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Green Gallery
Green Gallery joined Enfield Now1 day ago

I think about "Touch Tours" work for everyone; and particularly for the blind, children or visually impaired reviewers as autism friendly . Sometimes people with autism need a quiet space to relax, an empty meeting room would be an ideal place for this.You may also need to adjust your lighting and audio levels and it is best to consult with local groups to see what would work best. Giving staff additional training in advance of these viewings can help to make sure that everyone feels welcome. I would like to make my gallery as a destination space: I would to offer something different and exciting. I will never forget art listings; art critics, journalists and bloggers.: I will try to have great relationships with all the gallery's artists.

Donations from souls
Donations from souls joined Enfield Now2 weeks ago

I created this group back in November and since we helped over 40 families with clothes, food, money, medicine, toys etc. We are proud to say we are not for profit organisation and we are doing it voluntary . Over 600 members in our group . We like to help others with free informations regarding nutrition , fitness , health , saving money tips etc. We need more people to support us so we can do more. Thank you

Youth 100
Youth 100 joined Enfield Now2 weeks ago

i want to be able to set up a workshop where i can organise games, activities like cooking, hairdressing, extra education projects, gang awareness etc. youth 100 is all about helping young people who come from a difficult back ground or children who have lost track of what they want from life, some of these kids may have been abused, some have been brought up in care and some have parents in prison or worse dead. they may not have the right support and guidance, i have experience when it comes to going down the wrong road and i thankfully managed to change my life around and this is why i want to start a project that could be life changing, hopefully becoming something that can be shared all over the world so more lives could be pushed into the right direction with the right encouragement and facilities.

Free Pet Care Services
Free Pet Care Services joined Enfield Now3 weeks ago

Pets can be a lifesaver to people. They can positively benefit the well-being of elderly owners living on their own. Pets are their reason for living giving them a purpose, making them feel wanted and needed. Pets reciprocate by giving a feeling of protection from loneliness and despair. Pets boost morale and help reduce stress by providing emotional security. They help to bring happiness and laughter and lift depression. The special relationship between owner and pet enhances quality of life, but what happens when Ill fortune strikes and the owner is suddenly unable to properly care for their best friend. We want to be able to provide care assistance for such people and their pets

Enfield Community Well-being Cafe
Enfield Community Well-being Cafe joined Enfield Now1 month ago

We plan to renovate the Community Hall at the Visitor Centre in Pymmes Park. The existing Community Hall is used to provide support to stroke survivors and carers but it is run-down and needs to be refurbished. We want to regenerate and re-purpose it into a shared civic space for nature reserve, well-being and recreational facilities at the heart of a local park of historical significance.This will widen reach beyond people affected by strokes and carers to include adults with long term health conditions, older people, at risk individuals, residents that will just visit to participate in activities or buy refreshments and young people that want to volunteer. The selection of the project is based on outcomes of Department of Health Social Returns On Investment evaluation of our Stroke Action services which recommend that people with other conditions will benefit if they have access to the services that we offer. Our aim is to create a 'holistic' Well-being Cafe for the Community.

Throw Back Enfield
Throw Back Enfield joined Enfield Now1 month ago

The concept of the project taking unworn/old clothes throughout Enfield and redesigning/repurposing them. This is focused around one main event. Prior to the event , we would create a flyer and a social media campaign for people in the local community ( Enfield/Wood Green) to donate unwanted clothes . The main event is where young people in Enfield come together with items of clothing they no longer wear or aren't trending at the moment, they have the opportunity to swap old garments with other people in aims to get something new. After this process there are various workshops ( to do immediately) that demonstrate how to edit clothes, re style, re-vamp, dye, customise etc to add your own personal touch to it, through specialised practical workshops, with instructions that they can also take away, keep and use in the future. The workshops will include ( and not limited to ) dying clothes, basic sewing/editing clothes, creating jewellery, creating bags and revamping old shoes.

Upcycling Workshops
Upcycling Workshops joined Enfield Now1 month ago

Being able to take pride in your home inspires and encourages people to keep their properties presentable to a high standard. Decorating and furnishing your home mirrors self-respect and confidence. Providing great quality affordable furniture leads to people living a better quality of life even if limited by lack of income. By supplying furniture painting workshops we can teach people new skills including the art of upcycling furniture! This venture not only provides the community with a social outlet of coming together and learning a new skill, but helps to sustain the environment and offers people a platform for capitalising on their creative talents. There are so many community benefits to this project!! - Provides a community space for people of all ages - Empowers People - Teaches new skills - Promotes recycling - Helping people to set up their own selling business with the products they create - Design and decorate your home yourself without expense!

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