to enhance your street or neighbourhood, improve your local park or play area, or simply bring people together. Our Hounslow enables you to create your own crowdfunding project and make a difference together. Our Hounslow is managed by Hounslow Council and we have a fund of £50,000 available to support crowdfunding projects in the borough. We will pledge up to £5,000 per campaign. The deadline for the current funding round is the 10th of December! For more information attend our event on the 6th of November - further information below.

Our Journey

Boyz 2 Men hit its fundraising target!2 weeks ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

No Shame In Running
No Shame In Running joined Our Hounslow2 weeks ago

No Shame in Running is an anti-knife crime organisation that’s soul aim is to stop the rise in knife crime deaths amongst young people across London. We aim to do this via our knife workshops, programs and motivational talks to young people in junior school, secondary school, colleges, youth services, youth offending services and any other organisation that works with young people. Our goal is to motivate the next generation to want to do better in a safer environment. We want to reduce the number of young people dying on the streets of London as a result of knife crime.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation pledged £300 to Boyz 2 Men2 weeks ago
A healthy mind makes a healthy body!
A healthy mind makes a healthy body! joined Our Hounslow2 weeks ago

Building community awareness for removing prejudices and preconceptions on mental illnesses and changing the attitude of people at how they look at those who suffer, focusing more on the minority ethnic classes, as they may have language barriers and find it difficult to communicate. Working to remove any social stigma that discourages the unfortunate from leading a normal life and give them equality, providing them with employment, counselling and holding workshops. Having intensive induction programmes, professional supervision and training in confidence building, skills and expertise improvement by working in partnership with National Organisations. Implantation of the project mission will primarily be through talk shows and Q&A on Radio shows and stalls in shopping centre and supermarkets. • We provide counselling and a source of employment which can be encouraging and uplifting. We provide a combination of therapies and work alongside other professionals.

POLISH HERITAGE DAY HOUNSLOW started fundraising!2 weeks ago
POLISH HERITAGE DAY HOUNSLOW joined Our Hounslow3 weeks ago

Come and join us for this special opportunity to learn more about Polish culture, society, food and history. This year we will celebrate 250-years anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Great Britain. We will open our festival with Traditional Polish dance - Polonaise and then listen poetry performed by children and adults. We will then rest at neighbouring picnic and enjoy amazing food or watch Local Talent Show. On the site you can also enjoy family games, workshops, polish traditional food and products. Also, anyone can win a prize in our Lottery. Take blankets with you to be able to relax in the bosom of nature. There will be so much fun and attraction for children including bouncy castle, face painting and bubble show.

FunkyFatBoy Foundation
FunkyFatBoy Foundation joined Our Hounslow3 weeks ago

Hopefully, you will be interested in hearing about my personal story, one that I hope sparks an interest. I would love the opportunity to arrange a meeting with the team and go further into details. Briefly – My name is Ali, also known as FunkyFatBoy. I believe that my story is one that can benefit many, including young people and mature individuals all able to relate. Living in London, it is unfortunately far too common for young people to get caught up in a circle of wrongdoings, such as gangs, drugs and violence. I’ve previously experienced a similar lifestyle but have fortunately found the light at the end of the tunnel which a lot of people sadly do not find. Losing a close friend of mine who suffered from mental health issues triggered by bullying, which he had to endure alone, has pushed me to want to support others as unfortunately, my friend’s situation is not the only one. With this in mind, The FunkyFatBoy initiative was set up, with the hopes to get our own space.

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Commemorating the Hogarth family's pets
Commemorating the Hogarth family's pets joined Our Hounslow1 month ago

The touching memorials were in the garden until at least 1850 but have disappeared without trace. The carving shows that Dick was a drake; he may have lived with a small flock of ducks laying eggs for the Hogarths. The unique long-billed Memento Mori carving may originally have been executed by Hogarth himself. The tribute to Pompey came long after William Hogarth’s time, so would have been installed by the lively women of the Hogarth household. The dog was probably named after the canine hero of a best-selling 18th century satirical novel “The History of Pompey the Little, or the Life and Adventure of a Lap-Dog”. Was Pompey a little lapdog or was this an ironic and humorous name for another tough pug like those Hogarth loved? The replica memorials are part of the Mulberry Garden project, which will create a learning studio and an innovative "exhibition garden" as a venue for activities and events to engage new audiences with Hogarth and the other past residents.