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CoLabs: Creating a Work Experience Hub
CoLabs: Creating a Work Experience Hub joined Barnet Together1 month ago

The longer you're unemployed, the less likely you are to find a job, with a significant drop after 8 months to roughly 50%. Help us create a physical work experience centre for those who have been in long-term unemployment in the Burnt Oak community. Burnt Oak is almost on every index of deprivation in the Borough of Barnet. We want to make a difference by helping to bridge the skills gap and upskilling the long-term unemployment in Burnt Oak by allowing those long-term unemployed or those with a history of low to medium mental issues to gain the relevant work experience (supported by trainers) in the created space. CoLabs aims to build self-confidence and improve the life chances of this cohort. In so doing, adding social economic results for businesses and moving individuals closer to employment by creating a space for true collaboration in the CReSH. Funding will be used to set up the training space, curriculum development and training expenses.

Inspire women to achieve their dreams.
Inspire women to achieve their dreams. joined Barnet Together1 month ago

Women Inspire Women (WIW) is a not-for-profit organisation, and the brain-child of Jasmine Armstrong, whose desire is to empower women to achieve their dreams It has just opened its first business enterprise "Inspire Hair and Beauty Salon" If you look good, you feel good! There are plenty semi-qualified people, perhaps those who would have liked to have studied their profession further, but for whom the cost of that education was prohibitive. Here there is a double problem: dissatisfied customers, and struggling entrepreneurs. So the goal of this pitch for funding is to enable the salon to employ two qualified trainers, who will provide training events and work alongside trainees, to raise the standards of service and provide opportunities for qualifications, experience and guidance as in due course they set up their own businesses.

Barnet Keep Calm & Sing Jump Jive Night!
Barnet Keep Calm & Sing Jump Jive Night! joined Barnet Together1 month ago

My project offers the opportunity for local folk to come and enjoy a night of live music, song & dance while finding out more about my Keep Calm & Sing Group! This group is about Better Breathing via singing. It is a place where people can experience the positive health benefits of re- learning how to breath 'correctly' via breath work exercises used for singing. There is FUN to be had in the preparation of singing and song performance at workshops which are held every two weeks, with the added aim of bringing people together to promote my Keep Calm & Sing Group at a themed jumpjive event. Participants of the workshops prior to the event, are invited to perform at the event, if they feel happy to. The event and the workshops leading up to the event combine two wonderful art and dance!

Community space at Childs Hill Library
Community space at Childs Hill Library joined Barnet Together1 month ago

Barnet Mencap and Kisharon are two local charities which will run Childs Hill Library for at least 10 years. We have plenty of ideas how we could make the local library a vibrant centre for social, cultural and educational projects. Childs Hill library as well as the surrounding garden, can host a variety of events, workshops, and enterprise projects for every age group. From children to the elderly, everyone will find something to do when they visit. As we are two charity organisations supporting people with learning disabilities in the borough of Barnet, we would like to convey the value of inclusion on to this project. Engaging people in different workshops and work experience opportunities would be beneficial to the whole of the community. We would like to create a space where everyone feels welcome and to achieve it we came up with a number of ideas of how to use these grounds for the benefit of the whole community.

Barnet Park Eats
Barnet Park Eats joined Barnet Together1 month ago

With regeneration going on in Colindale and Burnt Oak, Park Eats aims to bring these new and old communities together to share their love for their area through a pop up food market. It will pop up in three parks in the area, Colindale Park, Montrose Park and Silk Stream Park. These parks require some work to bring them to life and make them a real focal point that the community is proud of. As part of the Colindale Area Action Plan, the Council has plans to improve the landscape of these parks and what better way to support this by adding life to these parks with weekend markets. The food market will have 10-15 stalls that will float between the three parks initially on Saturdays and Sundays. Not only will Park Eats bring the community together, it will primarily support businesses and residents in Barnet through prioritising stalls to current small food businesses in the borough or residents who are looking at setting up food businesses.

North London Aquatics
North London Aquatics joined Barnet Together1 month ago

North London Aquatics are building a deep water pool for diving, water polo, synchro, the community and rehabilitation in North London. We aim to build a pool with a moveable floor so all can benefit.

Barnet's First Multi-Sensory Playground
Barnet's First Multi-Sensory Playground joined Barnet Together1 month ago

On a vacant site off Tarling Road, East Finchley, lies the former Old Barn Community Centre and disused external play area. The proposal aims to transform the dysfunctional outer space into Barnets first sensory playground and garden. It will be accessible to children with different levels of ability, and will be a special feature of the Barnet local offer, supporting local nurseries, playgroups and voluntary organisations and families. Consultations in the area have consistently shown a need for play facilities and green space. The site also falls in a Big Local area, meaning it has been identified as an area of need, with a notable proportion of people who are socio-economically deprived. <b>Plans for the redevelopment are still being finalised, meaning that the final space available for the park is still under discussion and this impacts on the equipment that can be installed. We have built in contingency to ensure we can deliver the playground in the final space available.</b>

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