Hi there to the wonderful supporters of Dancing with Parkinson's We have ONLY ONE WEEK (5 DAYS) TO GO to raise the remaining funds for Dancing with Parkinson's. What this means to you... If we do not reach our target, none of the donations you've made will be given to the project. We have to reach the full target in order to receive any of the funds... So far, we have secured the funding from Arts Council England for our summer project in Poplar, so the remaining funding will go towards sustaining the classes in Hackney and Central London at National Hospital for Neurology. Without the additional funding, these classes will stop at the end of the summer months. Please help keep this vital work going. Dancers express improved communication and a break from isolation. Support and empathy expressed by fellow dancers help people feel part of a shared experience without judgement, and dancing expresses emotions in a way that words can't, giving people with Parkinson's an emotional outlet which is much needed in a sometimes frustrating daily life. Thank you so much for your help Danielle