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Do what you love with people you like.

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Do what you love with people you like.

Ivaylo Mitev By Ivaylo Mitev

Find people on your wavelength who you share ideas with and start doing all those things you always wanted to do together. Make friends with people who think like you and dream the same dream as you.

Lewisham Idea stage

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It is a web site which allow people to share and explore their passion with local or remote people who happen to dream the same dream. It is a place where you can meet local people who are similar to you and share your points of view towards the world and are interested in getting together with you or a group of people to start working toward implementing ideas and lifestyle. It can be used for any group formation - local workshop, sport clubs, study groups on any subject, any kind of business, mum's run kindergarten etc. The web site offers tools to communicate and project manage an idea, share and buildup a knowledge base. It is focused on creating local communities of people with shared interests who want to explore those interests further, create a business and or expand their knowledge, have friends who share their interests, create local social structures to help each other locally like shared daycare for children, a shared car pool usage, shared tools banks, shared farming land

What we'll deliver:

  • Host, support and promote the existence of the site.
  • Create a website to promote togetherness.
  • Offer this site to the public so people will have space to form local communities of their own choise.

Why it's a great idea:

It is a great idea because it unites the local people. It will promote friendship and togetherness. Will help to form local communities. Might help people start their own businesses doing what they love rather than selling their lives away to corporations. It will promote knowledge building and education. Might create pockets of knowledge on subjects where people share practical knowledge and can turn to each other with questions. It might help people explore hobbies which are otherwise too expensive or time consuming to get into. It might help people explore and build ideas they had for a long time but never had the time and money to do. Enough number of dedicated people can achieve anything if they share the same goal and dream. And our dreams are not unique. There is alway someone else out there who think the same and dreams the same dream. This web site is looking to increase the chances of the next McCarney to meet the next Lennon. aLOne NO MOre - LONOMO - Puts people together.

Steps to get it done:

  • Be open to new ideas from the team of developers and the community.
  • Continue to revise the needs of the users and improve the website
  • Host and promote it
  • Develop the website with developers.

Location Lewisham

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