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Bringing fibre to Oakwood Grange
Bringing fibre to Oakwood Grange joined Essex Hive1 week ago

For too long the residents of Oakwood Grange have suffered with super slow internet! We got fed up, and what started as a few complaints on our Facebook group is now a project with Openreach to connect cabinet 48 to their fibre network, bringing our current speeds of between 1-2Mbps to over 50Mbps. This not only impacts on residents of Oakwood Grange, but surrounding houses and businesses also connected to this cabinet

Netpark Wellbeing digital art course
Netpark Wellbeing digital art course joined Essex Hive1 week ago

The NetParks Wellbeing project invites participants living with anxiety, depression, social isolation and dementia to utilise outdoor spaces reflectively, exploring digital and traditional art. Surrounded by nature and undertaking new creative skills increases confidence, independence and social engagement. Using a safe and relaxing environment with a well stocked art studio our participants are inspired by the Netpark apps and Chalkwell Park to create a reflective story illustrated through digital art. we hope to expand the project from three days to five days a week. This would give us the opportunity to reach out to the local BAME community, refugees, carers and participants that cannot access our service on week days. As our service is free we would benefit those in economically deprived areas.

Commonwealth Day Celebrations
Commonwealth Day Celebrations joined Essex Hive1 month ago

The event is organised by the Mayor of Colchester - Julie Young in association with African Families in the UK. The Commonwealth is an association consisting of the UK together with 52 other countries that were previously part of the British Empire and dependencies. We will be showcasing a culturally diverse event and a celebration of shared interest. It's expected to have a large turn out and will consist of different food stalls, music, artifacts and other cultural displays.

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