Craftrecycling Stall - Tottenham Green

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Craftrecycling Stall - Tottenham Green

Craftrecycling Stall - Tottenham Green

Cecilia Montero Mórtola By Cecilia Montero Mórtola

Transforming waste into practical objects is fun & showing daily waste can be a useful resource. We want a stall at Tottenham Green Market every Sunday for the community to enjoy & learn crafts.

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The recycling-craft stall will be a place to learn about the possibilities of using everyday waste materials in useful ways. Plastic bags and bottles can be saved from the bin and turned into new objects. Everyone is welcome! You can learn about recycling, gain a new skill and take home a beautiful hand-made treasure. We need your help to get the stall up and running, from 11 – 15 hrs every Sunday. Many objects can be created: 1. Garlands , 20 different types 2. Flowers, different kinds 3. Butterflies and spiders. 4. Cords for jumping 5. Toys 6. Balls for Xmas tree 7. Xmas tree 8. Envelopes of different size and shapes 9. Coasters 10. Plastic box for spaghettis 11. Ribbons 12. Decorative containers 13. Fancy dress Other activities include: Folding the plastic bags and keep them in one big box at the market. Activities at historical, borough parties and social events Xmas, Party Market, Carnival, etc.Written reports, blog, the evaluation and newspaper articles.

What we'll deliver:

  • Incorporate strategies to take benefit from waste with the elaboration of craft
  • Share intergenerational knowledges in the same space in practice and funny way
  • Give a space for the creativity, learning and speaking about rubbish as a ressource
  • In practice , together, to learn to separate waste and to elaborate useful objects for them and the community
  • Rise up the daily life doing small cleanings, benefits from objects, circulating information, etc.
  • In the stall have an specific place to bring plastic bags and bottles as a storage
  • Write a blog with photos, comments, infos, about rubbish of the stall

Why it's a great idea:

1. Through the practice of elaborating craft objects with plastic bags and bottles every Sunday at the market, step by step, become the stall a place to exchange information and knowledge in horizontal way about environmental issues for all ages. 2. With the activities and booklets too achieve rise up to the domestic and daily life at different levels . This about knowledge, transmission between generations, integrating hands and speaking, recuperate a circular economy, and contribute to reattach the social links with the environment in the proximity . 3. With the craft objects contribute to see them beyond they could be nice or not, as well to incorporate trough the elaboration a resilience practice and be fun, positive to see in them ways of autonomy, learning clean habits, and develop their creativity as their skills with reflection around the meaning of a circular economy and the rubbish as a resource.

Steps to get it done:

  • Tent for 8 m2
  • 3 pliable chairs and benches
  • 2 folding tables one high and one low
  • 2 big plastic boxes
  • A flag of Veolia
  • A white board
  • scissors, tapes, stapler, 8 for sew, needles for crochet N6, hangers, white papers from recycling, pens for board
  • biscuits

Before coming to London I had done researches about rubbish in Barcelona in migrants associations, schools and groups of craft.I published in France about the relevance between the domestic and public space, the volume of trash and the contradictions between policies besides a big lake of a practice in order to learn how to manage with the phenome that a consumer society grows. I did many workshops, there I could check a change in domestic groups considerable changes in cleaning, gender relations, kids tasks, at the end a care of environment. In Anthropology I follow the current research and action, Slow anthropology. Here, in a the market, during one year, almost every Sunday I m doing craft with plastic bags, bottles workshops for kids and adults. I m able to confirm that people change their consideration and need to speak very much what to what to do with all this material as permanent question.So, I decided to spread in a formal way with a stall at the market as a reference

Location Haringey

Haringey has 71 other projects and £1,275,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

It is a small market of food in a green area where you have place to sit, eat, play, trees, activities for everybody.The Market is a 5 minute walk from Seven Sisters Station and 10 mins from Bruce Grove or Tottenham Hale Stations. Buses: Tottenham Town Hall 243, W4, 76 and 341


London Borough of Haringey

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How will the money be spent?Total £2,330

6 month salary 4 hs on Sunday contact and 3 hs weekely/writing, preparing, etc. - £1,200 (52%)
Tent - £250 (11%)
booklet edition, posters and flyers - £200 (9%)
transport 2 caves and one oyster month - £150 (6%)
3 pliable chairs and benches - £100 (4%)
2 folding tables one high and one low - £50 (2%)
2 big plastic boxes and big bags - £50 (2%)
10 scissors, 4 tapes, 3 stapler, 8 metal hangers, white papers pens for board - £30 (1%)
needles for sew and crochet N6, 8 metal hangers, pens for board - £30 (1%)
others - £30 (1%)
Other - £240 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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6 month salary 4 hs on Sunday contact and 3 hs weekely/writing, preparing, etc.
booklet edition, posters and flyers
transport 2 caves and one oyster month
3 pliable chairs and benches
2 folding tables one high and one low
2 big plastic boxes and big bags
10 scissors, 4 tapes, 3 stapler, 8 metal hangers, white papers pens for board
needles for sew and crochet N6, 8 metal hangers, pens for board
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT
  • 2 big plastic boxes and big bags

Total £2,330

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