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One Promise: Boys' Day Out
One Promise: Boys' Day Out joined Islington Hive1 week ago

We live in a world where people think that males don't go through deep emotional reckonings and we aim to start a dialogue and initiate an action that changes this way of thinking. Through hosting our conference and welcoming new groups each day, we want to tackle the stigma of mental health in young men and allow these young men to discuss and explore their feelings openly without fear of personal judgement in a safe space. Boys' Day Out will include inspiring speeches from notable speakers with various engaging workshops from a range of dynamic facilitators, with guidance on how to minimise mental and emotional stress through honest and open conversation.

Calisthenics Bar Park & Allotment started fundraising!2 weeks ago
S4c test 2
S4c test 2 joined Islington Hive3 weeks ago

I already did... I am just testing the page for a workshop this weekend

Calisthenics Bar Park & Allotment
Calisthenics Bar Park & Allotment joined Islington Hive1 month ago

We already have a team of lads on our estate that were once loitering like many are now but were fortunate enough to find something they could be passionate about, they are now heavily involved in Calisthenics & have qualified as personal trainers, they are competing on some of the biggest street workout competitions & events in the world. They want to train the youth on the estate & give them the same chance & experience they have had. Our project will benefit the whole of the community as there will be sessions available for everyone, it will also help with antisocial behaviour. The youth can also work towards becoming a qualified trainer, competing & becoming part of a team. Apart from the bars the bar park also has space for an allotment where we will grow organic vegetables & herbs. Many of the trainers have become vegans as what you consume is vital for overall health & fitness. Both will encourage people onto the park & will bring togetherness through the generations.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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