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About Enfield Now


Created by London Borough of Enfield

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‘Enfield Now’ is an ideal platform to help people promote and deliver exciting community projects in Enfield. Whether you are part of a local organisation, community group or are a local resident - this is your opportunity to get your brilliant idea off the ground and make it reality – with the help of crowd funding. “Enfield Council's collaboration with Spacehive is all about community democracy and empowerment. We would like our residents to look closely at how they think they can add value to local communities. Those with the right amount of creativity and drive will be given full support every step of the way - whether it's renovating an old building, sprucing up a park or funding dance classes for the elderly. All we ask for is that projects are fun, exciting, accessible and can make a difference in the community." - Cllr Sitkin, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business Development and crowdfunding champion.

Our Journey

Majestic Sound Works - Building refurb
Majestic Sound Works - Building refurb joined Enfield Now2 weeks ago

To engage in a meaningful way with the local youth, providing them with resources, a space, and the tuition to engage in music making, including; song - writing, learning to play different instruments as well as sound engineering (live and recording). We aspire to provide a creative space in which young people of Enfield and surrounding areas will feel safe to express themselves and raise their levels of aspiration. and inspiration. We believe there is a wealth of talent in our young people.This energy needs to be channelled in a positive way so their self esteem, confidence and academic abilities can be raised. This will be a long term project that will bring the community together through music and other forms of education.

Festive lights for Enfield Town hit its fundraising target!1 month ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Palmers Green Christmas Festival Lights!
Palmers Green Christmas Festival Lights! joined Enfield Now1 month ago

The Palmers Green Christmas Festival and illuminations are looking at making Christmas BIG once again on the high street. We will be displaying either a 25ft Christmas tree with the road being illuminated with Christmas Lights. We will have a total of 47 poles lit with lights 44 are being funded by us with the help of the council. 3 are being provided by the council in addition to a 25ft christmas tree. Shops will be decorating their shopfronts with Christmas decorations in the first ever Palmers Green storefront competition. Local residents and customers will be the JUDGES and first place will receive a reward of some kind. Santa Clause is COMING to town! We will have someone dressed up as Santa Clause with potentially a few elves to accompany him. The GRINCH may also be around causing some harmless mischief :O (we're looking forward to the schools reactions) All the local shops will be staying open till late! There will be treats handed out!

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We + You, Building a stronger community
We + You, Building a stronger community joined Enfield Now1 month ago

Providing our services to the community in exploring the Chan culture, as a way of improving their health, in helping to fight the very real modern menace of obesity across all age groups, defeat depression, help in learning new skills, such as self-defence, whilst improving self-discipline, fitness levels, concentration, flexibility, longevity, and instilling self-confidence.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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