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{{ 'About' | translate }} Crowdfund Rochester


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Crowdfund Rochester is a new crowdfunding initiative for the residents of Rochester to help bring their local projects to life! Whether enhancing high streets, neighbourhoods, or parks, or simply running an event to bring people together, we want to help make it happen. Create your crowdfunding project and let’s make a difference together. Crowdfund Rochester Crowdfund Rochester has been created by the partners at Rochester Riverside (Countryside, Hyde and Medway Council) and has a fund of £50,000 available to support crowdfunding projects in the city with a maximum pledge of £5,000 available per project. Please see the 'Process' tab below for more details on how to get involved. We will also be running a number of crowdfunding workshops events throughout the year. See the News tab above for more information. Home page banner images: IN-SITE Public Art Project images - Maria Coombes Image "Skater Rochester Riverside" - Mike Snarr - www.mikesnarr.com

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