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Theory 2 Road. An Inclusive Experience.

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Theory 2 Road. An Inclusive Experience.

Theory 2 Road. An Inclusive Experience.

Community Driving School CIC By Community Driving School CIC

CDS are creating a fully inclusive driving experience where the learning is for all abilities, including SEND. Taking its pupils from the theory through to the road in a safe environment.

Borough Green Idea stage

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Community Driving School (CDS) changes lives with back to work training and driving courses to make people more employable. The aim is to allow those on a low wage, unemployed, young carers and students access to jobs previously beyond them and discourage people from driving illegally by accessing funds to assist pay for lessons to obtain a UK Driving Licence. In 2020 we partnered with another CIC who work to meet the needs of children and young adults with special educational need requirements. Together we will create a full driving experience where pupils can learn to pass the theory test. Learn practical skills in a driving simulator with different settings to start at the most appropriate level for them. Progressing where we can to lessons for pupils out on the road.

What we'll deliver:

  • Theory test learning in an environment where people can learn in a way that is appropriate to their needs
  • A driving simulator reflective of real life driving, allowing pupils a safe, learning platform for practical skills

Why it's a great idea:

Pupils within Community Driving School face barriers in all parts of their lives. We have found common barriers are preventing these pupils from experiencing something many of us take for granted. We want to break down those barriers so that those who can, will experience the freedom of driving. We know that there are some people who will never be able to drive a car on the open road as it will not be safe for them to do so. However, with our trained instructors, it will now be something they can experience in a safe environment. The simulator will be dual purposed. Within the chassis of a Mini, we will be able to create a virtual environment where those who are not able to progress to a motor vehicle can experience driving a car. It will also allow our pupils who have low confidence, anxiety or are not able to sit in an enclosed vehicle with another person to build their confidence in a safe space. A place where they can simply stop without judgement.

Steps to get it done:

  • Theory Lab opening to provide theory training in a variety of learning formats
  • The Simulator opening and allowing people to experience driving in a fully immersive simulator
  • Completion of the pilot delivery programme
  • Opening of the programme for public use

More about the work Community Driving School do can be found here: To make this project happen we will need to invest in the following equipment. For the theory lab: 1. Laptops and headsets to allow for individual learning 2. A projector to allow for video and interactive presentation For the simulator: 1. A simulator set up, including a car seat, steering wheel, pedals and gear stick 2. Development of software that can be inclusive of different levels of ability

Location Borough Green

About the space

Custom Location


Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

How will the money be spent?Total £25,692

Simulator Experience Bundle - £12,000 (47%)
Staffing for pilot to run - £5,000 (19%)
Theory Package & Tech - £2,974 (12%)
Security installation & maintenance package - £2,000 (8%)
Labour for Mini refurbishment - £600 (2%)
Mini Refurbishment - £500 (2%)
Security System - £269 (1%)
Mini refurbishment (not including a few minor replacements) - £100 (0%)
H&S kit - £26 (0%)
Other - £2,223 (9%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

Simulator Experience Bundle
Staffing for pilot to run
Theory Package & Tech
Security installation & maintenance package
Labour for Mini refurbishment
Mini Refurbishment
Security System
Mini refurbishment (not including a few minor replacements)
H&S kit
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Sponsoring pupils for on road lessons
  • Sponsoring pupils for their theory test fees
  • Sponsoring pupils for their practical test fees

Total £25,692

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