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Kingsgate Drip Irrigation Project

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Kingsgate Drip Irrigation Project

Kingsgate Drip Irrigation Project

Kingsgate Gardening Club By Kingsgate Gardening Club

Drip irrigation project to promote water conservation method for our gardening purposes.Activities for school children & community. Water harvesting & insect hotels for improving on our bio-diversity.

Camden Idea stage

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We as members, neighbours and friends of Kingsgate Garden Club, are a community led group for transforming our streets. The neighbourhood streets have raised flower beds which are maintained by the community. These raised beds blossoms, medicinal plants and herbs during this post pandemic season. These raised plant beds will reflect the diverse community's aspirations and build on the community spirit. We hope to see an increase in seasonal gardening activities which will be conducted with support from local community organisations and educational institutions

What we'll deliver:

  • Each raised flower bed street planters will be installed with drip irrigation kit
  • Each drip irrigation enclosure will house an insect hotel & water harvesting attachment.
  • Water retention pellets for keeping the soil moist betwn refilling to maintain the soil composition

Why it's a great idea:

The residents will be proud of their neighbourhood and increase community spirit and cohesion. The blossoms and flowers will make mums and children smile on their way to school and when going back home. It'll also bring a lot of cheer to the older residents and those who go to work. Litter attracts litter. The local environmental issue of street hygiene will improve the neighbourhood streetscape. It will prevent litter and raise social awareness and increased responsibility. The neighbourhood would like to see their streets and neighbourhood area improve. This will in turn improve the footfall from the neighbouring area residents on their way to Kilburn High Road for their daily or weekly shopping. This increased pedestrian traffic will benefit neighbourhood streets to be safe rather than a lonely and be nervous street. This ‘Drip Irrigation & Bio-Diversity Project’ will increase the all-round awareness campaign regarding our environment, health and a social responsible living.

Steps to get it done:

  • Completing the installation drip irrigation & water retention crystals to promote water conservation & wildlife habitat

The drip irrigation kits are easy to install by anyone. School and neighbourhood children, parents will be encouraged to participate in this educational activity. The planting sessions will also be an inter generational activity. A 25ltr can will serve as a reservoir and the drip irrigation kit will be attached it to water the plants. Carefully chosen plants will be planted to promote medicinal plants and herbs. Drought resistant, herbaceous and perenial flowering plants will also be planted in these raised flower beds.

Location Camden

About the space

Kingsgate Garden Club


London Borough of Camden

How will the money be spent?Total £6,072

Wooden frame, wooden closure, carpentry charges with fixtures and fitting) @£130/unit x 25 - £3,250 (54%)
Claber Drip Irrigation Kit with Pratico Timer - 90763 (with vat 3234.80) - £1,410 (23%)
Sundry expenses 10% of £4825.00 - £483 (8%)
Water storing crystals - £284 (5%)
25 Litre Stackable Plastic Jerry Can - UN Approved - x4 Pack - £166 (3%)
Other - £481 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

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Wooden frame, wooden closure, carpentry charges with fixtures and fitting) @£130/unit x 25
Claber Drip Irrigation Kit with Pratico Timer - 90763 (with vat 3234.80)
Sundry expenses 10% of £4825.00
Water storing crystals
25 Litre Stackable Plastic Jerry Can - UN Approved - x4 Pack
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  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £6,072

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