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Heart of Experian in your community

The Heart of Experian Charity Fund was set up to help small groups who need our support in tough financial times to become more sustainable. The passion of these smaller groups, along with their determination to make a difference in their local communities, encourages us to fund many exciting civic projects.

  • Global Garden, Global Kitchen


    The Global Garden, Kitchen will transform unused space into a new community food garden and kitchen where local people can learn to grow and cook a mix of produce that reflects Tottenham's diversity.
    • Pledged £10,894
    • Goal £11,104
    • StatusFunded!
  • LOVE Life Slide for Tottenham children


    Somerford grove adventure playground are raising money to transport and rebuild this 15 meter slide - custom built for a Waitrose campaign - onto this tower. See pics for more info!
    • Pledged £3,880
    • Goal £3,837
    • StatusFunded!
  • Acton Community Christmas Fair


    A Christmas Fair that brings the people of Acton together, celebrates the diverse community, showcases the unique local talent and encourages local spend in the town centre in the run up to Christmas.
    • Pledged £10,865
    • Goal £10,583
    • StatusFunded!
  • Nomadic Community Gardens

    Tower Hamlets

    We breath life into disused parts of the city that become places where nature and community thrive. We transform these spaces into urban oasis' that produce food and where people can learn and grow.
  • Northgate Herb and Fruit Beds


    Turn a derelict eyesore into a pleasant small garden, growing fruit bushes and herbs for all to use.
    • Pledged £331
    • Goal £341
    • StatusFunded!
  • Make Mansfield YOUR hotspot!


    Help us launch a new era for shopping in Mansfield with FREE Wi-Fi. Surf the net, keep in touch with friends, access instant shopping offers, check emails and more - from anywhere in your town!
    • Pledged £36,835
    • Goal £36,363
    • StatusFunded!
  • Grow an Entrepreneur for Tomorrow

    High Wycombe

    Help us turn an empty shop into a buzzing hub for young entrepreneurs! We'll create space where imaginations can be unleashed and bright business ideas brought to life.
    • Pledged £51,079
    • Goal £51,353
    • StatusFunded!
  • The Flyover Liverpool


    We want to turn a concrete flyover into an amazing urban park for Liverpool - a vibrant place full of life, trees, shops, exhibitions & joy. Help us bring our vision to life!
    • Pledged £43,809
    • Goal £40,844
    • StatusFunded!
  • Whitaker Park Picnic Area


    We have access to a disused animal enclosure which we would like to build into a family picnic area.
    • Pledged £3,954
    • Goal £3,935
    • StatusFunded!
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