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Fund It Hounslow is all about helping Hounslow's residents raise money to improve where they live.

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Park for Brabazon Green
Park for Brabazon Green joined Fund It Hounslow1 month ago

The open green space invites people to enjoy a variety of different activities. From funfair's being held on the field to families coming out on a summers day to have a picnic or BBQ. The open space allows adults to let their children play safely. Brabazon Green being in the middle of the Brabazon estate makes it a perfect location to build a park as there is not a park in the local area. The park will consist of a variety of different apparatus for children to play with such as - swings, climbing frames, slides, outdoor exercise equipment etc. The green space that is available is quite big and I would like to see some green space still there as the park would be quite small and will primarily be for children from the ages of 6 - 12. As there is a high number of teenagers in the Brabazon area who are constantly using the football cage, I think it would be ideal to build something for the slightly younger children.

Grove Park Shops Piazza
Grove Park Shops Piazza joined Fund It Hounslow1 month ago

This is a unique opportunity to significantly improve the area where we live and work. The Piazza will transform a large, unappealing area of tarmac into an increased pedestrian zone with wider pavements for café, shop and pub visitors. Both the regular and disabled parking bays will be retained. Money pledged will pay for the design phase, 50% funded by the local community and 50% by Hounslow Council. The popular shops area is long overdue for regeneration. Presently the pavement is narrow, sloping and provides poor accessibility. The emphasis on vehicles is encouraging through traffic, particularly during rush hours. Block paving the entire area and introducing traffic calming features will significantly improve pedestrian safety. The project has the support of Hounslow Traffic, local ward councilors, residents and businesses. Every pledge counts, large and small, and in sufficient numbers can trigger an additional donation from The Mayor.

Who is your Neighbour
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"Who is your neighbour? Celebrating Our Multicultural Community" is one of the first independent multicultural festivals that brings together multicultural entertainers from all around the local community, in order to showcase their talent and bring new experiences to the public. It is a cultural event that showcases the talent and culture of Londoners and international culture. One of the main aims of "Who is your neighbour? Celebrating Our Multicultural Community" is to broaden the perspective and knowledge of the younger generation so that they can be more appreciative and diverse in their understanding and experience of various cultural heritages that make the United Kingdom a place of high cultural value. “Who is your neighbor? Celebrating Our Multicultural Community" will be hosted once every year in the United Kingdom.

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