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I Can Play Too
I Can Play Too joined The Doncaster Movement12 hrs ago

Our group has been trying to introduce more inclusive play equipment in the park for the less able children. The first, recently installed was an inclusive nest swing and was an instant hit with the disabled children. So much so, they were queuing up to use it. "This has been long overdue" one parent said. Once on the swing, the children stay on for some time knowing they'll have to queue again to get on it! We now, in conjunction with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, want to improve on the inclusive play facilities with a roundabout suitable for wheelchairs, there is no other play equipment like this in the vicinity. This would mean that children with physical and mental disabilities can use the swing with their brothers, sisters, friends or simply on their own! It would be the first of its kind in our park and would enhance the play experience for less able children.

Crags Corner Park Initiative
Crags Corner Park Initiative joined The Doncaster Movement1 day ago

We would like to have a park built for children of all ages and disabilities. The community has children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and autism. To make a safe environment for everyone.

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