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New Community Playground for Tarling Rd
New Community Playground for Tarling Rd joined Barnet Together5 days ago

The sensory playground and garden would be an inclusive creative intervention to support the local nurseries, children centres, playgroup activities and voluntary organisations (BarnetMencap) as well as provide an additional resource for families and children particularly with the integration of children with additional needs in a mainstream play setting, encouraging a better understanding and tolerance around the differences in behaviours of children with additional needs. All children would learn, play and share the sensory experience in a safe and nurturing environment. The work-space will provide support/opportunities for parents and/or carers trying to grow a business idea or who simply just need a professional place to work with the provision of childcare. Co-working provides a cheaper more flexible way than renting desk space and the reduced over heads often help a lot of small businesses find their feet, giving businesses the tools to grow.

Automatic parking
Automatic parking joined Barnet Together2 weeks ago

I think the bigest issue about London is the parking street, so if I could rise some money I d like to bring same automatic parking system which save a lot of space like we will be able to park 20 cars on the space for just 1 car, to very crowdy places like zone 2 and 1, if we can make same extra parking spaces that mean more people can aford to park theyrs cars while take a tour of central London

Love Burnt Oak Community Kitchen
Love Burnt Oak Community Kitchen joined Barnet Together2 weeks ago

Love Burnt Oak exists to improve the life chances of the residents of Burnt Oak In association with The 89 year old International Gospel Church located in Burnt Oak has recently partnered with Hope Kitchen to provide London's first "pay what you can" food shop. The project has 2 objectives for Phase 1: 1) To increase local donations from local shops so that food can be sold to those who need it, where the consumer determines the price they can afford to pay. 2) The Church has space within its large building to create a community kitchen/cafe where some of the donated food be cooked/stored and sold on the premises. Phase 2 would focus on the further improving the unused space at the back of the church in order to support phase 1 and potentially reopen Burnt Oak Market with a dedicated pay what you can day.

Teenage Markets come to Barnet
Teenage Markets come to Barnet joined Barnet Together1 month ago

The traditional market operates at times when young people are in education or getting ready for the day. This project will introduce a new market for the post-school, pre-evening time. It will offer stalls for young people wishing to sell and a sound stage for young people wanting to try out their ideas to a live audience. The money raised will buy infrastructure: stalls, staging, amplification, cafe seating and temporary roofing. It will also fund services for the pilot period: site crews to set-up and take-down, cost of extra policing (if necessary) and cleaning. The project is a limited time 12-month pilot, beginning on the Easter weekend at the start of April 2018. At the end of this period the aim is to realise a self-sufficient and expanding new market for the town.

Uplift Salcombe Gardens Shops
Uplift Salcombe Gardens Shops joined Barnet Together1 month ago

We want to replace the shop fronts, providing new signs, awnings and shutters at a consistent height. The paving needs to be cleaned, taken up and reset level in situ. The bollards that are all leaning over should be replaced with some seating and a few trees to enhance the area to encourage more shoppers. It is a precinct with a Newsagent, Sub-Post Office Chemist, Dry-Cleaners, a Convenience Store and possibly the best Fish & Chip shop in North West London, but many local residents would not currently stop there. The area to the left is the subject of a major development of an assisted care home and we are enthusiastic that when built to plans it will enhance the area. 6 new flats are being built to the right hand side of this precinct. The shops will then look even more shabby by contrast with these new developments either side. The changes proposed here will improve the attractiveness of this local shopping amenity for all residents in the immediate vicinity.

Ten Grand Arcade
Ten Grand Arcade joined Barnet Together1 month ago

Ten Grand Arcade is a thriving art gallery, business start-up hub and space for community use which has been set up and managed by the North Finchley Town Team and has been fully functioning since June 2014. Percy Road Park has been refurbished as a community project with the support of the North Finchley Town Team which will be completed in the autumn of 2015. With these and other projects the Town Team aims to harness the energy of community groups, to encourage engagement with other stakeholders and to implement a shared vision. The Town Team aims to expand engagement developing a programme of activity that shapes a positive, inclusive future for North Finchley’s communities building a sense of place that is being celebrated with pride.


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