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B91 Hampton Lane Fibre Project
B91 Hampton Lane Fibre Project joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

There are currently approximately 36 properties situated in a broadband 'black hole', predominantly along Hampton Lane (including Field Lane and Ravenshaw Lane) that currently have no provision for High Speed Fibre Broadband, nor is there any plan to rectify this within the long term future. I have had confirmation that we have been removed from BTs rollout plan and remain in the 5% of the UK with no plan for coverage. This is because the area was deemed a 'commercial area' and would receive funding via an alternate method. Properties to the West of Field Lane, along with Catherine-de-Barnes and Lugtrout Lane are all Fibre enabled via different cabinets. We require cabinet 34 to be Fibre enabled on the corner of Field Lane to make this provision. I have written to MPs with responses from the House of Commons that promise much but deliver nothing so the time has come to take matters into our own hands. The cost of doing this is £20,749 approx £550 per household if everybody pledges!

Hazelmoor Fold Community Broadband
Hazelmoor Fold Community Broadband joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

Since the estate is not on BT's planned rollout of superfast broadband, we investigated some other avenues and there is a project called Community Broadband. BT will fund most of the deployment of fibre, if the community will fund a small portion to meet the gap between the amount BT will provide and the full cost of the project. Initially, almost half the estate responded to a FaceBook poll saying they would be willing to pledge £140 since they want/need faster broadband.. We are asking those people to pledge that amount. Some people who work from home or run a business from home are willing to pledge more, or can claim it on work expenses or put it through their business. We are asking for £300 from those people. We are asking the remainder of the residents, who will benefit from the faster service, to contribute £55. If we can obtain external funding, these values will obviously go down.

Bring Fibre Broadband to Carmont Station
Bring Fibre Broadband to Carmont Station joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

BT Community Broadband Funding will pay 50% of the installation costs if we can provide sufficient funding from the local community. We need to lay nearly 4Kms of trenched and buried Fibre Network and that's going to cost a lot of money. We are in the countryside and close to a Fibre exchange, but like many properties across the UK, we are either too far from or have an Exchange Only Line.

Rose Green fibre upgrade
Rose Green fibre upgrade joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

We have been working with BT Community Fibre to upgrade the cabinet at Rose Green to Fibre. The will be jointly funded by BT Openreach and the community. The cost to the community is £24381 - but 57 households have applied for better broadband vouchers which will bring our shortfall down to £4431.

Redhill Grange North Superfast Broadband
Redhill Grange North Superfast Broadband joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

The 77 homes in Holme Close, Grange Road and Gilbey Close have been suffering with super slow Internet access for too long. This impacts our community in many ways - Our family access to the Internet, watching TV and films online via Netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky Now TV, and our home based small business activities. Lastly, but the most financially impacting is our house prices, with a demonstrated 20% reduction in average house prices with Superfast Broadband availability being a key piece of information on sites such as Right Move and Zoopla. BT Openreach have provided us a subsidised quotation for the installation of Superfast Broadband infrastructure of £11,891. This enables all 77 homes to gain access to Superfast Broadband from any of the normal ISP's we use today (we are not tied in to BT). The aim of this crowd funding campaign is to reach that goal and contract with BT.

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