Anfield Community Cinema

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Anfield Community Cinema

Anfield Community Cinema

Liverpool Lighthouse By Liverpool Lighthouse

Purchase and install full stage lighting and projection system in refurbished former cinema building in Anfield Liverpool to re-open children matinees and stage high quality shows for communities.

Anfield Idea stage

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The former Gaumont cinema laid derelict for several years before our charity bought and fully refurbished it in 2004. We want to purchase and install new stage lighting and full Audio Visual projection system with multiple screens and flexible input sources. The facility will enable us to start initially a once a month Saturday morning film showing for up to 150 children. With a capacity of 430, there is plenty of room to grow over coming months and years. The project will (i) Purchase and replace existing tungsten stage lighting system with enhanced LED system with 24 assortments of lanterns and suitable desk controller unit (ii) Purchase and install an Audio Visual projection system with 1 main screen and 3 support screens with variable data source unit (iii) No film showing licence is applicable as we are exempt (iv) Show Saturday morning matinees once a month to 150+ children (v) Use enhanced facilities to bring quality shows to our venue and community.

What we'll deliver:

  • Install new lights and AV projection system in 430 seat auditorium
  • Show monthly Saturday Matinees to 150 children plus parents
  • Stage shows monthly to benefit local community

Why it's a great idea:

Our area Anfield / Everton wards of North Liverpool are not just economically but culturally classified deprived. Since 2004, we have developed several projects that engage with thousands of people every year. Over the years we have been visited by hundreds of people in their older years who talked fondly about watching movies in our venue when they were children/young people. The current trend among young people is towards staying indoors on social media. There is a great opportunity to rekindle community film watching, starting with younger children. We tried a couple of live Pantos last year that were well received. Our lighting equipment was the only major setback. Consultations among families we work with have confirmed a real appetite for our proposal. There are no cinemas within 3 miles of us in this very economically deprived community.

Steps to get it done:

  • Buying the equipment
  • Contracting installers to install stage light system
  • Contract company to install audio visual system
  • Employ additional staff, recruit volunteers for new activities
  • Promote new activities

In an area that is both economically and culturally classified deprived, supporting such a project will result in creation of jobs and volunteering opportunities for community. Confidence will be booted through these, encouraging our volunteers and staff to venture outside our community to seek similar employment roles in city centre venues, bringing wealth into our community.


Location Anfield

About the space

Our community in Anfield/Everton has over many years been consistently in top worst performing 10% in Government's deprivation Index statistics even though it is only 100 meters from the famous Liverpool Football Club stadium.


Liverpool City Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £48,902

Equipment & installation of stage lights - £23,900 (49%)
Equipment & installation of AV System - £18,790 (38%)
Staff & volunteers recruitment costs - £1,500 (3%)
Other - £4,712 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Equipment & installation of stage lights
Equipment & installation of AV System
Staff & volunteers recruitment costs
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £48,902

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