An urban kitchen garden for Keynsham

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An urban kitchen garden for Keynsham

An urban kitchen garden for Keynsham

Chris Bodle By Chris Bodle

We will transforrm the raised beds that step down the terraced hillside below Keynsham’s Market Walk in to plots growing, vegetables, fruit and flowers. A new kitchen garden by and for the community.

Keynsham Idea stage

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This project will create an exciting new productive garden in the heart of Keynsham for the whole community to enjoy. The project will take over the raised beds that step down in terraces from Market Walk towards Bath Road opposite Keynsham Memorial Park. The beds will be planted with a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, herbs and companion flowers. This will create a vibrant oasis of colour and life cascading down the hillside. The garden will be run and maintained by the community and open to anyone to come and grow, harvest or just enjoy spending time in. Being situated in the existing public realm, it will also be fully accessible with shallow ramps linking the terraces. All of the produce will be free to for local people to take what they need. Spare produce will also go to the nearby Temple Street Canteen Community Fridge. More than just a garden, it will be a place to relax, play and learn, connect with nature and with each other.

What we'll deliver:

  • Translocate the existing Dogwood (cornus) shrubs to new locations in Keynsham
  • Bring in compost, topsoil and ameliorants and prepare the beds ready for seeding/planting
  • Produce planting plans and schedules for the raised beds so that there is colour, interest and produce all year round
  • Provide potting compost, seeds, propagation equipment and plants
  • Provide basic tools and equipment
  • Arrange tool storage space nearby and access to a water point
  • Work together to propogate plants, plant them out, care for them as they grow, including watering and weeding
  • Harvest and share produce with the local community throughout the year
  • Set up a project website, social media pages and get the word out
  • Design, produce and install an interpretation sign that explains the project to people visiting/passing by

Why it's a great idea:

We are excited by the number of benefits such a simple idea could bring. Here are just a few: Strengthening community • A place for people to come together, helping to build new communities and strengthen existing ones • A working garden that is accessible to people of all abilities • Somewhere people without gardens can come and grow their own food • Opportunities for events such as seeding days, picnics using the garden’s produce etc Improving health and wellbeing • A source of healthy food and a place that builds enthusiasm for eating well • A place to exercise, connect with other people and to nature - with benefits to physical and mental health Benefiting the Environment • Local, sustainable food production • Diverse plants that attract pollinators • Environmental awareness Promoting learning • A place to introduce children to growing • Horticultural education opportunities • A place to share knowledge and learn from each other

Steps to get it done:

Location Keynsham

About the space

The kitchen garden will be created within the existing raised beds that step down between Market Walk and Keynsham Memorial Park. (below Bonzo Lounge)


Bath and North East Somerset Council

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