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We want to channel Lewisham's creativity to develop new ideas for the Boroughs community spaces

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Books, art and music for Forest Hill. hit its fundraising target!5 days ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

New Scrapstore & Maker Resource
New Scrapstore & Maker Resource joined Lewisham Hive1 week ago

Southeast London ReStore will take reusable surplus and waste from businesses and distribute it to schools, community groups and individual makers and artists. There are 100 scrapstores around the UK, and this will be the first in Southeast London in 20 years.

Mountsfield Park - Fox Proof Litter Bins
Mountsfield Park - Fox Proof Litter Bins joined Lewisham Hive1 week ago

We want to make Mountsfield Park more welcoming and beautiful. Unfortunately foxes empty our old open style bins at night making Mountsfield Park untidy and unwelcoming. The Mountsfield Park urban foxes are naturally curious creatures, they investigate the bins looking for junk food and used nappies to use in their dens; unfortunately they don't clear up after themselves. This means that in a public place, that only has the services of a park-keeper two days per week, litter, old food and dog faeces are strewn across the grass, often left for days on end. This is not only unsightly but also a health hazard, especially to small children and also pet dogs.

Lewisham Youth Conference 2017
Lewisham Youth Conference 2017 joined Lewisham Hive2 weeks ago

This event will inspire and empower young people with the ultimate aim of tackling a number of issues that affect them. From initiating discussions about youth mental health to providing information on housing options, this event will cover a range of topics relevant to young people. We also seek to promote the wider Lewisham community by involving up to 50 local business, as well as showcasing some of the amazing - as yet undiscovered - talent Lewisham has to offer. While the event name suggests it’s only for young people, we know the benefits derived from supporting and nurturing our youth positively impacts everyone in the community. Support us in celebrating their many successes and achievements that go unnoticed.

Social housing mutual exchange.
Social housing mutual exchange. joined Lewisham Hive3 weeks ago

We have a website,facebook groups and pages set up after I myself was looking for an exchange and saw how hard it was.I successfully moved on a 5 way swap from Eastbourne to London in August 2015.After studying the housing laws and going through the process myself i was able to recruit volunteers who have moved with us and help other families needing support.To date we have over 20,000 members and have conducted regular surveys to see the areas people are moving to and from and how we can support tenants further. By running workshops,events,networking days and training we can help tenants build teams and multi swaps as many find it difficult to set up or need training using the internet.

47 projects started fundraising!3 months ago
New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival hit its fundraising target!4 months ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!


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