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Hi Everyone In the new development "The Realm" in Fitzwilliam West Yorkshire, we have between 2-6Mbps Broadband. We are not part of the big BT Openreach fibre rollout (the government plan to fibre 95% of the UK by 2020) because 2Mbps is considered adequate. For people like myself who work from home a lot we rely heavily on the internet. 2Mbps does not cut it for me or, I suspect, many others. It's quite embarrassing when you drop off a Skype conference call or lag so badly no one can understand you, or it takes half hour to upload a document. Not to mention how annoying trying to stream a video is when it buffers every minute New fibre broadband will also be beneficial for: - Education (homework, coursework etc...) - Entrepreneur's - Raising the value of houses in the development Once BT Openreach have completed the project we'll have a new fibre cabinet and all the other service providers we currently have access to will be available with new super fast fibre speeds.

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