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Growing A Greener Britain

We want to grow a greener Britain by creating or transforming green spaces across the UK.

Our Journey

Rotherhithe Garden Build & Summer School
Rotherhithe Garden Build & Summer School joined Growing A Greener Britain3 days ago

We will transform an vacant area of land at the rear of a social housing estate into a thriving new community space in Rotherhithe, SE16. The project will feature a wellbeing garden, food growing, a carpentry workshop, arts and crafts and, skills development opportunities run by ourselves and friends of the project. The site will have polytunnel frames and raised planter beds to support food growing workshops for local residents and are being designed and built by Store Projects to make them accessible for able-bodied and disabled users. Also on the site is a shipping container which has been adapted into a wood workshop. We will deliver carpentry and DIY skills workshops for local residents. It will be a chance for people to increase their confidence and to provide access for other employment and training opportunities. There are also plans to introduce a product range and these will be sold at community festivals and fetes with the proceeds reinvested in to the project.

Mountsfield Park - Fox Proof Litter Bins started fundraising!4 days ago
21st Century Band Stands & Arts Park
21st Century Band Stands & Arts Park joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

Welcome to our 21st Century Band Stand & Heritage Arts Park project - a dream to build a prototype Band Stand in purpose built park created for Perfomances and place a band stand in each local park, with a 21st century feel. To restore and revitalising community spirit, by bringing diverse talents and cultures together. A "live stage an Open stage", owned 'by the people, for the people'. The band stand will be surrounded by its own grounds, community market area and car boot sales area. Can you perform? do you wants to perform? on your own or together, with freedom in an open space? We can do this together..what do you think?..Looking for your ideas and input. Do you know a green space that fits the bill? Feel free to send your ideas and thoughts Our Motto “One act of random kindness” Our Aims - 21st century pop up musical events on a regular basis, throughout Manchester parks, showing off community talent, powered by green power, helping to promote sustainable local business

Sensory Story Garden
Sensory Story Garden joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

The sensory story garden will be somewhere to relax, enjoy, notice, play and enjoy a sensory story, somewhere to celebrate creativity and play in its most basic forms, free from rules and regulations. Somewhere the imagination can run wild. The garden will be a safe space for children and adults of all abilities to enjoy as well as help those with learning difficulties and other additional needs. We are looking for local creative people to get involved with the project. The garden will be created for the community by the community so we are looking for your help. Local artists, groups, children and adults of all ages and abilities can come together to #takeaminute. #takeaminute to paint a pebble. Your pebble will become part of the story of the garden. Each pebble will be on show for everyone to see. Paint a character, your favourite artwork, place or memory, or even a fingerprint to have a lasting imprint on the garden.

Ping Pong in the Park
Ping Pong in the Park joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

Burnham Park is set in the centre of the 13,000-strong community of Burnham. The park boasts a playground, green gym, multi-use games area, two youth shelters, and a community orchard. Soon, it will also have a 1km jogging track. We're looking to improve it further by providing more equipment for older children (and adults!) to enjoy, and what better than outdoor table tennis. We want to install two outdoor table tennis tables in the park, close to the High Street entrance, and sheltered from the wind. Players can bring their own equipment, or they can also borrow them from the local library or community centre located just metres away. This project will help improve Burnham Park, what it can offer the local community, and will give older children and adults another way to keep fit and active. It will also provide a much needed outlet for teenagers and young adults, hopefully decreasing antisocial behaviour.

Extra swings for Clissold Park
Extra swings for Clissold Park joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

Clissold Park is at the heart of Stoke Newington attracting over 3 millions visitors each year. We have a fantastic children's playground but the one problem is that we don't have enough swings. There are only three and we would like to double the number by installing three additional baby swings and moving the seesaw to make room for them.

Gym equipment for healthy lifestyle
Gym equipment for healthy lifestyle joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

Having spoken to some local teanagers who hang about outside local shops at night making a noise & playing games etc.. they Would like some outdoor gym equipment. As public transport stops at 7 pm & is costly. Also some adults do belong to local gyms but would also welcome this . I aim to involve the local youth in the project. They have been involved from the start & will help with fundraising.

Planting in Loxford Park Ilford
Planting in Loxford Park Ilford joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

The flower beds would add beauty to the park, improve air quality, biodiversity and add nature and greenery. We will respond to ideas from the local community about what kind of planting they would like. The project could introduce gardening to people who don't have access to a garden or who would like to be part of a new community of gardeners. Please support us to restore our local park! We'd like to get planting in Spring 2017.

Calisthenics Bar Park & Allotment
Calisthenics Bar Park & Allotment joined Growing A Greener Britain1 week ago

We already have a team of lads on our estate that were once loitering like many are now but were fortunate enough to find something they could be passionate about, they are now heavily involved in Calisthenics & have qualified as personal trainers, they are competing on some of the biggest street workout competitions & events in the world. They want to train the youth on the estate & give them the same chance & experience they have had. Our project will benefit the whole of the community as there will be sessions available for everyone, it will also help with antisocial behaviour. The youth can also work towards becoming a qualified trainer, competing & becoming part of a team. Apart from the bars the bar park also has space for an allotment where we will grow organic vegetables & herbs. Many of the trainers have become vegans as what you consume is vital for overall health & fitness. Both will encourage people onto the park & will bring togetherness through the generations.


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