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The Community Hidden Garden at Grasmere
The Community Hidden Garden at Grasmere joined Hackney Spaces1 month ago

The garden is a large, concealed space, with a range of established trees and plants, ensuring a sense of tranquility. Our aim is to enhance this unique and enchanted space and ensure the community around it can gain access to it and benefit from its calming spirit. We have registered interest from a variety of local groups including yoga classes, brownies, Buddhists and arts and craft classes. We wish to build a sympathetically designed eco building that will link seamlessly to its surroundings. The design drawings have been done by a reknown local architect at no cost. Hers's more on the building: An 8.5m x 4.5m fully insulated space containing storage, kitchenette and WC. Built off the rear wall of the garden, it will be glazed on 2 sides which then open out into the garden and the roof extends, acting as a canopy either side to provide a covered entrance one and a part covered craft area. A refurbished pathway with new lighting and and enlarged entrance ensures safe access.

The Rejuvenation of Wallys
The Rejuvenation of Wallys joined Hackney Spaces1 month ago

The Wally Foster Community Centre is the largest community centre in Hackney. It is situated in the Homerton area of the borough and was built to serve the Kingsmead Estate and the surround Hackney Wick ward. The local area has gone through many changes and the Community did not receive the attention that it required. The Charity has been revitalised with the appointment of a new chairman and trustees that have worked very hard to meet the statutory requirements for Health and Safety, Security and Procedures and policies for Vulnerable Adults and children. The community centre at present does not have any funding and would require funding to once again make the Wally Foster Community Centre the heart of the local community.

Hackney WickED Festival Re-Imagined
Hackney WickED Festival Re-Imagined joined Hackney Spaces1 month ago

Hackney WickED Art Festival has championed the community of Hackney Wick & Fish Island since 2008 developing a reputation for creating large (35,000 people in 2014), unique, free & one off art events, inhabiting unused land. “The work you do in Hackney Wick is a wonderful celebration of the area and its creative heritage. I wish you all the best as you continue in your ambitions to highlight the cultural brilliance of this area.” Boris Johnson The areas rapid change from industrial wasteland to culture hub sitting alongside the Olympicopolis has forced us to reassess our delivery. Following a large audience & artist study (supported by ACE, Legacy List & LLDC) it became clear that the next stage of our development would be to facilitate a series of events (Open Studios, markets, exhibitions, commissions, music, film screenings, workshops, talks). We need your support to allow us to expand on the benefits of our annual festival to support the local creative community & local economy.

The Creative Estate
The Creative Estate joined Hackney Spaces1 month ago

Our community hall is used for tenants and residents meetings which is great but we want it to do more We want to make the hall and outside space for the whole community and create an local environment centre. The community hall inside to be made disabled access and training and community healthy eating and cooking can take place. We would have weekly cooking and growing classes and sessions for all generations and the whole community and also make the space available for those with access requirements and those with learning difficulties We want people to come together over food and growing and teach and learn about environment issues and how we can make changes together in an urban setting. We also want to have an accessible outside green house and shed and develop a community growing area. We want to extend the inside outside and use our hall and outside space as a garden room room for green conversations

A New Front Door for Chats Palace
A New Front Door for Chats Palace joined Hackney Spaces1 month ago

Homerton Library opened in 1913 and became Chats Palace Arts Centre in 1976. The outside of the building hasn't changed much in the intervening 100 years. We think it's time we put a new front door on that actually welcomes our community inside. Chats Palace is a Grade ll listed building, which means that we will need to obtain not just Planning Permission but Listed Building consent as well. So let's get this right first time. Loan us the power of your imagination to dream up a new building frontage for 2017, one that has somewhere great to sit as watch the world go by, one that makes its easy for you to come inside whatever your mobility issues. We'd like our face to be one that says a lot about who Hackney is and what we care about. Above all we'd like our new front door to have the ability to make you smile, to feel pride in your community, to give you a sense that you are part of a civic movement that is bigger and brighter because we are all in it together.

Community events at The Castle Cinema
Community events at The Castle Cinema joined Hackney Spaces1 month ago

Just a year since the local community raised £57,000 to bring The Castle Cinema back to life, we're chuffed to say that the cinema is now fully operational! One of our original objectives was to offer community events in the bar area, and so far we hosted art exhibitions, school outings, film society meetings... even Santa's grotto! However, we’ve discovered that if there's more than a handful of people in the bar, it starts to impact the cinema. So currently we’ve had to stop doing many events to avoid disrupting the screenings. We really want to continue with our goal of becoming a community hub, so we’ve come up with a plan of improvements to enable both rooms to be used at the same time (see the specifics below). We also want to be able to tell passers-by about the range of events on offer, by adding a fabulous sign with movable letters to tell everyone what's on! Finally, we want to add curtains to keep the cinema screen safe, in case any events use both rooms.

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