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2 weeks ago
07 September 2017
Crowdfunding and other LifeSkills with Barclays

LifeSkills with Barclays offers £500 to young people looking to learn and develop skills through the process of running a crowdfunding campaign. In the last twelve months Barclays have pledged to 17 different projects run by young people between the age of 16-25.

These projects ranged from film festivals and sports camps to mobile gardening units and community cafés but even more varied than the projects were the skills these switched on young people acquired and where these campaigns took them next.

Discover some of the project creators supported by Lifeskills with Barclays and the skills they developed here.

Creating the Shine Cafe, Turnpike Lane
Creating the Shine Cafe, Turnpike Lane joined LifeSkills created with Barclays1 month ago

We want to open up The Shine Enterprise Centre in the heart of Haringey to create the Shine Cafe – a social enterprise which will help train local people who are experiencing difficulties with homelessness, drugs, alcohol and mental health in the art of coffee-making. This will enable them to find employment in the hospitality industry, building skills and confidence, as well as providing a social hub in the form of a coffee shop for the local community. With your support we will transform the front of the centre into a high street coffee shop and training centre. We have identified our first trainee who will be trained at our partner roastery before beginning work in the cafe – with the aim of then hosting regular, accessible courses for future cohorts. The cafe will be operated as a social enterprise reinvesting profits back into the business and the community and ensuring a sustainable source of training and employment in Haringey with the added bonus of amazing coffee.

Cricklewood Library
Cricklewood Library joined LifeSkills created with Barclays1 month ago

We need to fit out 2,000ft2 of raw space to provide a modern multipurpose library, in an area with no other free facility open to all. The library will have room to host workshops, facilities for homework clubs, craft groups, and activities including ESOL, lifelong learning, dance, music, yoga and skills building, as well as a small cafe. This is a rapidly growing corner of Brent, with a widely diverse population. The library will bring people together, build links, reduce social isolation and give people access to learning, develop skills and work opportunities. This is an opportunity to create a cultural destination, attracting people to the area, promoting access through the cycle quietway, and drawing in people who visit Gladstone Park for sport and leisure. It could revitalise the area, and bring a sense of pride to local people.

Crystal Palace Library of Things
Crystal Palace Library of Things joined LifeSkills created with Barclays1 month ago

Like many people we often buy things that we use just that once and then pack away or see things in the shop that we desperately need but cannot afford to buy. In partnership with the local Transition Town, we are creating a Library of Things in our vibrant library space in Crystal Palace. All the 'thing's in the hub will be owned by the Library hub but offered at low cost to people who want to borrow them when they need it. We want to inspire and support people in our community to spend less, waste less and share more. The Crystal Palace Library of Things will help our community to build a powerful sharing economy and will facilitate knowledge and skills sharing. It will also create an opportunity for local residents to connect and network with others from this richly diverse community.

Tottenham's Café Connect
Tottenham's Café Connect joined LifeSkills created with Barclays1 month ago

The bowling club will be redecorated, retaining heritage and memorabilia, to create a flexible multi-purpose activity space. The external green will be brought back into safe use and turned into a space for the community to learn and share skills through a range of activities. We will create a safe place for people of all ages, abilities and cultures to share ideas and aspirations, be up-skilled and active, and engage positively in their neighbourhood. We have already received commitment from the community wanting to use Café Connect, offering support and donations of equipment to help us get started.

It's a Nook Out!
It's a Nook Out! joined LifeSkills created with Barclays1 month ago

Last year we ran our first "Its a Nook Out" day. Teams of local Residents challenged each other over a variety of Inflatable Obstacles, playing old fashioned games like Human Hungry Hippos and Dear Liza while entertaining the crowds with water fights and cheeky challenges. We provided refreshments, stalls and family activities. Our main purpose was to raise money for our chosen charity "Keenan's Fund" (a small charity established to purchase a holiday home for families to use, who have children with life limiting diseases). This year we want to do the same again, providing an action packed family fun day for our community and raise even more money for our chosen charity.

SWS Tag Archery
SWS Tag Archery joined LifeSkills created with Barclays1 month ago

Our SWS Tag Archery arrows have a large soft foam, the arrow offers the same flight characteristics of a standard arrow yet is much safer. This allows us to shoot arrows virtually anywhere. With the large foam tip kids can now shoot our pop out targets, take aim at opponents or just slam-dunk basketball style. Additionally, it is a great way to get kids involved with archery as well as providing a fun activity that enhances eye-hand coordination, increases upper body strength, and helps to develop self-discipline. We will gift any donations of + £10 and more a free taster session and anyone pledging more than £100 can bring 4 family or friends as well.

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