{{ 'About' | translate }} The Doncaster Movement

{{ 'About' | translate }} The Doncaster Movement

We are looking to make a change, and to make a stand - we want to kick against the climate of doom, gloom, and disaster. We know Doncaster is getting better all the time, but we can go faster, bigger, harder, and we need your brains, hearts, hands, energy and enthusiasm to keep it happening - to help Doncaster grow - and flourish. From allotments and street murals to festivals and community cafes, if you have an idea to improve where you live, create a crowdfunding project page and be part of the Doncaster Movement. Through the Doncaster Movement you'll have the opportunity to ask friends, family and neighbours to back your project with a pledge. We also have a fund of £50,000 - with a maximum pledge of £5,000 to put towards the projects which can show the backing of the community through their campaign. See the below tab for more information on the fund. Doncaster is different, we all know that. We are different, so we do differently. Join the movement!

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Wig Library
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Supporting local cancer patients with hair loss Our project will provide a free wig loan and specialist hair care for cancer patients who can't afford an NHS wig prescription, including a new coffee morning. We are able to refresh and revitilise used good quality wigs. These recycled wigs will then be loaned out at no cost to local women which in turn will not only help them financially but help them to feel and look better whilst undergoing treatment for cancer. The financial impact of cancer is huge whether you are on benefits or not and this service is available if they want to loan a wig for a weekend or the duration of their treatment. Many ladies do not have a wig as they can't afford to allocate the minimum £80 prescription cost during this difficult financial time. Our help doesn't end there. We are available one to one or in a group situation to provide expert advice on hair loss and hair re growth after treatment has ended.

Adwick Park Community Pavilion
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By making improvements to club facilities we will recruit more members and volunteers and be the highest standard of community club possible. The new community hub will also have a meeting room available to hire, changing rooms, storage facilities, toilet facilities, bar/ café area, car park and access road. We have established the charity Adwick Park Community and Sports Academies CIO (October 2019) which is managed by local trustees; we have been granted full planning permission (December 2019); and have secured significant funds for the building to date. Funding is required for detailed drawings to make sure the project is overseen by a team of professional architects and is built in a timely yet cost effective way with the best possible finish, sourcing local labour and materials.

Wishing for a Mower
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New Kubota B2261 Tractor with a 5 years/1500 hours manufacturers gaurantee. New Wessex CRX180 Multi-Cut mower attachment. New SISI Quadraplay, spiked slitter,spring tine rake,straight brush & solid smooth roller. New Fleming 300 litre fertiliser spreader. New Fleming tipping transport box. This will ensure we can fully maintain and improve our own ground facilities and prevent loss of use due to poor field condition.

Adwick Warriors FC toilet facilities
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Currently we have a use of a playing field with no additional facilities. We would ideally like to be able to offer the children, parents, spectators and officials use of toilet and washing facilities. This also would allow kids to change out of muddy/wet kit after matches/training.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!