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About Our Hounslow


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The deadline for the current funding round is the 10th of December! People who live in the borough of Hounslow have a strong sense of belonging to their local community. If you want to enhance your street or neighbourhood, improve your local park or play area, or simply bring people together. Our Hounslow enables you to create your own crowdfunding project and make a difference together. Our Hounslow is managed by Hounslow Council and we have a fund of £50,000 available to support crowdfunding projects in the borough. We will pledge up to £5,000 per campaign. The deadline for the current funding round is the 10th of December! For more information attend our event on the 6th of November - further information below.

Our Journey

Lakeside Mental Health Garden Mural
Lakeside Mental Health Garden Mural joined Our Hounslow5 hrs ago

I experienced living on a mental health ward for 3 months when I was just 19 years old. I know it can feel scary , clinical and impersonal for patients and for the families sporting them. It is easy to become lethargic, depressed and uninterested in taking part in anything. There are many challenges these most vulnerable members of society are faced with. Being in an uninspiring hospital environment can make you feel all manor of negative emotions. I think my own experience of having the same perspective as the patients gives me a unique insight into what could make a difference. Art has been an amazingly helpful tool for me on my journey of healing. Painted images can transform a space to maximize the calming impact on your state of mind. By making over the garden I will create an inviting space. The aim will be to encourage: Movement around the grounds Socializing Being outside Inspiration/ hope/ well being

Freddie Forever!
Freddie Forever! joined Our Hounslow1 day ago

Freddie Mercury was one of the world's most flamboyant and iconic superstars. The people of Feltham are very proud of the fact that both Freddie and Brian May spent their early lives growing up in ordinary modest homes in the area. There has been a couple of attempts to recognise Freddie's Feltham roots, one a floor piece that disintegrated over time and the other a very small memorial stone. Both have been ill fitting tributes to such a star as Freddie. Fans of Queen do come to Feltham to pay homage to Freddie and Brian's early years, but unfortunately don't find much acknowledgment of them. We need a new artwork that truly celebrates Freddie Mercury and Queen. The Mosaic project will be developed in consultation with local groups and individuals. There will also be a programme of community workshops introducing people to the art of making mosaics and the final Freddie mosaic will be installed in a prominent place for all visitors and local people to enjoy.

River Brent Mural and Digital Art Trail
River Brent Mural and Digital Art Trail joined Our Hounslow3 days ago

The wall borders the Thames Path and marks the boundary of the Heidelberg Europe HQ building. It is an imposing red brick wall with 30 recesses along its’ length. For the physical element of this project, we will design the mural as a single image split across 30 sections. Each section will be produced offsite as a weatherproof panel which will then be fixed into the recesses post-production. We will invite artists working in the digital realm to exhibit artworks within the augmented reality gallery. Visitors will download an app to their devices which will allow them to see the digital artworks when they hold their device in from of the printed panels. We will include work from a variety of contributors, including professional local and international artists, colleges, universities and schools. The digital format means that we can replace the artworks periodically (every 6 months or every year) without having to replace or reprint the physical panels.

Help bring Christmas to the Elderly! hit its fundraising target!4 days ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Help bring Christmas to the Elderly! hit its fundraising target!5 days ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

A Green Space at St Mary's Open to All hit its fundraising target!1 week ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

4 projects started fundraising!1 month ago
Help bring Christmas to the Elderly!
Help bring Christmas to the Elderly! joined Our Hounslow1 month ago

One of the best gifts you can give for Christmas! Hounslow has large growing numbers of older isolated and vulnerable people and we want to make their Christmas special. We aim to raise £1000 to provide 200 elderly members of our community with a Christmas Dinner and a Christmas Gift – for just £5 you can help one elderly and vulnerable person have a Christmas to remember. If you feel you can sponsor more than one person what better gift could you give. Please help us to support them and DONATE NOW!