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SMA3SO NEEDS YOUR HELP!! joined A Better Brent1 week ago

St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra (SMA3SO) is the flagship for St Michael's Youth Project (SMYP). SMYP was established in 1996 and since its humble beginnings, we provide young people, aged 8-25, from the borough of Brent and surrounding boroughs, provisions in musical, educational, recreational and personal development activities, all year round. Since 1996 St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra has grown from an 8 piece youth ensemble to a 70-piece at full capacity. SMA3SO aims to engage young people through music (mainly steelpans) and open doors for disadvantaged young people from a variety of backgrounds, and help tackle the complicated, personal and social problems the community was facing, challenging the negative perception of young people within the community with a positive promotion of self and engaging with the community through community events. Our Steel Orchestra has an eclectic repertoire spanning from Mozart to Stevie Wonder to Lord Kitchener and more.

Love, Peace and Pan
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Through this Steel Pan Programme we aim to: - To raise self esteem and self worth of children and young people providing musical and other activities for children and young people aged 8 to 25 years via our summer programme in order to improve their life chances and better prepare them to recognise opportunities and take advantage of them when they arise. - For all young people we work with to be empowered to achieve their full potential and have the opportunity of fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. -To educate and inspire young musicians through exceptional ensemble training and performance opportunities and get them to a performance standard so they can befriend the local community through community performances to help challenge the negative perception by raising a positive profile of local youth and not only positively promote themselves but promote community cohesion.

Cricklewood Library
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We need to fit out 2,000ft2 of raw space to provide a modern multipurpose library, in an area with no other free facility open to all. The library will have room to host workshops, facilities for homework clubs, craft groups, and activities including ESOL, lifelong learning, dance, music, yoga and skills building, as well as a small cafe. This is a rapidly growing corner of Brent, with a widely diverse population. The library will bring people together, build links, reduce social isolation and give people access to learning, develop skills and work opportunities. This is an opportunity to create a cultural destination, attracting people to the area, promoting access through the cycle quietway, and drawing in people who visit Gladstone Park for sport and leisure. It could revitalise the area, and bring a sense of pride to local people.

Entrepreneurial Arts Project
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The Entrepreneurial Arts Project will provide opportunities for young people to experience T-shirt Design Leather bag and purse making Web Design Latin Dances We aim to support those.. At risk of being excluded from mainstream education Those who have been excluded from mainstream education Young people who have low aspirations and no or low qualifications Those who are at risk of offending or re-offending Those who have a low income Those who have no or limited access to the arts Although we aim to generate our own referrals Limitless Training UK will be working with the following organisations to secure referrals Pupil Referral Units Hostels and Youth Hostels Social Services Youth offending Team Probation Service / CRC Youth Centres and Community Groups Other Third Sector Services Young people can also gain a qualification for completing their arts project however, it will not be essential as some young people wish to take part and learn new skills, socialise for example

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Get Rowing!
Get Rowing! joined A Better Brent1 month ago

Over the last 8 years we have worked in partnership with 80 secondary schools across London and Greater London. In 2016, 9000 young people learnt to row through our programme and 465 grabbed a pair of oars and competed on water! We work in the most disadvantaged communities with young people who have a range of needs; SEND, young people with behavioural issues, obesity and young people with low aspirations/confidence levels. Rowing is great for both girls and boys - to date we have a 50/50 spilt of young people participating in our programme. We have access to 7 Boathouses along the River Thames and offer transport for young people to and from school. Our 15 community coaches work closely with the young people to build skills, confidence and self- belief. After a years' worth of training, young people are invited to compete in the worlds' largest National Indoor Rowing Competition (NJIRC), giving them a great opportunity to shine! Rowing can transform the lives of these young people!

St Raphael's Edible Garden
St Raphael's Edible Garden joined A Better Brent1 month ago

Two years ago, this site was not the most attractive part of Brent. But some local residents have clubbed together to turn this grey eyesore into a green paradise. We already have a wildlife pond, a stunning tipi and wild flower meadows. But no compost! What's more, there is strong scientific evidence to suggest that green spaces are very beneficial for our mental health. This is why St Raphael's Edible Garden is so important. For everybody. It's fast becoming an attractive and peaceful green space, where local people - young and old - can come and get fresh air, fresh company and grow some fresh food. But none of this will happen without soil, and lots of it (15 tonnes to be precise). Also, our old composter bins are themselves decomposing. We need to fix these up and give them a lick of paint, so we can make our own compost!

Syria Summer Camp
Syria Summer Camp joined A Better Brent1 month ago

Newman Catholic College, a secondary school in Brent is already working with local people to help children of Syrian refugees to gain English language and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) skills as part of its mainstream, education work. And for the last 2 years the school and the local community have run a Summer Camp to help these kids achieve more at school - and everyone was impressed at how the supplementary classes helped boost confidence and performance. But we would like to do MORE - we want to run a whole month's worth of Summer Camp in July 2017- and we want to keep on doing this year on year. So we are seeking crowdfunding to make this a reality - and the first step is to seek Spacehive resources to help us run for 4 weeks and to make a video/film of the project to share on social media

Empowering the future
Empowering the future joined A Better Brent1 month ago

I want to empower the community from youth to adults in giving them real business goals and teach them about making a real change. I want them to learn online opportunities as well as offline businesses. I want to change the negative mindset to a mindset of a successful person. It seem like people are happy to keep people to doing sports or music but not actual entrepreneurship and teaching them about real estate and investments . this is the way to empower them all. We need to get everyone a equal chance to succeed. Im not here to plaster up the cuts in the community but im her to teach them how to stay away from sharp objects so not to get cut. I can only do this with help from others that really want to see a change.


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