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London hive

Welcome to the London hive! London Councils has created this hive to bring together the diversity of London Spacehive community projects. Maybe you can match your personal passion, good investment sense or corporate social responsibility programme with a local project to create better places and spaces for Londoners.

  • Greenwich Outdoor Classroom


    Greenwich Ecology Park Outdoor Classroom! A fabulous educational space to inspire children and adults about wildlife, conservation, the environment - connecting them with nature & the outdoors!
    • Pledged £56,377
    • Goal £57,590
    • StatusFunded!
  • Joan Littlewood Sculpture


    Help us produce a sculpture based on the iconic photo of legendary theatre director Joan Littlewood sitting on rubble outside Theatre Royal, to go in nearly the same spot as where the photo was taken.
    • Pledged £243k
    • Goal £239k
    • StatusFunded!
  • Eat, drink, learn and play


    Our community Coop will run a cafe, social, cultural and educational training space in a Tottenham Park encouraging increased park usage and enjoyment, volunteering, healthy eating and general fun
    • Pledged £17,707
    • Goal £17,767
    • StatusFunded!
  • Good Food Catford


    I want to create a community-centered grocery store & deli focusing on local, seasonal foods and basic goods, breathing a new lease of life into our once vibrant shopping parades.
    • Pledged £32,129
    • Goal £32,357
    • StatusFunded!
  • The Renovation of Wanstead Playground


    We are a group of local parents galvanising our community to replace our dilapidated and poorly designed playground into somewhere amazing to play.
    • Pledged £46,050
    • Goal £45,942
    • StatusFunded!
  • Holborn Community Cooks!


    Holborn Community Cooks is a catering social enterprise. We aim to empower the local women through training & employment opportunities, to create their own opportunities in work & in life
  • Paradise Park Pavilion


    We want to rebuild a covered stage in the children's center's garden as a playful space where children who come to stay and play sessions can eat, play, read and mess about in the fresh air.
    • Pledged £2,206
    • Goal £2,194
    • StatusFunded!
  • Creating an event space for Fitzrovia


    To create a flexible event space for performance and exhibitions in the heart of Fitzrovia for those who work, live and visit to enjoy. Support a pop-up green space & cafe to promote local businesses.
    • Pledged £25,905
    • Goal £25,769
    • StatusFunded!
  • Our Kilburn - Digital Noticeboard


    We want to install a digital noticeboard on Kilburn High Road to showcase Kilburn's unique offerings and vibrant community, connecting residents and visitors up with everything Kilburn has to offer!
    • Pledged £29,781
    • Goal £29,844
    • StatusFunded!
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