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From bus depot to The Playground Theatre started fundraising!5 days ago
Connect Portobello Market
Connect Portobello Market joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea5 days ago

The Environment, Leisure, and Residential Services division of RBKC is working with the Portobello and Golborne Road Market Traders, and the Westway Trust to deploy a reliable & robust free wifi service for all those who come to enjoy the Market. We are all joining forces for the first time to create a digital portal for social media to interact with the public and grow market and community awareness. Our goal is to promote our local vendors, artists, and goods. We will deploy a secure electronic payments system for the market traders for cashless transactions and increase our CCTV presence to promote safety in this area of massive footfall. We want visitors to enjoy what's on offer and be aware of the special events and promotions happening in the area.

GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea1 week ago

With a long standing history of serving this minority within a minority, it is well known that older Arabic speaking men and women are exceedingly isolated and marginalised. This is for a number of factors from their home life to the language barriers to the discrimination they encounter on a day to day basis. We have always encouraged integration with other cultures and wish to extend this in the community at large by introducing an eco-therapeutic project that will maximise use of our unique Moroccan garden, standing opposite our main building since June 2007. In doing this, we are inviting these individuals who once led full and happy lives out of their isolation with the aim of giving them the target of learning new skills, meeting new people, improving mobility as well as nurturing an area to be enjoyed not only by themselves but by the local community. While doing this, they will also be reducing their stress levels, making new friends, boosting their confidence.

CONCRETE ISLAND started fundraising!1 week ago
Growing Space
Growing Space joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea1 week ago

Many urban schools enjoy highly restricted outdoor, if any space at all. The idea behind this initiative is to provide these schools with that rare gift of earth in which to plant and watch things grow and to provide the surrounding community that same opportunity during school holidays. Our first project of 2017 is to support and oversee the conversion of Christ Church Kensington’s south garden area into an edible teaching ground that cannot only be enjoyed by the congregation and local community, but also provide the local primary schools with an outdoor learning space. The local schools already in support of the edible garden are: Victoria Road Montessori, Victoria Rd, Christ Church Kensington, London W8 5RQ Thomas’s School Kensington, 17-19 Cottesmore Gardens, Kensington, London W8 5PR St. Mary Abbot’s C of E school, 2 Kensington Church Ct, Kensington, London W8 4SP

Mo Better Society
Mo Better Society joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea1 week ago

Our children are being lost to the recent rise in knife crimes and gang culture, on our London Streets. Razors and Scissors and Mo Better Cutz want to create a place where our youths can come and feel safe from gangs and bulling. We also want to offer them a chance to learn how to become responsible by teaching them how to cut hair.

Beetle Cycling
Beetle Cycling joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea1 month ago

SCHOOL OF CYCLING LEARNING STAGES In this project of Promotion of Cycling in school age. The school will be directed to children and young people of both gender, included in the following categories: • from 3 years. • children under 8 years. • 9 and 10 years. • 11 and 12 years old. • 13 and 14 years.  Understanding by age that is fulfilled during the year. From here and until the age of 14, we will seek the development of the general technique of cycling, and then move on to take into account the specific technique of each cycle mode (route, mountain, etc ...). The planning will be divided into two stages: STAGES OF CYCLING SCHOOL CHILDREN 1º Stage up to 10 years. The objective sought in this stage is the development of the general technique, pursuing general objectives that allow us to adequately develop the individual in the whole. In this period the objective is not competitive, but formative.   2º stage until 14 years.

CONCRETE ISLAND joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea1 month ago

Support artist Charlie Warde as he lives beneath the Westway Flyover for 7 days, re-creating the urban dislocation experienced by the protagonist of Ballard’s Concrete Island. During his stay on the “island”, Charlie will create artworks inspired by the novel and his surroundings focusing on themes of connectivity, isolation and transformation within contemporary urban life, and the ultimate taming of the environment. In 1973 JG Ballard wrote a story about a man on his way home from work whose car careers of the newly built Westway Flyover, an epic concrete motorway raised above the houses and buildings divided either side. He crashes down into an undeveloped site becoming stranded, a modern urban Robinson Crusoe. With meagre supplies and bizarre encounters he exerts his will over the confines of his dominion in a transgressive and transformative act of self-discovery.

Ledbury Mews North
Ledbury Mews North joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea1 month ago

As per the AGM on 30/03/17 it was resolved that the tunnel requires painting and that the metal gates require a security over hall.


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