{{ 'About' | translate }} Crowdfund North Somerset

{{ 'About' | translate }} Crowdfund North Somerset

Crowdfund North Somerset is a new initiative to help make North Somerset an even better place in which to live, work, study and visit. By partnering with Spacehive we aim to provide a new and exciting opportunity for businesses, organisations and residents to come together to develop new ideas, channel energy and creativity and ultimately help us to grow the local economy. This crowdfunding initiative is designed to helping people develop special, unusual, creative and innovative projects that are shaped and used by local people. Projects that will create places that are vibrant and thriving; build on the area’s cultural identity; encourage innovation and collaboration, create job opportunities and improve accessibility and connectivity. We want to empower and bring people together to make places better and help grow prosperity We will pledge up to £5,000 towards innovative projects that meet our eligibility criteria. Further details are on our Fund page.

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