Echoes and Whispers Sound Installations

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Echoes and Whispers Sound Installations

Beverley Bennett By Beverley Bennett

Sound installations to be stumbled upon or sought out around Hull. From abstract recordings, to vibration, and spoken word, encouraging people to experience their everyday environment differently.

Hull Idea stage

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Sound can trigger memories and emotions in a unique way. As there will be minimal physical intervention in the chosen spaces, the intention is to gently surprise the casual visitor into looking at the world around them. . to look with new eyes at something that has become invisible through familiarity.
The soundscapes would include abstract recordings, spoken word, natural and industrial soundscapes and possibly some live feeds from one part of the city into another. The project will also explore the way that we experience sound through vibration, working with interactive installations.

What we'll deliver:

  • Produce a guide for people to find out more.
  • Identify locations and install speakers and subtle signage.
  • Work with community groups and sonic artists

Why it's a great idea:

Sound is often overlooked as an artform. It can transform the experience of a place. I am interested in an art that can be stumbled upon by accident and experienced by people who would not consider going to a gallery or concert.
We all experience sound every day, even deaf people experience vibration. Everyday environmental noise is often zoned out, or ignored and replaced by sounds inside our headphones. Our city becomes so familiar that we no longer see it, like background noise, and we look at the screens on our phones instead.
This project aims to reconnect us with the city to hear, see and feel the the world. To rediscover wonder.

Steps to get it done:

  • Contact sonic artists and community groups.
  • Decide what pieces to use and identify possible sites.
  • Develop guide and signage.
  • Explore permissions and practicalities with relevant authorities.

As someone with ADHD I have discovered that my experience of the environment is different from many others. I see and hear everything with equal intensity. I am unable to filter out environmental noises and can be disturbed and distracted by things that other people may not notice. By introducing an unexpected sound I hope that this project will make people stop and think and look.


Location Hull

About the space

Outdoor and indoor spaces around the city.


Hul City Council

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