About The Doncaster Movement

About The Doncaster Movement

We are looking to make a change, and to make a stand - we want to kick against the climate of doom, gloom, and disaster. We know Doncaster is getting better all the time, but we can go faster, bigger, harder, and we need your brains, hearts, hands, energy and enthusiasm to keep it happening - to help Doncaster grow - and flourish. From allotments and street murals to festivals and community cafes, if you have an idea to improve where you live, create a crowdfunding project page and be part of the Doncaster Movement. Through the Doncaster Movement you'll have the opportunity to ask friends, family and neighbours to back your project with a pledge. We also have a fund of £50,000 - with a maximum pledge of £5,000 to put towards the projects which can show the backing of the community through their campaign. See the below tab for more information on the fund. Doncaster is different, we all know that. We are different, so we do differently. Join the movement!

Our Journey

Bessacarr FC Community Astro Project
Bessacarr FC Community Astro Project joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

The creation of a community astro at Cantley Park would serve as a football base for the whole local community and beyond. We currently run sessions for 400 4-18 year old boys and girls from the local community. These sessions comprise of a free session for 4-6 year olds. 3 all girls teams, numerous mixed sessions for boys and girls aged 7-18 year old and a summer tournament engaging 7000 people over a weekend in June. Future plans are to offer pan disability sessions, extra all girls sessions and further events to engage the community.

Network Support Doncaster
Network Support Doncaster joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

We have a site with 20 chalets on with an on site bungalow which would be ideal for on site supported living. We are currently managing a number of properties on behalf of landlords and can use them to offer support to our future clients. We are based at 64 Copley road Doncaster Dn12qw that will be the location of our drop in.

Northern Battle of Britain Memorial
Northern Battle of Britain Memorial joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

The Memorial will centre around a full size replica Spitfire aircraft sited in a WW2 blast pen. It will feature the Battle of Britain Roll of Honour and will complement the National Memorial in London and the Southern Memorial at Capel Le Ferne. There is no Memorial in the North of England. The Memorial will not only commemorate the men and women of the RAF who came from every town and village in the country but also those pilots and ground crew who throughout the war came from across the United States, Europe, Poland, France, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Ireland as well as the Commonwealth, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Jamaica, Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and New Zealand The Spitfire is an iconic symbol and it will focus attention on how crucial the Battle of Britain was in the history of the western world. It will inspire young and old alike to enquire and discover how a small group of people defended our islands and went on to help free the western world.

Rule Your World: BME Empowerment Summit
Rule Your World: BME Empowerment Summit joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

Rule Your World is an Empowerment Summit aimed at engaging about 100 working age people from across Doncaster who are part of BAME communities. The Summit will stimulate and motivate local people, uniting minority voices into a common, impactful voice. The event will encourage people to become more engaged in the Council’s and partner agencies activities, especially those aimed at supporting members of the BAME community. Our event’s overall goal is aimed at giving people from BAME communities the confidence and opportunities to have a voice in local decision making. This will allow decision making to be more representative of the community as a whole. We further aim to increase participation by training, education, accreditation and employment, creating an alliance with the local authority to ensure that BAME voices are heard. In attendance are prolific speakers and leaders in the community i.e The Civic Mayor and the Deputy Civic Mayor of Doncaster.

Community engagement events
Community engagement events joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

My vision is to deliver events across Doncaster that bring together the community and make a real difference for people that live, work and visit Doncaster whilst creating a sense of place and belonging. Through setting up an access group for various community groups, organisations, charities and businesses I aim to understand what events are needed in Doncaster spaces so that various organisations, including (but not limited to) physical mobility & impairment, autism and dementia can provide their service users with the opportunity to experience events in an accessible way. The funding will be used to invest in event equipment so that these can be utilised in a variety of venues to connect and empower the community whilst helping people everybody to achieve their full potential and bring the heritage of the town to life.

The PIT STOP Cafe joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

Providing public toilets during cafe hours, the PIT STOP offers a great all day breakfast, and a range of drinks, hot and cold meals, and snacks. Managed and operated by Manna Community CIC, the PIT STOP name was developed in consultation with the local community and directly reflects the Pavilions strong historical links with the mining industry in Bentley. With a focus on families and communities, we will provide a range of support; services, events and projects based around four community themes. These themes are hospitality, health, heritage and hope.

Help us get on Trax
Help us get on Trax joined The Doncaster Movement5 days ago

The Mound would need to be cleared of concrete & tyres. We would then provide a road surface with a roundabout & junctions to teach children road safety along with exercise for all ages. We would place limestone rocks for all to sit on. We would also plant trees & wildflowers. There would also be a bench for parents & grandparents to enjoy the view from The Mound to the rest of the playing field. This project would improve the health & wellbeing of all members of the community.

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