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Clothes Bank for Glasgow

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Clothes Bank for Glasgow

Clothes Bank for Glasgow

The Clothes Bank By The Clothes Bank

Our organisation aims to create a free Clothes Bank for those in financial hardship in one of Glasgow's historic empty commercial properties, bringing it back into community use for a vital purpose.

Govan Idea stage

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We want to bring one of Glasgow's many historic empty commercial properties back into community use in one of Glasgow's (and in fact one of Europes) most impoverished communities through the provision of a free Clothes Bank. A clothes bank is much like a Food Bank; a free service for those in extreme need, accessed via a referral and voucher system. Although the need is the same as a food bank, currently there only a handful of Clothes Banks operating within the UK's largely associated to churches or small charities with a different primary service. There are no dedicated clothes banks in Glasgow at all. We would like to run our dedicated pilot project in Glasgow for 3 months (and more if we receive enough funding!) to prove our model (and we know its possible!) with hopes of becoming a self sustaining charitable organisation built around the ethos of community, volunteerism and solidarity, that has the capacity to potentially grow into operation on a national level...

What we'll deliver:

  • Bring derelict building back into community use in Govan/Ibrox
  • Create a vibrant community hub and provide volunteer opportunities
  • Provide free clothing to Glasgows poorest communities

Why it's a great idea:

In the UK every year, we spend a staggering £44 billion on clothing, that's £4000 per household spent on clothes. But 30% of our clothes haven't been worn in the last year and £140 million worth of clothing ends up landfill, every single year. Of our discarded clothes, what doesn't end up in landfills, often gets donated to charities. But charities often sell a majority of its donations to the overseas market and their prices are simply too expensive to most of societies poorest. Charity shops, contrary to some popular beliefs, exist to make the most profit for the charity, not to provide clothes for the poorest. 5-10 years ago we didn't even conceive of the need for Food Banks in the UK, but today they provide a vital lifeline to many in need. As well as lack of access to food, clothing poverty is unfortunately also prevalent. With 3.9 million children alone living in poverty in the UK, that's 28%, we want to act now to challenge inequality through solidarity and support.

Steps to get it done:

  • Open The Clothes Bank!
  • Renovate and furnish property
  • Rent Van for Collections and logistics, secure donations
  • Secure suitable property in our target area
  • Create Marketting Materials (for both donors, potential volunteers, referrers and service users)
  • Pay basic wages to small managment team (Project Manager, Fundraiser, Volunteer Manager, Van driver)

Clothes are a vital resource that is often less accessible for various groups of people in our community. For example; Those on benefits or low incomes, street homeless people, children in low income families, single parents and migrants/refugees with "No Recourse to Public Funds" (enforced destitution) and many others besides. We need clothes not just as a day to day need, as physical separation from the elements, as a means to keep our bodies healthy and protected but also for specific incidences such as job interviews, schooling, sports activities and work commitments. Although we may be able overlook the value in clothing sometimes, those without access to it can see, and feel, its importance all too clearly. The provision of a Clothes Bank is our primary aim, however we are (if funding and capacity allows) also very interested in simultaneously providing a community cafe and sewing/tailoring/up-cycling group located within the same space.

Location Govan

About the space

Govan and Ibrox


Glasgow City Council

How will the money be spent?Total £27,847

Wages for small dedicated team - £15,874 (57%)
Rent Commercial Space for 3 Months - £6,000 (22%)
Marketting (website, materials for donors, service users, referrers etc) - £1,450 (5%)
Renovation and Furnishing costs (incl; clothes rails & hangers, clothing cleaning etc) - £1,240 (4%)
1 day per week van rental x 3 months = - £600 (2%)
Other - £2,683 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Wages for small dedicated team
Rent Commercial Space for 3 Months
Marketting (website, materials for donors, service users, referrers etc)
Renovation and Furnishing costs (incl; clothes rails & hangers, clothing cleaning etc)
1 day per week van rental x 3 months =
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £27,847

Our Volunteer List

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