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So far, the organisation has recruited various individuals from different artistic practices to embark on a few projects this year. This will include drama productions, documentaries on culture and a series of other educational talks. Through the above, we will established our plans and goals, organised scripts, actors and creative crew for up and coming productions, and are willing to provide a showcase of our visionary ideals if requested. We aim to engage the counsel, local businesses and residents of wider communities in and out of London in much needed discussions around urban culture and what effect methods of young peoples engagement need to be in place to promote artistic and personal development for millennials.

Growing local communities and businesses
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With the foundation of a newly constructed website, www.inyourbourough.com is a drive to support the local economies through the boroughs by the interaction of community with local traders and business suppliers. With a range of options and guided expertise in skill sets such as social media management, mobile search enhancement capabilities and video promos act for both consumer needs and professional service fulfillment, locally, Our aim is to support at affordable rates the needs of the start-up business, local business owner or entrepreneurial independent seeking more customers and exposure for what they do.

Community Garden Outdoor Classroom
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Frendsbury Gardens is an inner city community garden located within Brockley. To ensure the diverse community can be use the garden all year around we want an outdoor space that could be used for gardening in the rain, chilling with friends or as a performance space. We want it have lots of bright colour so that the educational space is both functional in keeping people dry but is a piece of art in of itself. The timber deck is shaped like a leaf and is made from recycled materials. The classroom is designed to be quick, cheap & easy to construct by volunteers, and it aims to inspire those who build and use it. <b>We have the support of Lewisham Council and are currently awaiting the outcome of our application for planning permission to realise our project. In the unlikely event, we are not successful in securing planning permission, no money will be taken from backers.</b>

CircusFit Deptford
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CircusFit Deptford needs money to build two state of the art aerial fitness studios in the heart of Deptford, at Deptford Market Yard. This money will provide a unique indoor rig, gymnastic floor, aerial equipment, storage cupboards, ballet barres, mirrors, toilets and shower room, and kitchen. The unique space will have 60 timetabled classes per week including daily subsidised classes for families, young people, seniors and adults on low income: CircusFit Kids, Flyers, Sensory Circus Mums & Babies, Baby Massage, Pre & Post natal Aerial Yoga, Aerial Relaxation, Aerial Pilates, Dynamic Aerial Yoga, CircusFit Ninjas, Trapeze FIT, Ballet Barre, Mat Pilates, Mat Yoga. Aerial fitness health benefits include: joint & spinal decompression, stress relief, improved sleep, improved cardiovascular fitness, improved muscular strength & coordination, relief from joint and back pain including chronic pain conditions. CircusFit provides teacher trainings, mentoring & apprenticeships for 16-25 yr olds

Catford People's Mosaic
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– We want to work together to create a stunning mosaic for our community. – Our starting point will be the already existing work of several initiatives such as The Catford Tales, The Running Past blog and the archives of the Archibald Corbett Society – Members of the community will be invited to bring in photos and significant historical artefacts that will become part of the design – They will take part in a series of design days to be held at various Catford locations, learn about the history of our town and have a chance to record their thoughts about Catford present and future – Groups of senior citizens will be invited to share their memories – These interviews and the ideas that come from them will be taken into schools where young children will both learn about them and use them as inspiration for drawings for the mosaic design – Everybody gets to make parts of the Mosaic during community workshop sessions. Other parts will be finished off in the studio

Sayes Court : The Future of the Garden
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We’ve got big plans here at Sayes Court and we’d love you to get involved! A park once three times the size, Sayes Court will soon reclaim this lost land and leap the fence into the Convoys Wharf development. Before that happens, Sayes Court Park will be the community-led testing ground where we imagine and plan what that future will look like. Together we'll transform this neglected park into a source of pride for Deptford and a destination for London. This legacy is an invitation to test, grow and transform a part of the city, making better places to live. Through collaborative workshops, events and a reinstated pavilion, Sayes Court will become a centre for the community once again. <b>We have in principle support from Lewisham Council for our project but still need to secure formal permission that we can deliver our project in Sayes Court Park. In the unlikely event we are not able to secure permission, no money will be taken from backers.</b>

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