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'Measure My Leisure' in Valentines Park

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'Measure My Leisure' in Valentines Park

'Measure My Leisure' in Valentines Park

Lori Barker By Lori Barker

An easily accessible, enjoyable and accountable way for all Redbridge residents to measure their physical activity, whilst disconnecting from the digital world and reconnecting with nature.

Ilford Idea stage

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"VALENTINES PARK SAVED MY LIFE!" A bold statement from creator, Lozza, who in 2018 was diagnosed with stage II bowel cancer at the age of 34. Lozza underwent 7 rounds of chemotherapy post-surgery and has no doubt that her daily, hour-long walks through the park during treatment and beyond played a pivotal role in rebuilding her physical strength and maintaining her mental health. The park became her refuge and lifeline for a second time during the pandemic, when Lozza and her family found themselves shielding. Measure My Leisure aims to encourage physical activity by taking the work out of working out! It uses a system of strategically placed signposts to map out distance travelled and average number of steps taken for 3 predetermined routes throughout the park. Traffic light colour coding will help park users to identify routes and to choose one that matches their desired intensity - easy, moderate or difficult. Whether they choose to walk, jog or run, it's all fun!

What we'll deliver:

  • Eco-friendly park signposting in line with existing natural characteristics
  • Predetermined routes of varying distances/ difficulty complete with step counts
  • Information board with route guides, basic pre and post exercise guidelines, benefits of outdoor physical activity.
  • Opportunities to support and involve local community groups

Why it's a great idea:

Measure My Leisure is a free, easy and enjoyable way to encourage independent physical activity for health and wellbeing within the community in a beautiful and relaxing environment. Whether you choose to walk solo, with a social group, take a romantic stroll with a loved one or are on a play date with the kids, it's the perfect way to achieve your weekly physical activity targets without even realising. Taking the baby or the dogs out for a walk? Cutting through the park on your lunch break? Why not hop on one of the colour-coded routes and see exactly how many steps you've clocked up without having to check your mobile phone? At a time where technology consumes most of our waking hours, Measure My Leisure allows for a disconnect from the digital world and provides space for users to be present in the moment - to immerse themselves in the natural beauty found in a park as vast and as majestic as Valentines, with its incredible plant biodiversity and wildlife - whilst exercising.

Steps to get it done:

This project champions community engagement at all levels and is keen on exploring ways to facilitate this. For example, contracting a local charity that works to provide employment and training opportunities to marginalised youth groups or those experiencing mental health challenges, to supply recycled wood at low cost or engaging local schools in Redbridge to get Design & Technology students involved in the carving and detailing of the wooden signposts - for them to have a direct role in creating something visible and valuable for their community. This could be organised as an outreach activity to be carried out over the summer holidays. As a newly qualified Exercise Rehabilitation Practitioner for people with cancer and as a cancer survivor herself, organiser Lozza recognises the importance of community support and the incredible achievements that can be made when different organisations are united in achieving a common goal - one which benefits everyone in the community.


Location Ilford

About the space

Valentines Park


How will the money be spent?Total £888

50 recycled wooden logs - £300 (34%)
Eco friendly primer - £139 (16%)
Eco friendly paint - £98 (11%)
Post hole diggers - £94 (11%)
Printing costs - leaflets/ flyers; outdoor info board posters - £69 (8%)
Spade shovels - £42 (5%)
Shovels - £40 (5%)
Tarpaulin - £19 (2%)
Paintbrushes - £16 (2%)
Dirt & gravel - £0 (0%)
Other - £70 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

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50 recycled wooden logs
Eco friendly primer
Eco friendly paint
Post hole diggers
Printing costs - leaflets/ flyers; outdoor info board posters
Spade shovels
Dirt & gravel
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction fees
  • VAT
  • Labour costs
  • Permit/ licence
  • Graphic design - leaflets/ flyers; information poster for outdoor noticeboard


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Donation to local partner charities/ organisations

Total £888

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