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Impolite Cheshire Exhibition

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 Impolite Cheshire Exhibition

Impolite Cheshire Exhibition

Beth Barlow By Beth Barlow

Not all artists in Cheshire paint landscapes, cats or dogs. Some of us are dealing with tough contemporary issues. Some of us are a little impolite. We are going to curate an exhibition together .

Sandiway Idea stage

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Every artist needs to pay the bills. So we paint tasteful commissioned works or get a "proper job" to subsidise our practice. Cheshire is known for being a polite, sleepy and leafy place. The aim of the "Impolite Cheshire Exhibition" is to free up Cheshire based artists to create work they would make if they wern't trying to please an audience or sell a work. 13 artists have come forward thus far and we anticipate that another 13 will be found from further call outs. The exhibition will be curated to make it challenging but also enlightening. It will be professional but some of it may be shocking. The exhibition will be staged in a venue which would be home in the pages of Chesire Life. We hope that those who visit will say "I didn't expect to find that here." We believe that audiences are up for being challenged, provoked to thought and shaken in their boots. Visitors will get to have conversations with the artists and deepen their understanding both online and in person.

What we'll deliver:

  • Gather and support up to 30 artists to create work for an exibition.
  • Document the exhibition for further touring etc.
  • Run a series of chances for artists to engage in conversations with the audience
  • Run a series of events where artists can come together to support each other.
  • Run a two month long exhibition.

Why it's a great idea:

Artists have always aimed to highlight things in need to change in society. As art is becoming more and more squeezed it becomes harder for artists to keep that independent voice. They may worry about upsetting their current customers, funders or partners. "So what" you might say "Everybody has to compromise." and yes you would be right. But if we don't have independent commentators commentating on our society sometimes how will we know we are going in the right direction. If every person is tied all of the time to saying the right thing how will we ever get different sugestions. If we are always just smiling and nodding how will we know if people agree with us or are just being polite. Polite is good, it stops us upsetting people, sometimes there are system which we feel need upsetting. Art is a great way of dealing with thoughts and emotions. Most artists have a piece or two which they created when an issue became too strong to ignore. Art is a way to start a conversation.

Steps to get it done:

The door to the exhibition will host a sign warning of the content. This may restrict passing visitors. With this in mind we will be increasing publicity to get dedicated and new visitors to the exhibition. We will also create a facebook page which each artists will be commited to sign up to and join in conversation on.


Location Sandiway

About the space

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Other - £309 (10%)

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Total £3,209

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