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Tinks Radio Live
Tinks Radio Live joined Crowdfund North Somerset11 hrs ago

I am disabled and would like to bring back radio to Weston-super-mare, I run Tinks Radio Live as a hobby to take my mind off my mobility problems I have a large following from the community including celebritits

Grove Park Bug Palace
Grove Park Bug Palace joined Crowdfund North Somerset15 hrs ago

A new Bug Palace is going to be created adjacent to an existing wildlife pond in Grove Park. The development will be a protected biodiversity area for natural wildlife, promoting local interest, local involvement, and local education on wildlife and town parks . The Bug Palace will be the first step in creating a thriving ecosystem. The lower part of the park is a formally laid out Victorian park with a Band Stand, lawns and clipped hedges. The top of the park consists of a couple of ponds, grassy areas and old rockeries. This whole area has been neglected for many years and is in need of regeneration. The plan is to create a more natural environment for wildlife, and for the local community to enjoy. The wildlife will be encouraged into the park and the education of the local community about the different areas of the park will follow, including what they might expect to see. The Bug Palace will be the first step in a thriving ecosystem with new plants surrounding it.

Weekend of Wonders
Weekend of Wonders joined Crowdfund North Somerset4 days ago

2016's Weekend of Wonders brought over 2,000 people into Weston to enjoy a smorgasbord of outdoor performance that left everyone gasping with pleasure. Over 70% of visitors scored the event a perfect 5/5, and nearly half of those attending had come especially for WOW. This year we are back with a real Saturday smasher (29 Sep); a jaw-dropping array of things to see and do, and opportunities aplenty for local people to take part in creative workshops in the run-up. Presented for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike are acts from near and far - Ramshacklicious, Ragroof, Southpaw, Bullzinis, Acrojou, Joan Catala, Mufti Games and more. From high-wire high thrills to ground-based acrobatics, there is plenty to energise... and for those who want to get up and shake their stuff, join a mass dance-off or oom pah pah with the Band at the end of the World. One giant garden party for all the family to enjoy! Call to Action: your pledges will keep this absolutely free!

Liven up the Lake
Liven up the Lake joined Crowdfund North Somerset5 days ago

Provide some facilities for our many less-active lake users, who come to take in the view rather than plunge in the water. The whole lake area is regularly washed by the waves at spring tides, so we will install some solid concrete benches backed into the wall which can withstand this treatment. Concrete and stone can look a bit bleak so we will cheer up the lake surround with 3 lively ceramic murals donated by local artist Nancy Farmer.

Yatton Red Telephone Box restoration
Yatton Red Telephone Box restoration joined Crowdfund North Somerset1 week ago

The telephone box sits outside 'Through the Looking Glass' hairdressers on Yatton High Street. This used to be the Town Post Office and the owner of the hairdressers fought to keep the box after it was decommissioned. Now the box remains empty and is starting to be vandalised. It's time to restore it and make it useful for the community once more.

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