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Crowdfund Liverpool

Giving people the opportunity to imagine, fund & create projects that bring their local area to life

Bee Workers to Key Workers

Liverpool bees helping Liverpool key workers by providing them balms to help soothe tired dry skin. We will also offer employment, volunteering and training opportunities in beekeeping in Liverpool

The Flyover Liverpool

We want to turn a concrete flyover into an amazing urban park for Liverpool - a vibrant place full of life, trees, shops, exhibitions & joy. Help us bring our vision to life!

Liverpool 8's Own - Homegoing Group

Liverpool 8's Own - Homegoing Group, is an organic community initiative that encourages people with ties to Liverpool 8 to come together to support families and friends impacted by Coronvirus.

Liverpool Arts Hub

We aim to creative an artistic hub that will be a Liverpool fringe theatre venue and will also host a variety of different productions. The venue will also become the home to many community projects.

Liverpool Music Documentary

Liverpool and Music went hand in hand for several decades in the 1900's. But is there still a musical presence in the city? We want to answer that with a documentary exploring the music of today.

The Liverpool Enslaved Project: Phase 1

Help us launch an innovative programme to inspire and educate all ages in Liverpool remembering all the enslaved people who lived, died and were buried here.

Make Touch Tennis in Liverpool Inclusive

Calderstones Touch Tennis has an ambition to make tennis accesible and inclusive to everyone in our community and is striving to run classes free of charge to people with disabilities.

sPark It Liverpool

When is a parking spot not a parking spot? When it is transformed: a gallery, a garden, a playground. In a world of social distancing, we need space for imagination. Reclaim the streets for people.

The Pop Up Panto #CrowdfundLiverpool

Liverpool's Pop-Up Panto! We will tour the region, performing in school halls and playgrounds, keeping a Christmas tradition alive during the pandemic- safely- for ALL our primary school children!