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Future Hoxton
Future Hoxton joined Hackney Spaces3 days ago

Initial funding has been obtained to build a large scale model of the Hoxton area of Inner London. This will be built in a community gallery space in Hoxton Street. I am seeking funds to pay for the rental of the space and the additional support of the spaces’ owner, Peer. The model will show buildings, streets, green spaces and landmarks and will be built in the gallery’s large shop window where its progress can be seen by passers by from the street. Additional events will be held where local residents including both adults and children can add their views to how the future neighbourhood could look adding their ideas to the model. Ideas will be shared to influence future decisions about the area such as whether to build more housing, facilitate self-build projects, create new green spaces or playgrounds. Local politicians, including the Mayor of Hackney, will be invited to see what has been produced. Once complete the model can be shown in other locations to encourage debate.

Second Home
Second Home joined Hackney Spaces1 week ago

Every last Friday of the month from 8am-12pm at Haggerston Community Centre, we would provide the community with breakfast, goody bags and lunch. During the concourse of the day, we would hold advice sessions, provide help on domestic issues, health check-ups, and job hubs and hold other basic need workshops. There will be activities on these Fridays and entertainment from speakers and artists. We want to endorse a place where they can feel at home. A place where they are reminded that they are not alone. A chance to remind them not to give up on hope. A home that they can feel safe. This is not just any homeless project. This is a platform for all those that think they are invisible. This is a chance for us to end the cycle of homelessness. Today we challenge the perception that homeless people are not human. This could have been one of us. This was me 3 years ago on the streets of New York. This was me when I thought I could not make it. This was me 1 year ago and could be you.

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