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Bring fibre broadband to Gladstone Park
Bring fibre broadband to Gladstone Park joined A Better Brent2 weeks ago

5% of the UK isn’t covered by any existing fibre broadband rollout plans. That includes 130 households and a nursery school near Gladstone Park, none of whom can get superfast fibre broadband. That's really frustrating, especially since all of the other households around us, even ones on the other side of the street, can all get fibre. Standard broadband just doesn't cut it these days, and for some of us the speeds are so poor that we're being left behind in the technical revolution which is permeating all our everyday lives. The lack of fibre broadband could even be detrimental to the value of our homes, according to research. BT Openreach won't upgrade our street cabinet to fibre, as it's not commercial for them with just 130 households covered, so we're going to enter into a community fibre partnership with them to co-fund the upgrade. The good news is that one of the affected properties is a school, so BT provide a grant for 75% of the cost. We just need to fund the rest.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!


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