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Created by the Mayor of Liverpool in partnership with crowdfunding platform Spacehive, Crowdfund Liverpool will give people across the city the opportunity to imagine, fund and create projects that bring their local area to life. Crowdfund Liverpool aims to give residents with project ideas the ability to attract funding from their communities, the council, local businesses and foundations all through one portal. The Mayor is putting forward a dedicated fund of £100,000 to support crowdfunding campaigns. This programme will become a springboard for locally-led ideas to attract funding more easily, while enabling everyone who cares about Liverpool to contribute. Together we'll help make Liverpool even better for those who live, work and study here.

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Steps To Work Strawberry Field Liverpool
Steps To Work Strawberry Field Liverpool joined Crowdfund Liverpool3 days ago

The Steps to Work programme reaches out to young adults aged 18-25 with learning difficulties or other barriers to employment through a training hub in the new Strawberry Field centre. We are keen to welcome the local community and share the amazing work we do with the young people and need your help to make it happen! Our plan for next year is to be able to invite our local community to come and be part of the Strawberry Field centre, seeing the results of the hard work the young adults put into the programme, network and maybe even learn some tips from the new work-ready trainees! Thanks to partnerships with local education providers including The City of Liverpool College and the investment of local businesses and organisations, Steps to Work can offer a 12-18 month programme that combines education and work placements to ensure trainees are truly work ready.

Anfield Community Cinema
Anfield Community Cinema joined Crowdfund Liverpool1 week ago

Liverpool Lighthouse is a hub for North Liverpool, a place where families, younger & older generations get together to take part in events & activities to help reduce isolation and engage them within the arts. Liverpool Lighthouse is home to a 430 seated auditorium where shows take place. However, North Liverpool is lacking a community cinema, at present people have to travel into the centre of the city along with paying a high price for film & this simply isn't possible for everyone. We want to purchase & install a 10 metre Cine Pro electrical screen & are asking the community to help with this. Once we are raising funds for this, we’ll also be looking for support through other means to raise funds to install the projector, ceiling mount and truss. Once we have raised funds for all areas of this project & installed everything, we will be a hub for everyone to come together and enjoy films on a regular basis from much loved classics to independent screenings, at an affordable price.

Culture And Sports Community Cafe
Culture And Sports Community Cafe joined Crowdfund Liverpool1 week ago

Dingle is an area entirely within the boundaries of the old Toxteth Park. It is named after Dingle Brook (Dingle meaning a wooded valley). Whilst nationally recognised as an area of serious disadvantage, Dingle is also the most amazingly diverse and cultural community with sons of Dingle including Ringo Starr, Jimmy Tarbuck, Billy Fury and Arthur Askey to name just a few with an abundance of other awesome leaders in music, arts, culture, sports and politics born in other areas around Toxteth Park. Through this project, Team Oasis would like to introduce into our activity centre a beautiful, welcoming meeting place/cafe. Our cafe will be a place of welcome, nourishment, friendship, ideas, community development alongside service to the our isolated and vulnerable. With our easy bohemian and eco theme plus aligning itself to the arts, family and sports facilities within our centre we should expect our Dingle Cultural Hub Cafe to interest friends and neighbours from across Toxteth.

Culture And Sports Community Cafe started fundraising!1 week ago
Community Kitchen @ The Unity
Community Kitchen @ The Unity joined Crowdfund Liverpool1 week ago

To build a modern equipped kitchen with our youth and community centre. To stock the kitchen with surplus food that would otherwise go to landfill, working with local community larders, Fareshare, Food drop, The cloud etc To invite families to come together to share recipes, cook together then take home and feed their families. To invite elders in from local sheltered accommodation to share stories and recipes from their lives with the youth from our community. To teach our young people healthy easy to cook food, on a budget in a modern kitchen inspiring a love of cooking.

Allotments accessible Clubhouse/tea room
Allotments accessible Clubhouse/tea room joined Crowdfund Liverpool1 week ago

We have just completed an accessible toilet on the allotment and now want to convert a container into a tearoom come clubhouse. This will be none-profit as the project is to promote friendships and connections in our local area of clubmoor. We want to give a haven for people with depression and anxiety, and also people suffering from loneliness. In February 2021 we will be launching a horticulture course that will take people from seed to compost teaching them sustainable growth which will be open for all. We are a diverse group with many nationalities calling Grandison allotments their home. We have had designs done which I provided a link for. We have a great team of volunteers who will help build the project but need funds for all the materials.

Allotments accessible Clubhouse/tea room started fundraising!1 week ago
Liverpool COVID-19 Community Support hit its fundraising target!3 weeks ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

ONYA E-CARGO BIKE LIVERPOOL joined Crowdfund Liverpool3 weeks ago

A positive effects of the Covid crisis has been increasing awareness in the environment and traffic reduction. This has also lead to an increase in cycles and cycle lanes .. Cargo EBikes offer a positive solution for small businesses which have to deliver or want to deliver as part of their offer, cargo Ebikes are efficient, environmentally positive and cost/time effective. The challenge for these companies is the initial expense of purchasing a cargo Ebike and whether it will be effective.. Our solution of whether they should make the initial investment is to lease or hire a cargo Ebike to businesses, they then can effectively assess and monitor the positive aspects of using Ebikes, i.e.low running costs, clean transport, speed of delivery, company 's image ,compared to conventional fossil fuel vehicles. We also want to work with local Credit Unions to set up a low cost loan scheme for purchase of cargo Ebikes for businesses.

The Pop Up Panto #CrowdfundLiverpool
The Pop Up Panto #CrowdfundLiverpool joined Crowdfund Liverpool3 weeks ago

We will decorate a van, with a pop-up stage inside, and entertain schoolchildren across the city. Following the news that many pantomimes will be cancelled, a group of professional performers will travel across the city, bringing joy, creativity & laughter into our schools and communities. After a summer of frustration and difficulty for so many families, we want to lift their spirits and bring some joy back to their lives from the safety of the school hall or playground. Our aim is to reach as many children as possible, giving them the chance to see a pantomime this year. The old Liverpool Everyman company had a similar project in the 70’s, called VanLoad, where actors would travel to pubs and communities bringing theatre and comedy to people. Dame Julie Walters said of it, “ My first professional job was with Vanload, the touring wing of the Everyman. I loved the feeling that this was theatre for the community we were performing in.” This ethos would be our blueprint.