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HullCoin is a new kind of local currency. People in Hull can earn HullCoin by undertaking activities that benefit the community and can then exchange them for discounts at local goods and services.

Hull Idea stage

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HullCoin is a worlds first. It is a unique currency to be used by the people and businesses of Hull, which will reward people who are doing great things for their community by offering discounts in local businesses. To enable this we have developed Hull’s own cryptocurrency which uses the technology behind bitcoin. A web platform to facilitate activities and offers, and a smartphone app for making transactions, will be free to use for everyone in the city. We want to get the people of Hull using HullCoin, experiencing its benefits and setting an example for innovation and community action for the rest of the world. We are raising money to further develop HullCoin and put it into practice. This cannot happen without your support, so make a pledge today and help give your community the credit it deserves! How does it work? 1. Volunteer… 2. Reward… 3. Charities and public bodies dispense coin… 4. …

What we'll deliver:

  • Completion of a bespoke website for the facilitation of HullCoin transactions
  • Release of IOS and Android smartphone app providing digital wallets
  • On-boarding of 4000 people onto the platform and using HullCoin
  • 52 organisations registered onto the platform issuing HullCoin
  • 144 local businesses registered onto the platform and accepting HullCoin

Why it's a great idea:

HullCoin has the potential to transform the lives of people in Hull. Through harnessing the energy and commitment that organisations and individuals employ everyday to make their communities a better place to live. Here is a short list of how HullCoin will impact upon the lives of the people in the city of Hull: - Economic Benefit Everyone who undertakes an activity that has a positive effect on the lives of others or improves their own circumstances can be issued with a credit that can be exchanged as a form of discount on local goods and services. This provides a unique way of people being able to subsidise their incomes by creating access to affordable products e.g 20% of their weekly shopping bill. - Capturing of outcomes using blockchain technology - Supporting local businesses - Education – A school can encourage and reward parental engagement within school services by recognising participation by issuing HullCoin creating a bala - Environment - Health - Volunteering

Steps to get it done:

  • 4,000 people registered to use HullCoin by August 2018
  • 140 retailers registered to accept HullCoin as a form of discount by August 2018
  • 76 community organisation registered to issue HullCoin by August 2018
  • At least one other city/locality adopting the HullCoin model by October 2018
  • 10% of total users using HullCoin on a peer to basis by October 2018

HullCoin was established as a piece of social policy research undertaken by Hull City Council. This concluded that by using the technology behing the cryptocurrency Bitcoin it was possible to create a new kind of economic system that rewarded the great often unrecognised acts of kindness that take place in Hull's communities every day. By issuing credits through a network of charities, the Local Authority and local community organisations it is possible to create a new way of people to contribute to HullCoin has generated worldwide attention both in terms of the press coverage it has received but also in other towns and cities wanting to adopt the system. The press coverage has included features in The Guardian, The Financial Times, BBC News, The Big Issue and Tech North. We are also working collaboratively with organisations based in Endhoven, Cardiff, Leeds, Pittsburgh, Barcelona, London, Milan, Abuja and Memphis all presenting a desire to adopt the system we have developed in Hull.


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How will the money be spent?Total £36,079

Reasearch & Development Tax Credits - £12,000 (33%)
Business Development - £10,000 (28%)
Technology Development - £6,000 (17%)
Project Co-ordinator - £5,000 (14%)
Office/Rent - £840 (2%)
Other - £2,239 (6%)

Costs Breakdown

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Reasearch & Development Tax Credits
Business Development
Technology Development
Project Co-ordinator
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  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £36,079

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