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Books'r'us joined Lewisham Hive3 days ago

Well, we live life's very hectic a, we no longer see farmers, not that many in the city..lie no longer see the face of bakers ...or train drivers ...so of course readers do not see as well our faces, but we do exist and we should go to place and show ourselves as the authors of the books that the readies are reading. I think will be integer sting to create such platform.

Creative Community Space For Catford
Creative Community Space For Catford joined Lewisham Hive4 days ago

We have been chosen by Lewisham Council as the preferred tenant to take over the derelict Thomas Lane Depot in Catford. We want to turn the space into a contemporary creative hub with our state-of-the-art scenery construction workshop at its core. We are looking to create spaces that are of benefit to the wider Catford community, including: a community beach, a community mural, and a drive-in movie night. We also want to provide evening classes, apprenticeships and other training opportunities from our workshop space. Supersets is a truly local business and we passionately believe in collaborating with and supporting the local community. This is why we want to ensure that our workshop can provide something for everybody; from open-air film screening and a skate park, to apprenticeships and educational partnerships, we want to place our workshop at the heart of Catford.

Creative Homes Lewisham
Creative Homes Lewisham joined Lewisham Hive1 week ago

In partnership with Lewisham Homes we will work in Evelyn Ward in Lewisham to deliver the 18 week Creative Homes Hub to Home Programme. Using live characters and playful solutions that work with families in their own homes to identify and address areas of family life causing stress (such as meal times, toilet training, tooth brushing and reducing mess and clutter) we will support adult engagement in play, promote strong attachment and support sustainable habitual change to reduce stress. Creative Homes is based on the idea of using creative play to embed positive routines into family life. Through equipping families with playful skills, ideas and resources, the benefits of repetition and changed habits can lead to long term reduced stress and improved general health, well-being and confidence, allowing residents to live healthier and happier lives. By improving parental capabilities, we aim to empower parents to deliver better outcomes for themselves and their children.

A DIY self-catering SUMMER OF LOVE 50th started fundraising!1 week ago
Lewisham Self-Build Hub
Lewisham Self-Build Hub joined Lewisham Hive2 weeks ago

In 1985 in Lewisham, an unprecedented self-build project took place when a group of council tenants were given the opportunity to build their own homes on land provided by Lewisham Council. They had no previous building experience but were led by architect Water Segal who developed a simple building design that anyone could self-build. Inspired by Segal and the potential of self-build, the Rural Urban Synthesis Society (RUSS), a Community Land Trust, was set up in 2009. In 2016 RUSS successfully secured our first site in Ladywell, and we are working on delivering our first project of 33 homes by 2020. Until we start construction, the Ladywell site is hoarded off and unused – we want to open this space up to the community and expand our knowledge sharing with others. We propose to run a community self-build project that will undertake construction of a single-storey building that will become a focus for self-building training and other participatory creative projects in Lewisham.

REAP COMMUNITY SPIRIT joined Lewisham Hive2 weeks ago

REAP Community CIC, currently manage two community centres within the Lewisham Borough, The REAP Centre in Downham and Orchard Community Centre in Lewisham. Our team of local residents are passionate in making a difference and provide activities and support services for all the family to participate in. We currently run youth clubs, parent and baby groups, a ladies lounge, elderly and over 50's Socials, along with many community fun days and educational training courses. We also provide great opportunities for residents to have celebrations and provide space for them to start business ventures. We would like to keep our current projects going and develop the groups providing more activities

Eco Books started fundraising!2 weeks ago
train and educate school leavers/youth
train and educate school leavers/youth joined Lewisham Hive3 weeks ago

Participants will be students from Newham and Lewisham College ranging in age from 16-24+. The project will offer a radical way of considering clothing, not as fashion but as an artform- a labour intensive, high quality skill to be respected no matter where in the world it is being carried out. The younger generation are more aware of social and environmental injustices, yet may not have the tools to articulate in an artistic manner, especially as it is often overlooked in the curriculum. Through support, these students will create visual pieces of art, reflecting the social and environmental effects of global unrestrained manufacturing and offer positively impacting solutions. We receive many emails from young people (and industry professionals tired of the current set up), fascinated with what we do and offer to work with us, so we do know this project will be well received.

Ultimate 2nd Chance
Ultimate 2nd Chance joined Lewisham Hive3 weeks ago

We have identified a gap in the current system of adult education where adults may attain college or university education provided that they already have recent grades in GCSE but have very limited options for secondary level qualification. If their grades are more than 10 years old or they have none then the choices of GCSE subjects in most cases are only limited to Mathematics and English and taught at such a pace that many fail. A "secondary school" for adults in unused spaces will provide classes for more than one subject at more than one level allowing for possible progression to College or university. The subjects will not be squeezed into one year but stretched over a longer period so that the foundation can be covered for those who really struggled in high school giving them a better chance.


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