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Support artist Charlie Warde as he lives beneath the Westway Flyover for 7 days, re-creating the urban dislocation experienced by the protagonist of Ballard’s Concrete Island. During his stay on the “island”, Charlie will create artworks inspired by the novel and his surroundings focusing on themes of connectivity, isolation and transformation within contemporary urban life, and the ultimate taming of the environment. In 1973 JG Ballard wrote a story about a man on his way home from work whose car careers of the newly built Westway Flyover, an epic concrete motorway raised above the houses and buildings divided either side. He crashes down into an undeveloped site becoming stranded, a modern urban Robinson Crusoe. With meagre supplies and bizarre encounters he exerts his will over the confines of his dominion in a transgressive and transformative act of self-discovery.

Ledbury Mews North
Ledbury Mews North joined Transform Kensington and Chelsea3 weeks ago

As per the AGM on 30/03/17 it was resolved that the tunnel requires painting and that the metal gates require a security over hall.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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