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WeGym | Democratising Personal Training started fundraising!2 days ago
Cine - Theatre on Millfields started fundraising!1 week ago
WeGym | Democratising Personal Training
WeGym | Democratising Personal Training joined Hackney Spaces2 weeks ago

We believe personal trainers are the solution to helping us become happier, healthier and more likely to live better. The problem is they're treated like a luxury. With an average cost of £50 an hour in London, most of us will never have the opportunity to use a trainer. We believe in a future where you never have to train alone. That there's always a trainer and a friend to support you, to keep you going when it's hard - which is why we believe wegym should exist.

Help us create a positive community hub started fundraising!2 weeks ago
DeafImpactHub joined Hackney Spaces2 weeks ago

It is a space for deaf people to work, create and network. A working and creative hub for deaf people and deaf businesses. A hub where deaf people can find other deaf people also running deaf businesses which can then create platforms for advice and making new friends and connections. Bringing deaf people and their businesses together so they know they are not alone. Also to offer offices and a room hire for those that need a constant space. Deaf people can have a space where they feel most comfortable in preparing themselves for the bigger world. Talk to each other about their experiences and help others grow by discussing suggestions and recommendations on how to get through tough situations. And on the positive side, help to join great minds alike on creating a better world for deaf people living in the hearing world.

Exotic Mas
Exotic Mas joined Hackney Spaces2 weeks ago

Through the art form of dance Exotic Mas gives young women aged 14- 20 the opportunity to gain a wide range of new skills, which ultimately will enable them to become exceptional candidates for higher education as well as employment. 25 young women will be selected through an open audition process, which will require the upmost in communication skills from all members of the group as many of them will be interacting and dancing with each other for the first time.

One Promise: Boys' Day Out
One Promise: Boys' Day Out joined Hackney Spaces2 weeks ago

We live in a world where people think that males don't go through deep emotional reckonings and we aim to start a dialogue and initiate an action that changes this way of thinking. Through hosting our conference and welcoming new groups each day, we want to tackle the stigma of mental health in young men and allow these young men to discuss and explore their feelings openly without fear of personal judgement in a safe space. Boys' Day Out will include inspiring speeches from notable speakers with various engaging workshops from a range of dynamic facilitators, with guidance on how to minimise mental and emotional stress through honest and open conversation.

Help us create a positive community hub
Help us create a positive community hub joined Hackney Spaces3 weeks ago

We are trying to raise money to change a space that is not being used and turn it into a retail space for our clothing and a hub for the community. We can use this space as a hub to focus on getting local individuals primarily between the ages of 16-30 into employment, higher education or running their own business. Most of the individuals that we work with our those who are finding it hard to gain employment currently maybe due to English not being their first language or because they have a criminal record.


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