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Community pin boards for the digital age

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Community pin boards for the digital age

Community pin boards for the digital age

StreetPin By StreetPin

StreetPin brings the local community ‘pin board’ into the digital age, empowering high streets to create a network of independent web sites, resulting in a viable alternative to online shopping.

Croydon Idea stage

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StreetPin aims to prove that High Streets can be so much more than the sum of their parts by helping create a thriving hub of location-relevant, digital pin boards, each with news, chats, events & exclusive deals.

Each retailer or organisation in the High Street already has their own community of likeminded visitors and customers e.g. the regulars at the cafe, gym and convenience store. StreetPin enables every one of these venues to create an affordable, easy way to make the most of these relationships in our digital world.

Visitors can seamlessly and unobtrusively be part of one or all High Street communities, for a minute or a lifetime. They'll also find unique, instant offers from the market and the pop up alongside the supermarket.

Uniquely, StreetPin then aggregates discussions and offers from all of these 'location-and-theme-specific' sites in a
Town Pin Board, where shoppers and visitors can participate in live conversations and discover deals only available on the High Street.

What we'll deliver:

  • Before/during/after event interaction for exhibitions, markets, collaborative street parties, demos in the mall…
  • Croydon Council endorsement letter available on request
  • Demonstrate a ‘sociable high street’ with real-time reviews, meet ups and local news
  • Demonstrate how awareness of RELEVANT social media and instant deals generates sustainable footfall
  • Demonstrate how even small events can monetise via sponsorships and bring awareness throughout the town
  • Demonstrate how footfall can be generated, nurtured and turned in to loyal customers
  • Demonstrate improved commercial space on a collaborative, inclusive level across the High Street
  • Demonstrate interaction in anonymous apartment blocks – anyone fancy a run this morning? Share a taxi to the shops?
  • Encourage interaction in mixed residential, office, retail areas
  • Funding will directly enable 100s of Croydon shops, services and communities to interact with customers and each other
  • Further our reseller/distribution model e.g. our partnership with, the local task sourcing site
  • We will demonstrate park interaction with council and neighbourhood associations
  • Build on existing relationships with Croydon Council, BID & Chamber of Commerce to bring credibility and awareness
  • Discovery and participation of activities in real-time from the 5-a-side competition in the park, to a Theatre show
  • Each pin board is laced with SEO-enhancing tools, we aim to prove they are an affordable way to rank highly on Google
  • Ensure the tool is intuitive and easy to use: engaging a great designer we have already worked with
  • Expand awareness of FREE, user-generated pin boards to enrich our target areas via blogs and social media
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are often cited as the only social business options, we provide a London-born, 4th option
  • Launch our campaign 'Croydon, the most connected town in the U.K.' which will form the blue print for UK high streets.
  • Move from our beta (test) product to a full, transactional launch version with identified development resource
  • Prove how startups and small businesses can get online instantly and utilise social media to its full effect
  • Provide instant, engaging web sites for pop up shops, who can’t use traditional directories
  • StreetPin aims to prove that discoverability and customer interaction can reduce the amount of vacant shops.
  • Utilise the power of online to drive interaction off line
  • We are not fundamentally changing user habits, just focusing habits on the options available on their doorstep.
  • We will jointly be working with approx. 100 businesses and organisations in and around Orpington High St
  • Work further with organisations such as Lives Not Knives to demonstrate charity and community support hubs
  • Work with ATCM to ensure this funding will enable us to offer an affordable strategy for every town/village in the UK
  • Work with Croydon charity & apprentice scheme to employ and train local resource
  • Work with Croydon Old Town to ensure we provide a replicable solution for market trader use

Why it's a great idea:

• We combat ‘the Amazon effect’ where home shopping has contributed to 14% vacancy rates in High Streets
• Proving the concept of a mutually beneficial town environment
• Providing simple, effective social media for each venue, to break down barriers and encourage interaction between communities
• Aggregate data to make each pin board into a relevant, local hub – including news and existing social media
• Connect pin boards to form a network of instant, interactive communities - accessible on web, tablets and mobile
• With the onset of leaflet-fatigue, we help local businesses generate awareness for those here & now – Local knows Local
• Point-and-click deal creation – bringing mobile marketing to the masses
• We use the power of online sales tools such as Groupon and Pay-Per-Click for High Street retailers. Imagine if a sports shop advertised their latest trainer on the local running club pin board for just £1p/w. This would blow PPC and deals sites out of the water, wouldn't it?

Steps to get it done:

  • Croydon Council have offered us free office space for year 1 to get our start up going following our launch
  • Our beta product has been solidly tested and we have detailed our launch specifications
  • Relationships with Croydon Council, BID, Tech City, Chamber etc will provide solid communication routes for our launch
  • We will be the only product of this type in the Government procurement list, producing managed service solutions
  • We’ll build on our tests in Orpington with schools, churches, pubs, butchers, parks, village communities, sports clubs…
  • We'll evaluate utilising kiosk-style digital screens in malls, displaying events and deals happening right now
  • Explore iconic solutions, such as having a digital pin board at every bus stop in London
  • He has devised and delivered many similar software projects as well as event planning and delivery
  • He will run an Agile schedule to ensure deliveries are transparent and on time
  • Key staff are currently contracting in tech roles and will go full time based on sales and/or equity fund raising
  • Running costs at this stage are £100 p/m for hosting etc - subsequent sales will fund growth strategies
  • There could also be pin boards for each historical site or blue plaque for example – StreetPin is rapidly scalable
  • Tim is an accomplished global web manager and digital marketer - he will provide detailed project plans
  • We are engaging resource that we have already worked with, and know well
  • We will launch our solution for retail, events and community, risks can be mitigated by focusing on any of these avenues
  • We will provide support and marketing collateral for businesses
  • We will run training sessions for Croydon businesses, communities and charities

• Please see our video application on
• STA Travel paid for our initial app-based prototypes and beta back-end, with a view to creating a global network of travel-related hubs
• We won a TSB innovation voucher to engage a market research company, providing extensive research and support for our concept
• We were on the 2012 Accelerator Academy business incubator
• There has been c.£15k of pre-launch expenses covered by the team
• Once launched, StreetPin will be self-sufficient
• We are focusing efforts in Croydon as we have been well supported locally and with the forthcoming Westfield/Hammerson rebuild of the town’s shopping centres, we aim to provide the tool to minimise disruption and promote surrounding businesses
• “Great to see an Orpington tech start-up knit the community together like this – I congratulate Tim for coming up with such an ingenious idea and urge local businesses to help build up this exciting online marketplace”
Jo Johnson MP

Location Croydon

About the space

Mixed office, retail and residential


Croydon Council

How will the money be spent?Total £19,354

Front end development - £8,000 (41%)
User experience design - £3,000 (16%)
Local apprentice (town pinner) - £3,000 (16%)
Local awareness materials - £2,000 (10%)
Training in Croydon - £1,500 (8%)
Other - £1,854 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Front end development
User experience design
Local apprentice (town pinner)
Local awareness materials
Training in Croydon
Other Read More
  • Transaction Fees
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT

Total £19,354

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