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Lewisham Community Chorus

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Lewisham Community Chorus

Lewisham Community Chorus

Teatro Vivo By Teatro Vivo

We'd like to create three community theatre groups (one in Evelyn Ward, one in Downham and one in Forest Hill) - providing workshops for two years and free performances for each of the areas.

Lewisham Idea stage

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We want to create a revolutionary way of developing high quality professional work: Commissioned by the local community and enabling engagement from idea to completion. This project would take three stages: • Develop and sustain regular work with groups in our local community • Create commissioning panels made up of community members of these groups – including consultation with the wider community • Develop full scale professional productions with and for the local communities. Firstly we’d like to hold regular sessions in three Lewisham wards (Evelyn, Forest Hill and Downham) for community participants to attend. Each area would have fortnightly theatre workshops led by a professional theatre maker, as well as a free outdoor arts event for locals to attend in each area. After 4 months of this work we would establish a commissioning group within each ward – these would be members of an ongoing community chorus who would help develop and shape future projects.

What we'll deliver:

  • 22 theatre workshops for 3 local communities (that's 66 altogether)
  • 3 free performances (one in each area)
  • Creating a community forum who will commission shows

Why it's a great idea:

For people who are already disadvantaged by income and educational opportunity, the arts are often considered to be ‘not for me’. We seek to challenge this perception, because the arts can bring joy, broaden horizons, help build social networks, and support broader educational outcomes. We believe that great art is for everyone and that if cultural capital is kept by the few, then the majority becomes dispossessed. We know that our work in Lewisham can have a long-term impact in the lives of our community participants: “Working with Teatro Vivo and community chorus colleagues has improved my self confidence, my self esteem, my speaking voice and I feel a small part of a group that is seeking to achieve something I have long wished for. I’m humbled for what they have done for me and I’m proud and delighted to see what they’re doing for the community” Community participant, Hunters Grimm 2018

Steps to get it done:

  • 02/08/2021 Funding confirmed
  • 03/08/2021 Budgetting meeting
  • 09/08/2021 Engage Community Facilitators
  • 16/08/2021 contract community facilitarors
  • 23/08/2021 Session planning
  • 16/08/2021 contact and invite regular community participants
  • 16/08/2021 create socail media/newsletter marketing for community participants
  • 16/08/2021 Book venues for workshops
  • 16/08/2021 Design flyers for community participants
  • 23/08/2021 print flyers for community participants
  • 16/08/2021 Book usherettes to promote community workshops
  • 28/08/2021 usherette sessions to promote community workshops
  • 23/08/2021 Evaluation sheets created for community workshops
  • 01/09/2021 Community sessions commence
  • 01/09/2022 mid point Evaluation of community sessions
  • 02/08/2023 End evaluation of community sessions
  • 09/08/2021 engage producer for live events
  • 16/08/2021 contract producer
  • 06/09/2021 events planned/structured and written
  • 13/09/2021 venues confirmed for free live events
  • 20/09/2021 venues contracted for free live events
  • 13/09/2021 performers engaged for free live events
  • 20/09/2021 performers contracted
  • 13/09/2021 marketing designed for free live events
  • 27/09/2021 marketing printed for free live events
  • 27/09/2021 social media marketing for free live events
  • 20/09/2021 e-newsletter out 1
  • 04/10/2021 e-newsletter out 2
  • 01/11/2021 e-newsletter out 3
  • 18/10/2021 usherettes booked to promote live events
  • 15/11/2021 usherette sessions to promote live events
  • 22/11/2021 usherette reports written
  • 01/11/21 stage manager engaged for live events
  • 08/11/2021 stage manager contracted for live events
  • 15/11/2021 costumes/props together for live events
  • 22/11/2021 events rehearsed
  • 27/11/2021 event 1 - Evelyn Ward
  • 28/11/2021 event 2 - Forest Hill
  • 04/12/2021 event 3 - Beckenham
  • 06/11/2021 evaluation of events
  • 04/04/2022 Set-up commissioning group
  • 11/04/2022 invites to commissioning group
  • 02/05/2022 commissioning group meetings start
  • 08/08/2022 initial commissioning group show ideas developed
  • 17/10/2022 start fundraising for commisioning group shows.


Location Lewisham

About the space



London Borough of Lewisham

How will the money be spent?Total £54,364

usherette sessions - £14,850 (27%)
venue hire - £6,600 (12%)
Community chorus facilitator/manager (2 days per week) - £6,600 (12%)
Professional performers/artist/musician fee for free events - £3,300 (6%)
Producer/administrator (one day a week) for project - £3,300 (6%)
materials/experts to attend - £3,300 (6%)
contingency - £2,255 (4%)
Contingency - £2,255 (4%)
Producer costs for set up of project - £2,200 (4%)
photographer - £1,500 (3%)
Other - £8,204 (15%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

usherette sessions
venue hire
Community chorus facilitator/manager (2 days per week)
Professional performers/artist/musician fee for free events
Producer/administrator (one day a week) for project
materials/experts to attend
Producer costs for set up of project
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Marketing design
  • Directors interviewing community chorus managers, meeting with partners and developing programme
  • video and evaluation pack creation
  • VAT
  • marketing print


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Extend the sessions for longer
  • Fund the shows that the community develop

Total £54,364

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