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Hampton Court Fast Fibre
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Nearly all local homes and businesses suffer with poor broadband and internet speeds and, for some, there is often no service at all at certain times of day. The current old copper cabling (to our telecoms street cabinet) was originally installed to provide a telephone service only and it is incapable of carrying the quantity of data we now need to access our emails, documents, graphics, music, video and catch-up television online. Openreach and other infrastructure providers have no plans to install a new fibre cable because they say it is not economically viable, as we are such a small community with only a few local businesses. The cost of a new fibre cable will be £12,174 and as long as we can raise half this amount between us amounting to just £6,087, we have been promised matched funding for the other half of the cost from the Community Fibre Partnerships Grant Scheme.

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Superfast Broadband for Snaresbrook
Superfast Broadband for Snaresbrook joined Crowdfunding Fibre1 month ago

We’re seeking to raise the funds to provide homes affected at box "Wanstead/PCP31" with improved internet access and enable better broadband for the local village community. We would like to raise £100 per house affected to increase the option have superfast fibre optic broadband in your home. If we raise above our target then we would reimburse all donators accordingly. Around 5% of the UK isn’t covered in existing national fibre broadband rollout plans and part of Snaresbrook falls into that group. We’re not content with that, so want to work in partnership with BT to get superfast broadband to homes. We’ve set up the Superfast Snaresbrook effort to raise money to jointly fund the cost of a new fibre broadband cabinet that will be connected to the national fibre network. BT is funding a large chunk of the cost and we need to raise monies to cover the cost of the remainder.

2 months ago
27 April 2017
Thousands more premises to get superfast in the South East

BT is working with hundreds of hard-to-reach communities across the country to help them get superfast broadband.  In the south-east of England more than 80 communities have signed up for a Community Fibre Partnership with BT.   This will see around 12,000 premises benefit from faster internet.
The communities, which range from hamlets and small villages through to business parks, are all part of the so-called ‘final five per cent’ of the UK not covered by fibre broadband rollout plans.   Through its Community Fibre Partnerships (CFP) programme, BT has made a commitment to help communities like these to find a fibre solution and is helping them to develop localised plans to make the delivery of affordable fibre a reality. 
For example, some communities have applied for a schools grant to help them get fibre-enabled. 
Schools grant of up to £20,000
The grant has been made possible thanks to a £2 million fund created by BT.  It means communities can apply for a match-funded grant of up to £20,000 toward the cost of their new fibre infrastructure - as long as that new infrastructure also serves the local school which also doesn’t have a superfast connection. 
Currently, around 10 communities in the south-east will benefit from the grant. Their new fibre infrastructure will also serve their local school giving a boost to learning and education.
Villages as far and wide as Kingham in Oxfordshire and Wormley in Surrey are set to get superfast broadband as a result of having a Community Fibre Partnership with BT. They’ll now get superfast fibre to their local school as well as to the community. 
These communities include Bledlow Ridge, near Prince’s Risborough in the Chiltern Hills, which has Bledlow Ridge School in the heart of its village, and the village of Datchworth near Knebworth, location of All Saints Primary School.
If a school in your community doesn’t have fibre then you could be eligible for a grant. Find out more
Help from the government
Many villages with broadband speeds of less than 2Mbps from across the south-east, got themselves organised and applied for a subsidy through the government’s Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme scheme.  Communities such as Tunworth near Basingstoke in Hampshire, Itchingfield in West Sussex and the Kings Copse community near Hemel Hempstead are all set to receive funding from this scheme to help pay for their fibre broadband.
Kings Copse resident Tom Brand, who led a local campaign for an upgrade, said: “Broadband speeds are more important now than ever before. Improving our internet speed is going to mean a massive improvement on our quality of life.”
New builds can benefit too
New builds are springing up all over the south-east. A number of these didn’t exist when fibre rollout plans were being made, or were built after fibre installation in their area was completed so BT is working closely with developers across the south-east to bring fast broadband to their sites.
For example, superfast broadband is coming to a housing development at Orangery and Parklands, Earley, near Reading, following a partnership between Openreach and housing developer CALA Homes. This will make high-speed fibre broadband available to around 260 homes.
Other brand new developments in the south-east set to go superfast include Gaugemaster Way Trading Estate in Ford, Arundel - West Sussex, Redrow Homes’ Lymington Shores development in Hampshire, and Beaurepaire Park, near Bramley, also in Hampshire.
​​​​​​​If you live in a part of the south-east that’s not included in any fibre broadband rollout plans then your next step should be to check out BT’s Community Fibre Partnership programme

3 months ago
16 March 2017
Crowdfunding helping people connect to superfast broadband

If you’re looking for a way to help fund the installation of superfast fibre in your community then why not consider crowdfunding?Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money, awareness and support for your campaign. 
It’s based on the idea that a number of people can split the cost of something – in this case fibre broadband – through making pledges. 
Everything is done online meaning the whole process is simple, quick and efficient. What’s more, with crowdfunding everything is transparent. Supporters, donors, and anybody connected with a project can check on campaign progress or see who’s donated.  No money is collected until the fundraising target has been achieved.
Crowdfunding platforms also help extend the reach of projects potentially helping to attract a wider group supporters and reach targets more quickly.  In essence, they are a great way of both bringing communities together AND spreading the word. 
Crowdfunding really helps
An increasing number of communities up and down the UK have turned to crowdfunding as a way of raising money for their fibre installation projects. 
A good example is Berkshire-based broadband campaign group ‘Faster Broadband for Twyford’.
Members of the group set up a project using Spacehive, a crowdfunding platform for projects recognised crowdfunding service, to help them raise around £10,000 needed to get fibre into their community.   Thanks to crowdfunding, that target was reached in a matter of weeks.
Similarly, when the residents of Tattenhoe Park in Milton Keynes needed to raise over £2000 to match fund a grant to get faster broadband they set up a Spacehive page too.  Pledges quickly rolled in and now fibre is set to get rolled out to their community.
And residents of Wellow near Bath have also secured a community fibre broadband solution for their village via crowdfunding their costs.  It took little over a week for their crowdfunding page to attract the amount they needed and now 90 households in the village are looking forward to greatly improved broadband speeds. 
Unleash the power of the crowd
Matt Lloydfrom the BT Community Fibre Partnerships programme explains the rising popularity of crowdfunding.
“It’s all about the unleashing the power of the crowd,” he says. “Crowdfunding is well suited to helping people raise money to get fibre into their communities. Because it’s all done online, everything is completely visible and campaign progress is made absolutely clear.”
Adds Matt: “People can give money of course -  and they’re free to donate whatever they can afford. They can also contribute ideas and offer encouragement – all of which can help bring success that little bit closer.”
We're here to help you with crowdfunding...
BT’s Community Fibre Partnership team is fully geared up to offer you and your community advice and support for your crowdfunding project.   
Whether you’re a completely new to the idea of crowdfunding or just want to know how to get started, we in the Community Fibre partnership team can help.
...working with Spacehive
We’ve been working closely with Spacehive to help hard-to-reach communities get access to fibre via a package of co-funding and support. 
Spacehive can help you to attract fans and volunteers, build mailing lists and spread the word using social media. Using Spacehive helps you with logistics of raising funds and collecting the money.
​​​​​​​You’ll also get all the technical support you need as well as a wealth of online resources, marketing tools and guides.See Spacehive’s ultimate guide to crowdfunding and if you are interested in bringing faster broadband to your community register here.


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