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Communigrow By Communigrow

learning, teaching and sharing in Ditton since 2011. Communigrow promotes and advances education in responsible food farming activities for towns in the heart of Kent, Larkfield, Ditton and surrounds

Ditton Idea stage

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Communigrow took on the Ditton plot of 2 acres in 2011 as a ‘not for profit’ to benefit young people and families interested in growing their own produce. Towards these aims we grow food under our new charity, a structure of a ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ model and the entire field of nearly 6 acres framed with a focus on education and learning experience in all that we do on the field and in the community.
With a minimal pledge we can cover the expenses on seeds and materials and what may be essential this season and build resources for the future.

What we'll deliver:

  • A new productive market garden of volume production with varied cropping plan
  • A range of rewards of seasonal produce for all pledges of support above £10
  • Create a ‘Local Exchange Trading System’ to give fair returns and create new social enterprises based on our production
  • Create skills base for educational programme in all operations and social care
  • Install awareness in the health benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Membership open to all pledges of support to our new market garden community
  • Minimal dig beds, up to 300, 2 metres wide and many over 30 metres long
  • Produce for a variety of purposes, Ethnic foods, Arts and Crafts, social & horticultural research
  • Create new habitats for conservation
  • Establish added value enterprises such as bees, oil and associated produce for sale
  • Incorporate sustainable techniques throughout

Why it's a great idea:

Our members and beneficiaries may be anyone living locally to the plot. We help lower income families, unskilled people and older generations. Forming a growing team of 2 full time paid and four part time workers directly from the local community. Also there's a need for training and social inclusion provision with potential for expansion of enterprises.
Our team of growers can produce more and bring members into the process through learning events. They will be both learners and teachers developing skills, eating fresh, nutritious vegetables and fruit, healthier food, experience conservation and creation of natural habitats to exhibit best practice in farming and, through their involvement in the community, directly develop an innovative social enterprise not currently operating.
The active and social lifestyle will be a boost for all involved.

Steps to get it done:

  • campaign locally via Communigrow's 'Larkfield and Ditton Local Food'
  • Membership aimed at lower income families in the locality and further afield
  • Our new charity based on education and 'Community Supported Agriculture' to provide governance
  • Programme of Skills days for individuals and groups to be involved in as many aspects of growing as possible
  • Sustainable use of our limited resources, conservation and exchange value for all involved
  • Wholesale sales through partner 'Food Access' initiatives in urban centres within East London
  • All supporters, pledges and community shares, receive one of a range of rewards of seasonal produce
  • Create a team of growers dedicated to sustainable methods and sharing skills with members
  • experience and activity for a range of families, groups and corporates
  • provide free field sessions for partner schools, colleges, organisations and groups in Kent

It is through good practice that we aim to achieve a broad scope of engagement for all involved. Part of this is our reward for any pledge of support over £10 and a range of seasonal vegetables and produce according to level of support over £30.
Key to the longer term viability of the market garden is the CSA to run the plot and create the essential community membership. This new charity structure will run all the cultivations and employ the growing team, provide the facilities for linking with the community through promotion of membership and field sessions and install the skills share and courses on site and in the community.
In future we aim to extend our scope through community events and this is an exciting part of our larger role in the area. People will join us with a common ambition to source good quality local food and experience gardening that may influence them for the rest of their lives.

Location Ditton

About the space

East Malling Research Centre, views of the Kent Weald


Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council ME19 4LZ

How will the money be spent?Total £4,884

2 polytunnels - £2,500 (51%)
seeds for 2015 - £450 (9%)
fittings for field centre - polytunnels - £400 (8%)
Composting toilet - £350 (7%)
all weather resource centre - £300 (6%)
the Communigrow 'Field' Kitchen - £250 (5%)
contingency for this season 2015 - £200 (4%)
fittings for resource centre, tables & benches, boards etc - £150 (3%)
replacement engine - rotavator - £120 (2%)
Other - £164 (3%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. Before entering fundraising these costs will be confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified by the verifier.

2 polytunnels
seeds for 2015
fittings for field centre - polytunnels
Composting toilet
all weather resource centre
the Communigrow 'Field' Kitchen
contingency for this season 2015
fittings for resource centre, tables & benches, boards etc
replacement engine - rotavator
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  • Transaction Fees
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT

Total £4,884

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