About Enfield Now

About Enfield Now

‘Enfield Now’ is an ideal platform to help people promote and deliver exciting community projects in Enfield. Whether you are part of a local organisation, community group or are a local resident - this is your opportunity to get your brilliant idea off the ground and make it reality – with the help of crowd funding. "Enfield Now is about empowering people to creatively develop and support projects that will enhance our towns, parks and communal spaces. We would like Enfield residents to look closely at how they think they can add value to local communities. Those with the right amount of creativity and drive will be given the full support of Spacehive and Enfield Council every step of the way. Whatever the project we ask that they are fun, exciting, accessible, promote volunteering, boost quality of life and enhance the local economy." Enfield Council's Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan There is a deadline of the 22nd April to get involved in the current round. See below for more info!

Our Journey

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TBTH (To Be Totally Honest)
TBTH (To Be Totally Honest) joined Enfield Now5 days ago

Our young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND) meet once a month. The group provides peer support to combat loneliness, learn new skills, have a bite to eat and share views on the issues that affect them. We aim to ensure that these sessions provide resources for our young people to challenge social injustice and give voice to issues they are experiencing, by using Stop Motion video technology, previously used to great effect with our Starfish Project. This platform aids creativity, whilst empowering individuals with limited social and communication skills to express their views. Participants will… • learn new creative and digital technology skills - initially via warm-up activities and then longer film-making activities. • share what they have created with each other, and then with a wider audience eg. online, at a showcase events, at our trustee meetings and AGM. • tell their stories, express their own views and opinions via this medium.

Friends Cafe Open for All
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Mind in Enfield (MiE) will open up its 'Friends Cafe' to the public Monday to Friday. It will be open to all for fresh cooked healthy lunches and snacks at a reasonable price. The project will also run special events using food from the cafe (like tea parties, relaxation workshops, and arts adn crafts workshops). These will be both on site and around Enfield, to raise awareness of MiE's services. Currently the cafe is only open to MiE's clients, this project will make healthy food available to a wider range of people whilst at the same time help to break down the barriers between those with and without mental health issues. The events will increase engagement with people who currently don't know about MiE's services, and help them to access appropriate support from us. The project will also enable MiE to offer more volunteering opportunities to clients and supporters, helping them to develop their skills and experience.

Oakwood Park N14 Project
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We really want to add some kit to the park that can be used by everyone. Table tennis is great fun, can be played by any age and is a great way to keep fit. At the moment, there isn't any kit in the park that is suitable for all age groups, so we would really like to add something that everyone can enjoy and have fun with! We intend to locate to locate them near the cafe and the play area. The tables don't take up much space, they are super strong and are very low maintenance. They have huge health and social benefits for all ages, regardless of ability, such as; - Improves reflexes and hand-eye coordination - Promotes aerobic activity and also uses the upper and lower body muscles - Provides a mental work out for the brain - Good sport for athletes with disabilities - Co-educational at every level - Enjoyable for spectators and players alike Please support our community project and pledge today!!!

Enfield Community Arts Academy
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Enfield Community Arts Academy would be the only school of it's kind in the UK! A brand new, inclusive, performing arts school offering non fee paying, full time arts training to young people aged 11 - 18 years. As it stands, most performing arts schools are fee paying and this means that to those families who are unable to afford it, it's not an option. There are some scholarships available for a lucky few but these are rare and we want to change that! Performing arts allow us to be creative, which is vital to the longer term of our economy and society. People who can express themselves creatively, enable the world to move forward. It is through creativity and self expression that young people begin to develop their own identity and the performing arts are a vital tool in supporting this. When young people are encouraged to express themselves freely, they are able to explore their strengths and individuality.

Broomfield Pond Swim Society
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"Let's get people back in the water!" Longtime local residents of Palmers Green will remember that the boating lake adjacent Alderman's Hill was used as a paddling pool. Have a look at our gallery and you'll see photos of the bottom pond that was used as a Bathing Pond from 1900-1933. We need to show Enfield Council and The Mayor of London that Palmers Green wants to swim in Broomfield Park again. 10 pledges of £2 are more powerful than a single pledge of £20, this campaign is all about community spirit! So if you think it's a great idea to revive the swim ponds make sure to pledge and if you can't pledge please like, comment on or share this campaign. Every bit of support matters. Although ambitious, the idea of having the ponds in swimmable condition again is a real possibility worth exploring. Phase 1 involves a Pre-Feasibility Study, fixing broken pipes, desilting the ponds & we are planning FUN and FREE family events!

Community Herb Garden
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It is our ambition to transform a currently unused, empty and uninspiring space into a cultivated, productive and welcoming community herb garden complete with benches and bee-friendly homes and plants. The space is occasionally used for our fun and activity days two or three times a year, and while we are keen to maintain a functional and useful space for events, we want to establish a community herb garden that will vastly improve the space and encourage interest in healthy eating, gardening and promote community cohesion. We will explore the possibility of establishing a gardening club for the continued maintenance of the garden. The garden will be a welcoming place for all the community. We hope that it will act as an example and encourage people to take up gardening activities in the spaces available to them at home. In partnership with Faith Forum of Enfiled Council, we recently (3rd March 2019) planted 2 Olive Trees in the corners of the garden representing peace & harmony

Community Patrol Initiative
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Enfield has suffered a number of attacks/muggings of the local secondary school children in recent month. As a strong community we are passionate about putting measures in place to keep our young children feel safer and know where to seek help and assistance from. The project has been up and running successfully for over a month now and has had over 100 volunteers register. Love Your Doorstep have been getting the community involved to create patrols on school days (morning, lunch and finish) to try and eradicate these attacks. The funding will help to pay for uniforms, equipment, marketing and administration of the scheme as well as helping the scheme roll out borough wide.

Trent Country Park Playground Upgrade
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Trent Country Park lies within the London Borough of Enfield [LBE], where levels of childhood obesity are among the highest in London and well above the national average. There are also some very deprived areas of the borough where life expectancy is much lower than average. Access to the outdoors and fun ways to exercise are therefore very important so that the borough's children can live healthy and happy lives. Trent Country Park is the countryside next door for Enfield's residents, easily reached by bus, underground, car, bike and foot. Its 413-acres draw over a million visitors a year, many of them families with children. The park currently has two playgrounds for under and over 8s. Unfortunately, equipment in the 8-13 natural play area is coming to the end of its life and there is no public money available to replace it as it fails. The Friends, whose goals include park improvements, aim to raise the money to replace the two items that have so far been decommissioned.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!