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Help us save food from being wasted!
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A van will enable to rescue more food from places it might otherwise become waste, such as supermarkets, warehouses, restaurants, farms, etc. We will then redistribute that food from our cafe/shop. We have future plans to redistribute it to schools where it will be used to teach global sustainable development goals (set out by the UN) We are the only working example of the circular economy in Doncaster and aim to take this into schools with our food. School children will have the chance to experience the circular economy and to create their own truly innovative self managed food waste projects. We will ensure we reach families at risk of food poverty, but we will go much further to empower children and local communities to deal with food waste and its consequences of hunger and climate change, and create systemic change. Our project is fully accessible to all regardless of ability, physical health or background. All of our food is and will stay available on a pay as you feel basis.

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