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Lancashire in Mono

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Lancashire in Mono

Lancashire in Mono

Ajaz Qureshi By Ajaz Qureshi

Lancashire in Mono exhibition: Local artists showcase 10 photos & poems to celebrate local landscapes/monuments of cultural importance. Engages community, attracts visitors, supports local culture.

Burnley Delivery stage

pledged of £4,630

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"Lancashire in Mono" is a multidisciplinary exhibition by local artists Ajaz Qureshi and David McCulloch. It showcases 10 carefully curated photographs and accompanying poems that capture the essence of the local area (The canals, bridges, Singing Ringing Tree, the Atom etc.). The artworks will be printed on canvases and displayed in various locations throughout Burnley Town Centre, creating an immersive visual and literary experience. The exhibition aims to enrich the cultural landscape, foster community pride, attract visitors, and support local businesses. There is also potential to place plaques on Leeds and Liverpool Canal. By partnering with the Town Centre Management Team, the project seeks to establish a collaborative relationship that promotes art and culture in the area, while engaging residents and cultivating a vibrant arts community. The proposal requests consideration and support to bring this innovative display of visual art and poetry to Burnley Town Centre.

What we'll deliver:

  • A captivating exhibition featuring 10 visually stunning photographs and accompanying poems
  • Carefully curated artworks that showcase the essence of the local area
  • Celebration of the beauty and cultural significance of Lancashire
  • Engaging visual and literary experience for visitors and residents alike
  • Immersive display in various locations throughout Burnley Town Centre
  • Pamphlet of works to be printed and disseminated to local people
  • Placement of plaques along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Why it's a great idea:

Cultural Enrichment: The exhibition celebrates the local area through photographs and poems, showcasing local beauty and cultural importance. It fosters a sense of pride and appreciation among residents, encouraging a deeper connection to their surroundings. Community Engagement: The visually captivating artwork acts as a draw for visitors, enhancing footfall in Burnley Town Centre. This increased visitor presence supports local businesses and champions Burnley as a place, a culture centre for all who live and pass through. Collaboration: By partnering with the Town Centre Management Team, the project establishes a mutually beneficial relationship. It promotes art and culture in the area, aligning with the town's cultural strategy. Community Involvement: The exhibition provides an opportunity for residents to engage with local artists, cultivating the developing arts scene in Burnley. It encourages interaction, dialogue, and collaboration between artists and residents.

Steps to get it done:

  • Securing Collaborative Partnerships: Ajaz Qureshi / David Mculloch / BLC
  • Artwork Creation and Curation: 10 Photographs and Poems
  • Display Setup and Installation: Shop window Displays
  • Exhibition Launch and Promotion: Advertising in Burnley centre
  • Duration of Exhibition: 1 month

Capturing the essence of places and cultures of Lancashire through creative practice. The exhibition not only provides a platform for collaborative innovation (between artists Ajaz Qureshi and David McCulloch)but also fosters artistic expression that celebrates the diversity and specific beauty of our Lancashire surroundings Interactive Elements: The exhibition can incorporate interactive elements to further engage visitors. For example, QR codes can provide additional information about the artworks, allowing viewers to delve deeper into the stories behind the photographs and poems. Further Opportunities: The exhibition can be accompanied by artist talks and performances. These initiatives provide opportunities for the local communities and aspiring artists to network, fostering creativity, knowledge sharing, and skill development. Extended Duration: Consideration can be given to the duration of the exhibition. Extending the display period allows for a wider audience to experience.

Location Burnley

About the space

Custom Location


Lancashire County Council

How will the money be spent?Total £4,630

Artist Fees and Time: - £800 (17%)
Studio Space - £500 (11%)
Window display front - £500 (11%)
Printing and Framing: - £500 (11%)
Venue Rental or Display Setup: - £400 (9%)
Promotion and Marketing: - £400 (9%)
Launch Event Expenses: - £400 (9%)
Volunteer Support: - £263 (6%)
Promotional Support: - £200 (4%)
Insurance: - £200 (4%)
Other - £467 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Artist Fees and Time:
Studio Space
Window display front
Printing and Framing:
Venue Rental or Display Setup:
Promotion and Marketing:
Launch Event Expenses:
Volunteer Support:
Promotional Support:
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  • Documentation and Cataloguing:
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction fees
  • VAT


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Contingency for the project to protect against price fluctuation

Total £4,630

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