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Highway Wind Turbines

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Highway Wind Turbines

Highway Wind Turbines

Ci3M Consultants Internationale [1996] By Ci3M Consultants Internationale [1996]

We want to utilise wind energy from large vehicles and convert it to electricity.

Belgravia Idea stage

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Ever changed your tire on the side of a high speed highway? Then along comes a large vehicle (truck/bus) that passes by and just about takes you off your feet by the volume of air being pushed.

We can convert these eddies of air turbulence into electricity by establishing electro magnetic wind turbines at strategic locations. The wind turbine technology already exists.

This project will analyze key locations to install 6 foot diameter wind turbines along key sections of a highway and convince the approving authority to contribute funding in exchange for net positive financial benefit of either utilising the energy produced to eg. light nearby highway lighting systems or place the energy into the nearest grid.

Don't have winds blowing in the area at average of 12 miles/hr? No problem. Bring on those buses and trucks. They are going to be with us for some time to come.

What we'll deliver:

  • Sell to Department of Highways, City owned high speed roads the turbines at key locations of high traffic.

Why it's a great idea:

1. Under utilized source of energy. Can't see the forest from the trees. Available 24-7-365--whether the actual wind is blowing or not.

2. Increase of traffic (especially commercial vehicles which tend to be larger than a mere passenger car) translates into more harveting of the wind turbulence for conversion into electricity. Fewer units per given kilometer is required by the virtue of how much air is being pushed by a large truck over the period of time until the next truck/bus passes by.

Conversion of wasted kinetic energy into potential energy that is currently being not utilized/ wasted, quite literally into thin air.

Electro magnetic turbine is far more efficient for this purpose than the standard mechanical/gears conversition method in use today.

Steps to get it done:

  • Conduct a test pilot zone with a municipality or highway authority. Quite literally anywhere in the world.

1. Upon the selection of the appropriate approving authority, commence to publish a brief outline study of why a certain portion of the highway would be an ideal location to place (possibly) a series of these magnetic induction wind turbines at the location with cost/benefit analysis.

2. Preliminary studies/analysis indicates break-even point within 4 months.

3. Cost of the selected electro-magnetic turbine inclusive of all control components and tie-ins is less than $5,000 per unit.

4. Funds utilized for report/proposal preparation and marketing to approving authorities. Anywhere in the world where large vehicles pass by upon a constant basis.

Location Belgravia

About the space

junction between A3212 and A3216



How will the money be spent?Total £1,985

Electromagnetic wind turbine installation and grid tie in - £1,800 (91%)
Other - £185 (9%)

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Electromagnetic wind turbine installation and grid tie in
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Total £1,985

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