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Camden Highline
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Since we announced plans for the Camden Highline, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm for the project! A survey run by the Kentishtowner found 9 out of 10 were 'super excited' by the idea, hundreds of people have pledged their support, and local and national media have covered the project! We’re carrying out this crowdfunding campaign to take the project to the next stage. This means carrying out more detailed pre-development and feasibility work, including understanding the condition of the existing services, structure, signalling. This project needs your help to form its aims and ambitions during the events and workshops the campaign will pay for. We need to show the people that matter, the suits, that this is a project that Camden really wants to make happen, and we can’t do this on our own!

Big Exhibition
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On the 4th of November 2016 we held our first InkBIGS BIG Exhibition at the COB gallery in Camden. The aim behind that was for young unknown artist to come together to network, showcase their talents and kick start their careers as artist. It went well with a lot of the artists going on to continue exhibiting their work elsewhere and gaining great recognition for such work. We are hoping to make the next one bigger and better.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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