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Carving Out Your Plan! Legal Aid

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Carving Out Your Plan! Legal Aid

Carving Out Your Plan! Legal Aid

Abiodun Kudirat Adesanya By Abiodun Kudirat Adesanya

A legal advice drop-in clinic for those who are victims of domestic abuse and youth violence/gangs. It is intended to bring our community closer all whilst establishing every individual's rights.

Romford Idea stage

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The main campaign project is to highlight the issues of domestic abuse facing women within our community and knife crime among youths all whilst trying to improve our understanding of these problems and difficulties by getting involved in tackling these problems. We hope to enthuse local authorities, community groups, and parents so that we can come together to find an impacting solution to these pressing issues in the community. The campaign ‘Carving Out your life plan’ can denote both parties that we want to create community awareness for both domestic abuse and youth gangs so the individuals may feel a sense of security within our community. By creating awareness for our local communities and awareness for local campaigners we shall make it evident to the public that there is an alternative path for these people, who may feel isolated, by giving a voice to these individuals and help when needed. Legal professionals will be engaged and involved, increasing that sense of security.

What we'll deliver:

  • We need to find out in what way we can assist.
  • The participation of external charities and legal law firms in the community.
  • Access to legal advice, human rights and justice

Why it's a great idea:

Local groups are being created to help tackle these problems but they are alone and isolated. Creating a campaign to help bring them together. Therefore, we must deal with it as a community as this will enable and exemplify the growing partnerships amongst our communities. Not only will it focus on the youth and women, but by joining the different groups it will bring these two categories together, therefore strengthening relationships. These relationships will carry the fuel and heart of this project as it would encourage the creation of meetings, focus groups, community groups, coordination between as many parties as possible. This campaign will attempt to dissuade younger people out of knife crime and keep them engaged by being a positive contributor to their lives. As for women, it will provide an alternative role that can not only empower them but assist them with achieving their goal by assisting and supporting them with the help they require . All whilst providing legal aid.

Steps to get it done:

  • Get the volunteers
  • Contact the local Law firms and charities
  • Marketing (social media)
  • Contacting the council, local MP's, library, local mayor and councillors

We will deliver an awareness campaign that focuses on knife crime within the youth community and domestic abuse within the home. We understand great efforts by the government have been made in trying to tackle both problems but at a grassroots level we feel our areas have been neglected. Letting authorize know they are not alone, that the community can help, but we need to find out in what way we can assist.


Location Romford

About the space

South Street, Romford.


London Borough of Havering

How will the money be spent?Total £116,608

Qualified Lawyer(Full-Time) depending on their area of speciality - £35,000 (30%)
Project Delivery Manager - £35,000 (30%)
Apprenticeships - £17,971 (15%)
General Expenses - £6,120 (5%)
Overhead costs (e.g- rent, insurance, admin) - £4,800 (4%)
Staff Trainings - £3,600 (3%)
IT Resources - £2,880 (2%)
Other - £11,237 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Qualified Lawyer(Full-Time) depending on their area of speciality
Project Delivery Manager
General Expenses
Overhead costs (e.g- rent, insurance, admin)
Staff Trainings
IT Resources
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  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £116,608

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