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Natural hair has been something that has been very hard to embrace growing up within the UK. The media and other influences within society have always portrayed beautiful females as having long luscious silky hair, but seem to have left out those with other types of textured hair. Growing up with Afro textured hair, there never seemed to be much choice in stores on products suitable for my particular hair type. Currently there has been a shift of views towards natural hair, and many people seem to be embracing their natural texture. However I would love to be able to support the many people out there who are struggling to embrace the way they look. I plan on finding a suitable space for these workshops within the Barnet area. A possible location is Subud Centre Barnet. I plan on involving influential people from the local area e.g. business owners as well people from my university, to share their life experiences on how they managed to reach their goals and find self-confidence.

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Hollickwood's Happy Hedge Muswell Hill
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A rather unattractive, imposing hedge greets staff, pupils and visitors on their way in, and the other green spaces on the premises are not very child-friendly. We want to do something about that. We've just received a glowing report from Ofsted - the school is ‘Good’ in all areas. But many of its strengths are hidden: great things go on behind the scenes, such as gardening and beekeeping. We want to raise funds to capitalise on these strengths, open the school up to the local community, and improve the lives of pupils and local residents. If we manage to secure funding we will transform the unloved hedge using children's drawings to inspire the design. Wheelbarrows and other equipment will be acquired for the gardening club to help improve our other green spaces. We plan to involve the children as much as we can so that they get a real sense of achievement from their work, learn some useful lessons along the way and feel increased pride in their school and community.

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The disability and mental health sport provision is an initiative set-up by Manisha Tailor MBE who has been a carer for her twin brother for 19 years. He was diagnosed with mental illness as a result of severe bullying at school and the severity of his needs means he requires 1:1 care. This free provision allows adults like her brother who require care from within the local area, to come together and enjoy sport in a safe place where they can simply be themselves and support their local football club once a week. Additionally, with the funding, we will be able to use indoor space during cold weather. It is designed to promote an active, healthy and an independent lifestyle for adults suffering from mental illness and disability. This provision can be a support mechanism for those suffering and your donations will help with this.

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