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Failsworth Pipe Organ

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Failsworth Pipe Organ

Failsworth Pipe Organ

Kevin Dean By Kevin Dean

The refurbishment of St John's Church Failsworth's Conacher Organ

Failsworth Idea stage

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We are looking to refurbish the historic Conacher Pipe Organ of St John's Church in Failsworth, Manchester, UK. This organ has had a profound effect on church life for a very long time, and we would love that to continue for many years into the future. Unfortunately, with the organ now being over 100 years old, it is starting to break down. The leatherwork which works each note of each keyboard, is starting to perish and this will leave the organ unplayable if not resolved soon. Much hard work is being carried out to fundraise, and concerts are planned, CDs have been compiled voluntarily, and sold, and items have even been bought and sold for a small profit! Couples have been married at St John's Church Failsworth with this organ playing a huge role in their ceremony, funerals have taken place, again with the organ playing its part, and christenings, concerts and carol services have all been played out with this instrument accompanying singing. We hope that you can help!

What we'll deliver:

  • Preserve the local musical heritage for another generation
  • Refurbish the Failsworth pipe organ
  • Renovate it to its former glory

Why it's a great idea:

On completion, we will have an instrument fit to help future generations of organists learn the dying art of organ playing, local groups and school children will have access to a first rate instrument, weddings, funerals, sunday services, choir concerts and carol services will be able to have music played on an instrument of the highest standard.

Steps to get it done:

Majestic and grandiose, a breathing, living musical instrument with a voice of tin . . . the vital organ that keeps the heart of a congregation beating . . . George F. Pietersen

Location Failsworth

About the space

St John's Church Failsworth


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