Making Space Camden

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Making Space Camden

Fitzrovia Noir CIC By Fitzrovia Noir CIC

A fully inclusive arts venture that presents the residents of Camden with the chance to engage and benefit from a programme of events, with the area's rich history at its core and gaining new skills.

Fitzrovia Idea stage

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At the heart of our project is to create a worthwhile resource that benefits and enriches the area and its people. 'Making Space Camden' will encourage the community to engage with and contribute to the project’s success. This will be achieved through events, exhibitions, workshops, discussion, work experience and Outreach to local groups, schools and organisations by : Working in Fitzrovia within the Borough of Camden, an area with a rich history of the arts, fashion and advertising. Becoming part of the rejuvenation and evolution of the area encouraging growth socially and economically by increasing visitors to come and explore the cultural and retail opportunities offered by the area. Stimulating a reassessing of what a gallery space can do to invigorate the high street, create an inclusive environment and most importantly allow residents a leading role in the projects output. Honouring the area's history and preserving the voices of the community for future generations.

What we'll deliver:

  • MAKING SPACE CAMDEN: An arts venture unlike any other
  • ART ON THE WALLS: Curated shows using the area’s history, referencing the clothing trade, the arts and publishing.
  • MAKE DO/MAKE BETTER: Professionally hosted recycle and upgrade workshops to reinvigorate unwanted goods and clothing.
  • A LEARNING EXPERIENCE: With opportunities at each stage of the project to learn a new skill or polish up on an old one.
  • LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: A regular gathering with opportunities to attend open discussions and professionally hosted talks.
  • I COULD DO THAT: Art classes with a professional artist reacting to work on display onsite and online.
  • STRETCH IT OUT: Wellbeing based free Yoga classes online and onsite
  • MAKING A SHOW OF IT: An artist will be commissioned to create a short film about the area
  • LOOK WHAT WE DID: An online archive recording every stage of the project and the community’s contributions.

Why it's a great idea:

The wide spectrum of residents, workers and visitors to the space will contribute to the area's evolution and the creation of a overview of the area now by : Creating an environment of learning and participation to facilitate a sense of community, learning of new skills, reconnecting people to each other in an wide-ranging inclusive collaboration. Promoting wellbeing though activity-based visitor relationships, offering opportunities to interact with the venues exhibitions and other visitors, stimulating a revaluation of cultural and social aesthetics in an original way. Advancing creative learning and opportunities for the public, by making an atmosphere of sharing and partnership. Visitors can become active participants interacting with the art on display through debate and creative practice. Adding a new dimension to the experience with opportunities to learn and receive advice directly from professionals. In addition options to work at the space and gain valuable experience.

Steps to get it done:

  • Setting up of Making Space Camden
  • Commissioning of artists
  • Building our team of volunteers
  • Training of volunteers
  • Creation of paid roles
  • Launch our series of workshops
  • Launch our series of talks and walks
  • Launch our series of classes
  • Launch our series of exhibitions
  • Pairing of professionals and interested parties
  • Documenting of the project
  • Growing the project

The Borough of Camden is close to our hearts, Fitzrovia is not only in our name (Fitzrovia Noir CIC) but has deep connections with all three of our founders : Lucy Williams was born there, in the Middlesex Hospital, where we did our first Outreach in 2008, with former staff and patients; Graham Carrick lived opposite the hospital and worked locally; Garry Hunter had photographic studios here in the 90s/00s and still lives in the neighbourhood. Having all lived and worked in the area, we are all aware of the very special community in this unique neighbourhood and we will honour and champion this when fulfilling this project.

Location Fitzrovia

About the space



London Borough of Camden

How will the money be spent?Total £40,509

Venues costs 6 months - £9,000 (22%)
Project Management Costs - £7,000 (17%)
Commissioned Artists fees - £7,000 (17%)
Making workshops/classes/walks/talks - £5,500 (14%)
Staffing - £5,000 (12%)
Project planning and recruitment 10 days x £250 - £2,500 (6%)
Fit out - £1,000 (2%)
Marketing publicity - £500 (1%)
Other - £3,009 (7%)

Costs Breakdown

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Venues costs 6 months
Project Management Costs
Commissioned Artists fees
Making workshops/classes/walks/talks
Project planning and recruitment 10 days x £250
Fit out
Marketing publicity
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction fees
  • VAT

Total £40,509

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