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As part of this programme, we are running an Autumn 2020 funding round with a launch event on the 17th of September. See below link for a full breakdown of the process, event registration and the key dates. --------- From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, Crowdfund Sunderland celebrates the innovation and creativity of the city. Through this programme, local organisations can fund and deliver projects which matter to their local area. Along with workshops and tailored support, there is £150,000 of funding from multiple funds available to support crowdfunding campaigns in the city. Depending on the project, you may be able to receive a combined maximum pledge of £10,000 from the funds.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

New Community Music Studio at The Bunker
New Community Music Studio at The Bunker joined Crowdfund Sunderland2 weeks ago

We will build a new vibrant, accessible, inclusive music studio in the City of Sunderland. It will support our diverse local music scene through creativity and learning, as we have strived to do for almost 40 years. We aim to create a high-quality, multi-purpose studio to meet the needs of our local community. More than just a music studio, the new space will also host a permanent exhibition space to showcase our long history and introduce more of our community to The Bunker - where many well-established artists call ‘home. We'll be collaborating with the extensive local Music network as well as existing clients - which include many local schools, social enterprises and musicians - to ensure it’s success and continue to provide access and support to those who need it. We will offer a professional music facility our City can be proud of again, where people, young and old, can work in a safe, professional and comfortable environment with experienced producers and facilitators alike.

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WWIN Bus: Connecting People & Places
WWIN Bus: Connecting People & Places joined Crowdfund Sunderland1 month ago

A minibus will allow survivors and their families to explore our amazing beaches, parks and nature reserves, create special memories and new connections. The women and children in our refuges have become increasingly isolated during the pandemic; cut off from the wider community, with limited access to our wonderful outdoor spaces, cultural attractions, community events, classes and activities. Access to the outdoors is vital for our health and wellbeing, especially for those who have suffered abuse, trauma and isolation. We want to offer more opportunities for sport and leisure activities, visiting local attractions, learning about local history and nature, or just walks by the sea. The bus will also enable more awareness raising and drop-in sessions, increase our presence in the community and create more opportunities to access domestic abuse support. We support hundreds of survivors and their families across Wearside, the bus will be used to deliver essential supplies if needed

Holiday Lodges 4 Disabled People Phase 1
Holiday Lodges 4 Disabled People Phase 1 joined Crowdfund Sunderland1 month ago

Through local consultation, we intend to shape and improve our current services/short breaks. 80% of 500 families, in just over 1 month, have already told us they find holidays are often in-accessible. We hope build fully accessible butterfly holiday lodges & a wellbeing complex, offering valuable respite & catering for individuals/families with a variety of needs. If given final permission, this holiday lodge complex, will be the first of its kind in the North East and nationally. There will be six 3 bedroomed lodges and two 2 bedroomed - all fully accessible with wet rooms, hoists and specialised equipment as standard, with a home from home feel, for a comfortable stay. The complex will offer onsite care support, additional leisure/ community services also (such as yoga, fitness and employment programmes), to promote well- being. Our future plans include a hydrotherapy pool, a café and accessible play park, with family events to encourage community engagement.

Light up Rectory Park
Light up Rectory Park joined Crowdfund Sunderland1 month ago

30 years ago Rectory Park was a beautiful, magical place for families to walk through during Houghton Feast. Winnie the Witch was lit up in a tree and there was a beautiful peacock and other figures. Now it is dark and uninviting. Light Up Rectory Park will bring back that magic, involve children and families in designing and creating their own part of the light trail through the Fairy Glen. We will start in summer 2021 at the Big Lunch event in June and, by Houghton Feast next year we will have an amazing light trail through the park. We'll keep it lit after Houghton Feast and encourage people to enjoy a walk through the park, following the trail and designing even more features for 2022.