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Community Fibre Optic Crumpsall
Community Fibre Optic Crumpsall joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

Our neighbourhood is starting a crowdfunding in order to raise the needed sum proposed by BT Open Reach. New services would benefit over 100+ people thanks to an upgraded cabinet.

Bring fibre broadband to Gladstone Park
Bring fibre broadband to Gladstone Park joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

5% of the UK isn’t covered by any existing fibre broadband rollout plans. That includes 130 households and a nursery school near Gladstone Park, none of whom can get superfast fibre broadband. That's really frustrating, especially since all of the other households around us, even ones on the other side of the street, can all get fibre. Standard broadband just doesn't cut it these days, and for some of us the speeds are so poor that we're being left behind in the technical revolution which is permeating all our everyday lives. The lack of fibre broadband could even be detrimental to the value of our homes, according to research. BT Openreach won't upgrade our street cabinet to fibre, as it's not commercial for them with just 130 households covered, so we're going to enter into a community fibre partnership with them to co-fund the upgrade. The good news is that one of the affected properties is a school, so BT provide a grant for 75% of the cost. We just need to fund the rest.

Superfast Broadband - Torquay Cabinet 45
Superfast Broadband - Torquay Cabinet 45 joined Crowdfunding Fibre2 weeks ago

The area around Torre station in Torquay has a mixture of hotels and private accomodation and existing broadband speeds can sometimes be as low as 1Mbs. Neither Openreach nor CDS (Connecting Devon and Somerset) have any plans to upgrade the cabinet and with their current plans being set until after 2020 this means the cabinet may not be upgraded for many years. With the cabinet enabled for fibre, this speed could be increased to >24Mbps, with most properties achieving >50Mbps. Options for fibre to the premises (FTTP) would see these speeds increase to >300Mbps (at extra cost to individuals). The best option to achieve this is with a community fibre partnership with Openreach. This is where the community works with Openreach to partially fund the upgrade of the cabinet.

Monymusk Community Superfast Broadband
Monymusk Community Superfast Broadband joined Crowdfunding Fibre3 weeks ago

The main objective is to bring superfast broadband to a group of homes in Monymusk, where we are not part of any commercial broadband roll out programme. Through the BT Community Fibre Partnership, the community has the opportunity to fund this scheme and this crowdfunding project is intended to collect the money that is required to complete the scheme.

3 projects started fundraising!1 month ago
Superfast Broadband for Unity Quarter
Superfast Broadband for Unity Quarter joined Crowdfunding Fibre1 month ago

Whilst the majority of Manchester has been upgraded for Superfast internet, Unity Quarter's network infrastructure is lagging behind the standard. It currently manages speeds of 2-5mbps, well below the UK's average of 17mbps. Unity Quarter unfortunately falls into the 5% of the UK that is not covered in national fibre roll-out plans. Despite surrounding properties a stone's throw away being fibre-enabled it has not since been included in any government, Openreach or other ISP's plans for upgrade. After approaching Openreach, a community fibre partnership became an option. I have been quoted a proposal of £4,780 which would contract Openreach to carry out the work to upgrade. It would be completed within 12 months of raising the funds and improve our speeds to more than 50mbps for 228 premises connected to our cabinet (Broughton 35). If we can chip in to reach this amount as a community we will be able to make a difference and all will benefit in the long run!

Superfast Fibre for Glenmill
Superfast Fibre for Glenmill joined Crowdfunding Fibre1 month ago

The idea is to raise the necessary funds to upgrade cabinet 32 to Giffnock exchange to allow the community to have access to fantastic broadband speeds. We will work with Openreach to make this happen as a joint community/openreach venture. Openreach will fund 60% of the project and the community are being asked to contribute £5256.00 to aid in the completion and upgrade.

Dargavel North Broadband
Dargavel North Broadband joined Crowdfunding Fibre1 month ago

Via the BT community fibre project scheme we need to raise the 'gap' in funding that for the provision of fibre broadband for the fibre cabinet for Dargavel North. In return OpenReach will install a fibre cabinet that will bring Next Generation Access to the area. There is no obligation to subscribe to BT after the installation (but, as normal, subscription to a broadband service provider will be necessary). Further information is available on


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