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grow share learn

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grow share learn

Joanna Nim Yeung By Joanna Nim Yeung

This project is to encourage people of all ages, abilities and background from the Tottenham N17 neighbourhood to come together to grow, to share and to learn from a community open space.

Haringey Idea stage

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The project is open for everyone who wants to get involved to improve the space for community use.​ The project does not intentionally target any specific group, though, it is intention about communicating and welcoming every passer-by in and out of the space. ​ So far, the project has a handful of volunteers from surrounding neighbourhood. ​ The project takes pride that it is free-for-all and welcome-for-all. ​ The aspiration is to formalise this project with a team of committed volunteer who would focus on achieving the aims and purpose of the project. The project came into effect with community social action during COVID lockdown in mid-March 2020. ​ Litter picking and land cleaning are the on-going tasks for the Open Space. These tasks are applicable every day of the week and months around. ​ The aims and purpose of the project developed gradually. The food planting started in April when seeds and sprouts were donated to the project.

What we'll deliver:

  • buy 50 fruit trees and plant them in space
  • buy a wheel barrel
  • organise a walk event once a month
  • buy a wireless drill to up cycle projects
  • buy materials to build garden oven, brick
  • buy compost, wood chip, seeds, pots
  • buy PPE for volunteers
  • buy art and craft materials for family garden workshops
  • paint and install signage for project

Why it's a great idea:

This project will demonstrate the positive impact of community social action and act of good-will for a shared open space. ​This is particularly important during the COVID lockdown period where people rely more on local access to resources and to connect to one another in a safe space whilst they spent time closer to and at home with reduced travelling. ​This positive action shows that a local diverse community is capable of sharing positive action to improve an open space, thus connecting people together under the unprecedented circumstance. ​The act of litter picking; ground cleaning; food growing; sharing food and gardening skills becomes the common interests for the local community. ​Parents and their children have access this open space to demonstrates that gardening is a fun and healthy lifestyle for families to adopt.​ Volunteers are offering their time and expertise to help and educate people who would wish to use the space and to maintain and to keep the space open.

Steps to get it done:

  • plant 10 fruit trees
  • built a garden oven
  • produce over £100 worth of harvest
  • recruit 20 volunteers
  • buy a wheel barrel
  • buy a wireless drill
  • install a signage
  • plant over 10 types of vegetables
  • plant over 10 types of flowers
  • plant 10 UK trees
  • produce 50 kg of compost
  • up cycled garden furniture
  • harvest mushroom from mushroom farm
  • deliver 6 sessions of litter picking
  • deliver 6 sessions of nature walk
  • attended 6 sessions on training by volunteers

These are the testimonies from the community stating how the project made a difference in their own words:​ 'The space looks magical, it is loved and well looked after​' 'I am inspired to clean and grow in my own garden​' 'I am painting something for the first time' 'I did not realise composting was so easy​' 'This project affirms my love for nature and growing​' 'I have a lot of seeds and plants to give to this space' 'I am inspired to grow my own food' ​ 'Me and my daughter have never seen a baby pumpkin before' The project encourages the community to share their aspirations and ideas to develop for the space as follows: Build a mushroom farm ​ Conduct a tree survey ​ Plan trees​ Raise funds for facilities ​ Collate receipts ​ Install a water-well ​ Establish a formal group ​ Up cycling projects with wooden pallets​ Garden oven or burner ​ ShareWaste – compost and food scraps exchange

Location Haringey

About the space

Custom Location


London Borough of Haringey

How will the money be spent?Total £1,737

signage - £400 (23%)
volunteers PPE - £400 (23%)
wood planks - £200 (12%)
fruit trees - £200 (12%)
bricks - £100 (6%)
garden tools - £100 (6%)
wireless drill - £100 (6%)
seeds - £50 (3%)
wheel barrow - £50 (3%)
Other - £137 (8%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

volunteers PPE
wood planks
fruit trees
garden tools
wireless drill
wheel barrow
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £1,737

Our Volunteer List

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