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WAC at the Petting Zoo
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Your donations will support two organisations at once - Wac Arts College and Vauxhall City Farm. Wac Arts College is an alternative educational school for disengaged youth. Some of our students also come from rough backgrounds, and between home life and school life, don't really get the chance to just be kids. For a group of our kids who have excelled since joining Wac Arts we want to reward them with a trip to Vauxhall City Farm where we can reserve time for the kids to pet the animals and walk around the farm. The money we raise will go towards paying Vauxhall City Farm to reserve time for our students. We will be able to provide a fun, enjoyable day away from the stress of exams, school, and normal life for one day for our students and Vauxhall City Farm will receive much needed funds to help provide necessities for their animals.

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