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New Wildlife Pond
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We have a leaking, unused boating pond which we faithfully clean every year and had publicised this facility with appropriate groups, schools etc, but never attracted any boating use. The idea behind the Wildlife Pond is that it will provide the missing link in our habitat offering. Of course the development of this space is beyond our developed basic skill sets of clearing, weeding, planting, maintaining, etc. So we approached and presented our ideas to North Somerset Council, resulting in the agreement for our project to go forward. I can assure you that our Group is here to stay as demonstrated by our successful 6 years to date, and look forward to a successful conclusion.

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Children Create Safer Communities
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<b>Young people can play a key role in making communities safe, welcoming places to live and enjoy. We want their voices to be heard and respected. Most of all we want them to feel safe and be safe. </b> The ‘What Would You Do?’ programme is run by West Country Crimestoppers, Unique Voice and Avon and Somerset Constabulary. We help young people to look at how they can make their community a safer and better place to be in, and to help them make an informed choice when faced with difficult challenges or decisions. Year 5 children of 4 North Somerset schools in Weston-Super-Mare will have the opportunity to work with Social Enterprise Drama company 'Unique Voice'. Creative workshops will allow children to talk openly about their community concerns. A showcase event follows the workshops, with lessons being shared through a performance of drama and film at The Weston Playhouse Theatre.

Blagsaey 2018
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Feb 14 2013, 35 hearts appeared over the centre of the village. Each heart had attached to it a quote about love - some thought provoking, some frivolous. People woke to find they'd been 'heart bombed', speculation as to what was going on started, photos appeared on Facebook/Twitter and people went out wandering round trying to find as many as they could. It made people smile. During 2014 we tried to make people smile using the local environment and creative ideas that amuse and made us reevaluate how we saw our village. All events were for a limited length of time and be removed completely afterwards. 2014 became a year of smiles. And so after a break we thought it was time to make smiles again. The aim, as ever, is to have fun and hopefully lift someone's day with a bit of whimsey.

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19 January 2018
Crowdfund North Somerset launch event 16 January 2018

On a cold January evening we couldn't have been more delighted to welcome nearly fifty residents and local businesses to The Stable  in Weston-super-Mare for the launch of Crowdfund North Somerset. The team were quite taken aback by the number and diversity of projects that included ideas for events and festivals, a community hub, public art, woodland play area and improvements to popular public spaces.

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