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The Recycle Revival ♻️❤️
The Recycle Revival ♻️❤️ joined Enfield Now1 month ago

Upcycling Workshops (Private & Funded) Upcycling, shabby-chic, distressed, upholstery, decoupage, wallpapering, DIY, fixing, mending, crafting, metal manipulation, welding, graffiti art, French polishing, antique restoration etc... The Upcycle market is trending as an affordable means of crafting bespoke furniture. Sales of chalk (furniture) paint have soared in the last 5 years with more new manufacturers entering a once monopolised market (Annie Sloane, Frenchic, EverGreen, Rustoleum). Why it's a great idea √ Positive Feedback from Facebook Followers √ Requests for the supply of upcycled furniture from customers in store √ Minimum Staff √ Volunteer-run √ Retired craftsmen √ Promotes Recycling √ Requests from customers in store looking for creative volunteering opportunities √ Customers that purchase furniture and chalk paint from us so they can carry out upcycle projects at home √ Teaches new skills √ Open to all

Inspire women to achieve their dreams.
Inspire women to achieve their dreams. joined Enfield Now1 month ago

Women Inspire Women (WIW) is a not-for-profit organisation, and the brain-child of Jasmine Armstrong, whose desire is to empower women to achieve their dreams It has just opened its first business enterprise "Inspire Hair and Beauty Salon" If you look good, you feel good! There are plenty semi-qualified people, perhaps those who would have liked to have studied their profession further, but for whom the cost of that education was prohibitive. Here there is a double problem: dissatisfied customers, and struggling entrepreneurs. So the goal of this pitch for funding is to enable the salon to employ two qualified trainers, who will provide training events and work alongside trainees, to raise the standards of service and provide opportunities for qualifications, experience and guidance as in due course they set up their own businesses.

Firs Farm Community Hub & Dementia Cafe
Firs Farm Community Hub & Dementia Cafe joined Enfield Now1 month ago

The Friends of Firs Farm aims to raise funds for a community space where the community, can come together in an inviting and welcoming environment. Inclusive of people with Dementia or Autism, a welcome safe space, with memory stimulation, and somewhere to, in the words of Alzheimer's Café founder, Dr. Bere Miesen, "just be". <b>We have been advised that we don't need permission. If we don't get permission then no pledges will be taken from backers.</b>

Green Gallery
Green Gallery joined Enfield Now1 month ago

I think about "Touch Tours" work for everyone; and particularly for the blind, children or visually impaired reviewers as autism friendly . Sometimes people with autism need a quiet space to relax, an empty meeting room would be an ideal place for this.You may also need to adjust your lighting and audio levels and it is best to consult with local groups to see what would work best. Giving staff additional training in advance of these viewings can help to make sure that everyone feels welcome. I would like to make my gallery as a destination space: I would to offer something different and exciting. I will never forget art listings; art critics, journalists and bloggers.: I will try to have great relationships with all the gallery's artists.

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