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About Barnet Together


Created by London Borough of Barnet

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We want to hear your ideas for improving Barnet! Whether enhancing high streets, neighbourhoods, or parks, or simply by bringing people together. Create your crowdfunding project and let’s make a difference together. Barnet Together has a fund of £50,000 available to support crowdfunding projects in the borough. Please see MORE INFORMATION below for details on the fund and the process of getting involved. As part of this programme we will be running a number of events and workshops - see the News tab above for more information. This fund has been created with the support of the London Borough of Barnet, Capita and Re (Regional Enterprise) Ltd.

Our Journey

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Mind the lab your health check up is due
Mind the lab your health check up is due joined Barnet Together3 weeks ago

The current technology or point-of-care testing (POCT) makes it easily available to the masses to do in vivo investigation for blood and urine. By making the POCT equipment available in gyms and fitness centres, pharmacies or even in a small van, it would encourage people to regularly do their health checks and reflect on the time-line of their physical health, mental health and life-style wellbeing. Knowing that that many physical and mental health conditions are associated with vitamin, mineral deficiencies. This way before major health condition arises and the need to seek medical or mental health consultation, we could be saving many people and the NHS unnecessary costs and GP visits. This service could be sponsored by health organisations during different World-Days to raise awarness and reach out to the masses in local communities. So health check-ups and blood tests become not only for sick people but for all, all age groups and communities.

Community Kitchen & Cafe
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Food market: Volunteers prevent food from going to landfill and resdistribute it to the local communities on a donation basis. Cafe: The Cafe makes delicious meals with food we rescue and ensure everyone in the community has a acces to meals, especially vulnerable adult and hungry children. We will create a beautiful garden cafe as an outdoor community space with a herb garden. Our communities have very little or no community outdoor space. Training Academy: Our training rooms alllow the locals to get free courses with potential access to employment, and primary children will receive free tuition.

One Plus Bus
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We love our youth club so we would like to have another evening, we have a new building and think this makes it possible.Youth club gives us something to do after school with our friends, that keeps us safe and means we don't have to hang around on the estate. It's exciting because we learn new things like sewing and dancing and we play pool, table tennis and do arts and crafts. Having a bus would mean that we could go on trips more often to places like the seaside, indoor snowboarding and rock climbing, and allow our friends with disabilities to travel with us safely. It also means that we could take part in local sports tournaments because we would have transport.

An Outdoor Classroom for GROW
An Outdoor Classroom for GROW joined Barnet Together1 month ago

GROW is a life skills education programme that exposes children to nature, teaches them about nutrition and provides a sustainable source of food for schools and the local community. We want to transform our 6 acre field next to the Totteridge Academy into a vibrant working farm. We will grow enough fresh fruit & vegetables to supply the Totteridge Academy canteen, we'll raise farm animals and keep bees, involving children and the community in every stage. We will run weekly sessions with Totteridge students in food growing, nutrition, yoga and more and we now need an indoor space to help us offer the GROW programme to the wider community. We will run health and wellbeing workshops on site like yoga, calisthenics and meditation. These will be open to children and local residents, creating a much needed community resource. Our HQ will create volunteering opportunities, a multipurpose affordable community space and fresh produce for sale in Barnet. Help us make it happen!

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