Life in Limehouse

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Life in Limehouse

Life in Limehouse

Limehouse Community Forum with Canal's & River Trust By Limehouse Community Forum with Canal's & River Trust

Life in Limehouse is a project to breath life into Limehouse Basin. We want Limehouse to be a shared urban ecosystem where all life flourishes; Humanlife, Plantlife and Wildlife

Tower Hamlets Idea stage

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Limehouse Basin was once London’s principle gateway and meeting point between The Thames and London’s canal network. Today Limehouse Basin is a calm and tranquil place referred to by locals as a hidden gem but is somewhat lacking the social dynamism it once had. We want to reignite the history of Limehouse Basin as a vibrant meeting point for the diverse communities that have settled around the waterside by providing the infrastructure that will support a flourishing urban ecosystem of humanlife, plantlife and wildlife. Bring Life to Limehouse by supporting this campaign.

What we'll deliver:

  • Wildlife: Plant 24 reed beds to support the wildlife of the basin
  • Wildlife: Provide wildlife education signage to ensure the public is informed of local wildlife
  • Plantlife: Consult the public to develop the island as a green oasis for the Basin.
  • Humanlife: Design & build tables & chairs for shared community use and the market - used for The Limehouse Lunches
  • Humanlife: Provide stalls, gazebo and support for emerging entrepreneurs from the wider Limehouse area
  • Humanlife: Events alongisde the market for local people to build a stronger network to share ideas and get things done
  • Humanlife: Support local enterprise by providing three stalls at low or free rent for Made in Limehouse produce

Why it's a great idea:

Limehouse Basin is an iconic waterside public space, an oasis of tranquility from the surrounding busy traffic providing an opportune space for a flourishing urban ecosystem. This project will enhance the use of the space providing opportunity for the community to come together to protect local wildlife habitats and plantlife by creating a greener environment that supports local wellbeing. Working collectively, we will create a shared sustainable locally owned future.

Steps to get it done:

  • August: Purchase of stalls and gazebos for new food traders
  • August: Limehouse Social Market with new traders and early stage consultation on The island
  • August: Public Evaluation undertaken at Market for island as green oasis & market furniture
  • Sept: Workshops with Thames 21 re replanting reedbeds
  • Sept: Concept design for island & market furniture presented at The Limehouse Social market
  • Sept: Market furniture manufactured & installed
  • October: Reed beds installed and planting agreed (Spring '17)
  • October: Limehouse Social market
  • October: Island design defined & agreed - budget exercise
  • November: Fencing for Island installed
  • November: Phase 1 island works - all hardworks and planting beds prepared for Spring planting
  • December: Limehouse Social Christmas market - Community feast - The Limehouse Lunch
  • February : Island & Reed bed planting
  • October: Wildlife: Interpretation design
  • August: project signage - signage & flags

Human life Support local enterprise with three permanent stalls at low or free rent for Made in Limehouse produce. Community tables and chairs for market use but also community use on non-market days. We propose hosting Limehouse lunch once a month that celebrate local cuisine. Wildlife There is a diverse wildlife habitat in and around the Basin that include Swans, Ducks, Coots, Moorhens, Cormorants and Geese. However their habit is dwindling with a lack of densely planted habitats. We propose to repair and replant the damaged reed beds and double the planted habitats around the island base. Plantlife The green Island that juts out into the Basin is an opportunity for a green oasis among the dense hardscape of the Basin. We propose a greening initiative to plant up this island to further support wildlife but also create a tranquil habitat for humanlife. We propose to use the 3 month campaign to develop and consult on a design for this unique urban space.

Location Tower Hamlets

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About the space

Limehouse Basin


London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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How will the money be spent?Total £52,675

Plantlife : Green oasis funds - design developed in consultation this summer - £10,500 (20%)
Plantlife: Island fencing - £6,000 (11%)
Project management - £5,000 (9%)
Plantlife - island planting & design - £4,400 (8%)
Wildlife: New reed beds around Island - £4,000 (8%)
Humanlife: Seating & storage box with design - £3,824 (7%)
Island design & management - £3,150 (6%)
Consultation events : Limehouse feast & planting - £2,950 (6%)
Wildlife: Reinstate existing reedbeds - £1,500 (3%)
Wildlife: Educational signage - £1,500 (3%)
Other - £9,851 (19%)

Costs Breakdown

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Plantlife : Green oasis funds - design developed in consultation this summer
Plantlife: Island fencing
Project management
Plantlife - island planting & design
Wildlife: New reed beds around Island
Humanlife: Seating & storage box with design
Island design & management
Consultation events : Limehouse feast & planting
Wildlife: Reinstate existing reedbeds
Wildlife: Educational signage
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Humanlife: 4 x Market gazebos - Made in Limehouse stalls
  • Humanlife: Market tables and trestles
  • Wildlife: Interpretation design
  • Humanlife: Limehouse flags
  • VAT
  • Humanlife: market tools
  • Humanlife: Market signage

Total £52,675

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